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  1. Logs from my Sunday morning dump floated into a Q position. #wwg1wga
  2. Hannity coined the term "Operation Boomerang" Mark Meadows knows what's up Sara Carter is the best investigatory journalist in the land sans TracyBeanz #DaysNotWeeks
  3. The headline New York State Senate introduces bill to make texting while walking illegal is incorrect. The bill makes it illegal to text while in crosswalks. "This is a bill that says don't text while crossing the street, wait the 10 seconds, to get to the other side," Queens Senator John Liu said. I'm for it.
  4. Has anyone gotten tix yet for the Nashville game? Is it best to get them now or wait a few months to see if prices go down? Stubhub's lower bowl prices seem a bit high.
  5. Anyone who gives dates or strict timelines is either trying to big up themselves, lying in order to divide/troll/slide, or just full of schiff
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