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  1. McClappy needs to figure out how to beat KC. They will be competitive for years.
  2. Same here, sorry Jerry, but your money is needed elsewhere.
  3. I think Hilton and Brown are on equal speed terms. I think Hilton is a better reliever than Brown. Hilton got screwed with Rivers, he can’t throw the ball downfield enough for Hilton to have good numbers.
  4. Well this is what happens when we don’t draft well enough. We have had years now to draft a high end pass rushers, but we suck at it.
  5. Then give me John Ross. If we came away with John Ross and Rhodes. I would consider that a successful FA. Barrett is my top get, but don’t think that is realistic.
  6. Would you take Ross over John Brown? Shaq Barrett is the best on the market. But we might not have the money to do it.
  7. How much do you think we could sign him for?
  8. Why though? Hilton is very good, he had old man rivers throwing to him, that’s not his fault. Do you think Ross would be better than Stills?
  9. We are going to have to address that in the draft I think.
  10. I actually would take a flier on John Ross.
  11. What would you guys rather have? Hilton and Rhodes or Shaq Barrett
  12. We need more speed, so I would love to sign TY Hilton as a replacement for Brown. That would give us Diggs, Hilton, Beasley, and Davis. I like that a lot.
  13. I want TY Hilton. Diggs Hilton and Beasley underneath. Davis with a good 4th option.
  14. I want to resign Feliciano and Williams. Our Oline continuity should be a high priority. I don’t care if we let Milano walk. He isn’t worth the money if he can’t stop TEs.
  15. Why pay him when he can’t cover TEs. We need LBs that can stop Kelce.
  16. I never said we would be able to sign all 3. I think we can get one of them, maybe 2 if we pass on Milano and others.
  17. Who would you like to see the Bills sign. I would like to drop a few players to free up some cap space. I would be happy with Xavier Rhodes, Shaq Barrett, or a TY Hilton.
  18. I’m not saying we move on from Josh. I’m simply saying how can Josh expect to win a SB when he is commanding 40+ million a year with the roster we currently have with players looking to get paid as well. When he can’t even beat KC with the roster we have now.
  19. Which is fine. I’m more frustrated than mad. The only thing I’m mad at is being nearly maxed out in cap space with an underwhelming defense with an expensive Allen contract on deck. How can we expect to improve the roster enough to beat KC going forward if Allen potentially handicaps our team spending. I wouldn’t feel this way if Beane hit on more of his picks.
  20. It doesn’t matter what Mahomes has. Allen couldn’t beat him with the roster we currently have. We are nearly maxed out in cap space. Allen has to decide on taking less money to allow better team talent to compete against KC or taking Mahomes type of money and suffering as a team because of it.
  21. Agreed, but our cap management is nearly maxed out. We have to draft better talent, especially with Josh’s big contract coming soon.
  22. I agree. If there is any QB out there that would be willing to take a “home team discount” it is Allen. If Allen would have beaten Mahomes today and won the SB, I would have no problems giving him Mahomes kind of money, but he proved today he needs more help which will require more money for better talent elsewhere. It’s a difficult position to be in. We can’t pay Allen, Mahomes esque money. We just can’t. Allen proved he couldn’t beat KC with the current roster we have. So he has to put on his big boy pants and accept he isn’t worth top money.
  23. I like Allen, and I think we can win a Super Bowl with him someday, but he needs to realize it’s a team sport and we need help on D to beat Mahomes. Because Allen proved today he can’t beat Mahomes with what he currently has. I hope his ego allows him to take the cuts necessary to bring the Lombardi to Buffalo.
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