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  1. Listened to the entire podcast and I appreciate what they said. I firmly believe Dorsey was let go because his offenses were too boom or bust relying on big plays down the field. What will never know is if Josh Allen ignored the underneath routes in Dorsey offense or if he was coached not to go there. What I liked under Brady's offense was that we consistently won the time of possession. Our defense was constantly a MASH unit near the end of the season and I think the high flying act on offense of either scoring quick or going 4 and out contributed to that. McDermott was fed up with the defense running onto the field every 3 minutes. I enjoyed that Josh Allen was going to Cook and Kincaid more and utilizing the middle of the field. It puts so much more pressure on defenses. The Chiefs and Steelers playoff games showed us that teams are still going to play the Bills with 2 high safeties. If Allen perfects the soft touch passes we will be marching the ball down the field. Bills might finally have a slider to go with their fastball and curve ball. Bills always had Allen's running ability and deep pass but if we can add a consistent run game and intermediate pass game... LOOK OUT. I think the big receiver change the Bills have gone to is entirely about easier targets in the redzone and less about what happens between the 20s. Let Cook, Shakir, Kincaid, and Samuel move the ball between the 20s. my only gripe is we need to stop running Allen as much as we do. Brady needs to learn how to weaponize the fear of Allen running the ball into opposing defenses while actually not doing it as much. I can't wait to see this offense vs. the Jets. They have been the masters of shutting down the Boom or Bust Buffalo Bills.
  2. Wife and I made a week of it in the Florida Keys and drove up for the game. Thought about staying in Miami but we were newly Weds and wanted something low key and the Florida Keys drive is a fantastic one. My input is the fans were mostly harmless and the ribbing was all in good fun. Of course there was obnoxious drunk idiots but other Miami fans put them in their place when they began to get too much. Id say the stadium was 40% Bills fans. I found it funny when the Miami fans kept mocking the Bills players for needing water during breaks. I asked them if any of them would he coming to Buffalo in December so we could mock them when they're freezing their butts off. We all had a good laugh. All in all. I think Miami fans are used to Bills Mafia taking over and make the best of it with friendly banter. Stay in your lane and don't be obnoxious and you'll have a great time.
  3. Bringing my Dad and Sister out to Vancouver to see my brother and drive down to the Bills - Seahawks game.
  4. Don't see a big swing. I see a tyler lockett for a 4th style trade. Bills are gonna have to use their 1st and two 2nds on a Dend Corner, and another young X receiver.
  5. For what its worth Around the NFL podcast labeled the Bills receivers room as the biggest head scratcher position group going into the season. Ravens as well. The group is unsure what Beanes ultimate plan at receiver is and wondering why Beane hasn't done more to help their franchise QB? This isn't just a sector of Bills Mafia who are questioning Beane. They also believe that Beane has always left the receiver room kinda barren outside that 2021 season when you had Emmanuel Sanders, Beasley, and Gabe Davis with Diggs. I do wonder if Diggs forced this issue and caught Beane off guard. Unacceptable by Beane if true. I think Beane was planning on a receiver room of Diggs, Coleman, Samuel, Shakir and Hollins.
  6. I agree they need to draft more. Where I give Beane a slight pass this off season is with the salary cap. Every team has gone through this when their QB salary comes due and this is the Bills and Josh Allen's turn. I keep thinking back to that defense and how pathetic the front 7 was and how aged out our safeties were. We simply needed younger depth all over the roster who are less likely to be injured come playoff time. Next off season I think Beane has the cap space and draft picks to attack Receiver, DEnd, interior OL/DLand Corner. This off season was about staying afloat with depth pieces. Believe me the state of the Bills this off season had me initially pissed off. Now I see it as an investment as the Jets and Dolphins are about to enter serious cap hell with guys who are not named Josh Allen on their rosters. Again I am of the belief Beane will add another receiver post June 1st.
  7. He was drafted to be a receiver. He was taken because the Bills had no one with size who could beat zone in the middle of the field. Call Kincaid whatever you want but he was taken to be Josh Safety night and replace Cole Beasley. Beanes words. Not mine. The Jets cracked the code on the Dorsey offense of putting their # 1 corner on Davis to lock him down and rolling safety coverage over Diggs. Isiah Mckenzie was useless in zone and Knox was avg. at best. Which is why I keep saying the Bills offense this year will be more dynamic than the previous seasons because it will be less predictable and more difficult to defend. I do agree with you that id like another high receiver investment by Beane. I do think he drafted weapons in Cook and Kincaid that played closer to the line of scrimmage because the Bills didn't scare anybody outside Davis going deep and Diggs. Teams were rolling double high safety and spying Josh with a linebacker. At least with those two on the field it becomes much more difficult to do. I am still convinced post June 1st the Bills will be making a trade and the receiver room isn't complete. Its telling that Beane has basically signed every reclamation project at receiver this off season hoping one hits. I also imagine receiver, DL, and corner will be his 3 main areas of focus next off season.
