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  1. You've moved the goalposts into another galaxy. Have a good weekend subtweeting and getting cred on BillsChan
  2. Nah, dipschitt. I'm defending the man who had signs torn out of his hand and was verbally asaulted by MAGATARDs
  3. Get a Spanish to English dictionary and let me know where it says "migra" means "ICE"
  4. At 17 seconds of the video a sign that says "Immigrants Built America" is ripped out of someones hands and thrown into the crowd. You are so full of ***** dude
  5. This happened in Soho - there should be video. "He refused to receive medical attention" "One girl flipped my hat, and within five to eight seconds, I got pushed from the back of my face, and my face hit the scaffolding pole. I got startled, I walked away," he said. This dude is brainless if he got pushed "from the back of his face" Within 5-8 seconds he was able to count 15-18 people involved in the attack, yet he claims one girl flipped his hat and then, what, 14-17 people pushed him from the back of his face? SMOLLETT PART II
  6. If you seriously think hanging out with people of a different color = one is not a racist, you're more of an idiot than you get credit for. That's why he's got a shot at winning.
  7. The average Democrat is way less progressive than you, Trump, and most on the right characterize them as. Real life ain't Twitter.
  8. Nah it's just Tibs - all the other Democrats/AnyoneWhoCriticizes#OrangeManBad here are the same poster with different usernames
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