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  1. 2 minutes ago, Nephilim17 said:

    Not sure if posted but I did a quick "search" (I'm not wading through 60 pages of this) and the SI article on the matter is clear, short, and persuasive. I hope Pegula feels similarly.


    Of note:

    The chilling part of this allegation is that it echoes a previous one. In 2021, Miller’s girlfriend posted on Instagram that when she was pregnant with Miller’s child, Miller texted that he was “honestly praying for a miscarriage” and “[F---ing] disappear!!!” and “I hate you!” and “you gon’ get yours! Believe that.” 


    ...At some point, an NFL player loses the benefit of the doubt with his team and the league. Miller should be there now. 




    Man, if true that's awful and very sad.  I really liked Von. Maybe not what he seems 

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  2. Thoughts on the very slim possibility that Belichick comes to Buffalo?

    I would be open to it.   

    Would he retain Dorsey? Who knows. The way things have gone so far, I'd prefer he did. 


    If not, and Daboll is fired, he could come back here as OC. He was under Belichick previously (as OL Coach I think?)


    Say what you want about Bill.....but with his preparation and an elite QB, he's scary. 

    My concern would be if the GM duties aspect for him, which he seemingly hasn't been good with. 




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  3. 1 minute ago, TheFunPolice said:

    The difference between Miller and a guy like Tyreek Hillis that Hill is actually good at football, so the fans will tie themselves in knots convincing themselves that it was all just a big misunderstanding because they just want their football team to win and Hill helps that happen.


    When there's no real gain people are less inclined to go through the mental gymnastics. 


    It's sad, wrong, and gross, but that's the deal. The patience level an organization would have with a guy who is a top contributor vs a mercenary who is just stealing money from the team to play pattycake with offensive tackles 10 snaps a game is vastly different. 


    Every snap Von takes the field our defense is playing with 10 men. 


    Tre White took even longer to recover from his acl

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  4. 3 minutes ago, JohnNord said:

    It’s funny how the narrative is that signing Von was a terrible move.  Everyone was so excited when they made the move and into the season it seemed to pay off.  

    Not just from a sack percentage but Von helped the defense get good pressure with rushers.  Once he was hurt it was a different story.  

    I’m in the camp that you can’t really forecast injuries.  Just because he blew an ACL earlier does not mean it will happen again. Brady blew his ACL once and was fine playing into his mid 40’s.  

    Now since we lost Von Miller and he’s struggled to recover this season, everyone is saying what a bad deal it’s been.  And for the most part it has but it’s more of a result of injuries than anything else



    Yes. Last year he made a massive impact in the Rams, Titans, Ravens, Jets and Chiefs game

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  5. I want him.  May not be who he once was, however a fresh start could bring that back.


    the energy, physical play and playmaking ability.  

    We just added an absolute stud in Rasul as CB1  (nothing against Tre, but Douglas is a better player right now)


    along with Linval Joseph,


    This would be 1 physical player added at each level of the defense.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Bogie_Klinkhammer said:

    I predict no team claims him AND no team team attempts a signing

    It's to late in the season and no team is handling out 5 mil for a broken down LB.

    There are healthy players on the PS that already know the system


    He'll end up having multiple contenders interested in adding him.  He'll sign for cheap for the rest of the season 

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  7. If the team doctors give the green light, absolutely.  There is a chance he just needs a fresh start.

    Battled injuries the last 2 seasons and they changed their defense


    Risk is low. Reward very high. 

    He is another very physical, high energy playmaker. Similar to Rasul in that sense.  


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