  8. Kyle Williams and Mario Williams. I'm not concerned with Josh Allen and his ability to put up points. Lee Evans isn't anything special. We didn't have peak TO. Stevie Johnson would've dropped any important pass, so ill pass. Eric Moulds career started before the drought era and doesn't qualify for this. The Bills DL is absolutely unquestionably pathetic going on three Playoffs in a Row. Add those two guys in their Buffalo Prime to the current Bills and the Bills are 2 - 1 against the Chiefs in the playoffs. 13 seconds never would've happened and the Bills would've won this past year where we badly needed our DL to create a rush. People here are complaining about not addressing receiver and I keep looking at the DL and wondering when they're gonna show up in the playoffs against the Chiefs or Bengals? Beane needs to either trade, sign, or draft a stud Dend next off season because Rosseau though very good isn't great and the Bills need a great dend to truly become a consistent Superbowl threat.
  9. Just finished it. Definitely top 3 behind the Charlie Sheen and Larry the Cable Guy Roast. Based on my personal comedic tastes I'd rank the roasters 1. Andrew Schulz (pure comedic talent) 2. Tony Hinchcliffe(quick wit) 3. Nikki Glaser (savage until the school girl crush bit) 4. Bill Belichick (very good) 5. Kevin Hart (did a good job hosting) 6. Jeff Ross (he was funny but he wasn't at his best) 7. Sam Jay (most grounded in a funny way) 8. Julian Edelman (savage in a shocking and slightly uncomfortable way) 9. Manning and Brady (Both are talents and you can tell work hard at everything they do) 10. Drew Bledsoe (funny and played the poor sap well) Randy Moss, Ben Affleck, Dana White, Robert Kraft, Kim Kardashian, and Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer were meh. Gronk is ridiculous. I was either laughing or he was cringe. Who finds Will Farrell funny? The Bills and Buffalo definitely took the most shots although that Jets front office joke was the most savage. Netflix missed out not having Bill Burr. Boston guy who would've slayed. Those complaining about any of the jokes. Please go see the comedy police and stop ruining everyone else's fun.
  10. Patriots - two prospects rated worse than Coleman. Bourne whose amounted to nothing and Juju. Sure. Chargers - not much more to be said Broncos - unless you think Sutton carries the entire load. Cardinals - Unless Marvin Harrison Jr to you makes up an entire receiving unit. Giants - Isiah Mckenzie might be their third best receiver. No thanks Panthers - Much rather have Samuel Coleman and Shakir over Thielen. Thats being conservative. When Coleman, Shakir and Samuel combine for 2200 yards will see how this all shakes out.
  11. Maybe will be able to actually do something in the redzone this season beyond Josh Allen heroics. Not to worried about the Bills offense between the 20 yard lines.
  12. I agree with corner over DT. We have been horrific at DT beyond Jones and Oliver so if Carter hits that will be the biggest help for the Bills. I think the Bills have more faith Elam can rebound than us fans. I guess will wait and see. I also think the Bills see Carter as their future 1 Tech once he puts on a bit more weight. Reciever I was pounding the table for Roman Wilson at 60 and a trade up in the 3rd. It didn't happen but I understand why the Bills did what they did. We couldn't run the ball in the redzone without Allen and our DT's sucked.
  13. It is a reload season. I am struggling to see where these holes you wanted fixed could be fixed in the 3rd and 4th round vs. a rotational DT and 2nd RB? The Dend value dropped significantly after the first four were off the board. Oline could've been a potential pick but I like Carter more than anyone in the 3rd round. Receiver. Maybe but people became obsessed with the double dip and ignored everything else. Carter will play 50% of snaps and Davis will likely be our feature back in the redzone. Thats playing a pretty significant role for the Bills. That cap space is a starting point. Releasing Von Miller creates 10+ million more in cap space. Restructures. Cap going up. Bills are in a good spot. Again only Brown and Rosseau for significant new contacts. Bills have alot of ammo to greatly improve this roster after this season. Receiver will agree to disagree. Of course I'd like more talent but the Bills made more of less with Davis, Mckenzie, Knox, and Diggs.
  14. Glad he isn't coming here. He's cooked and everyone will soon see. This is a buddies helping a buddy signing. Bills best move is to move one or two of their picks next year for an actual difference maker at receiver.
  15. Camp body who might show enough to warrant a roster spot. Low risk. who cares. Still think Beane uses one of next years 4th and maybe one their 2nds to land a stud receiver post June 1st.
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