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  1. Beane has basically given little attention to the playmaking positions this offseason. We went defense heavy again in the draft and we signed Brown and Beasley simply because without them we had the worst WR group in the league. Zay Jones doesn't belong in the NFL and beyond that we have little depth at the WR position. We have no real TE threat, Singletary is a mystery we have no idea what he can do as the starter. And on top of all that the oline still looks disjointed as ever.
  2. Beane looks like a fool here. nothing new
  3. We really have no talent left on this offense besides Brown and Beasley lol Good luck with that Allen
  4. I pray to god Josh Allen is ready bc if he doesn't start the season well its going to be a meltdown among bills fans no excuses anymore. he needs to improve just like all the other young QB's did in the league.
  5. we will start the season 1-6 and frank gore will retire then Beane/Mcdermott look like the biggest clowns in the NFL
  6. Mccoy came here and did everything he was asked, and helped the Bills break our playoff drought and we basically just slapped him in the face and told him to ***** off lol completely absurd from this front office.
  7. theres a massive difference between cutting a fringe player and cutting one of our best senior players who everyone looks up to and respects if you can't tell the difference in that then I'm sorry.
  8. people who think we are going to put up a playoff run with this offense LOL we won't even ***** sniff the playoffs this season.
  9. Gore is going to be injured by week 3 and we will be completely *****. Allen will have to throw the ball 40 times per game and we will end up with 4-6 wins this season
  10. Now watch them cut Robert foster and keep zay jones this franchise is still the mess it always has been lol
  11. Beane and Mcdermott put all their chips on Allen becoming a top 10 QB this season and its going to backfire on them so ***** hard they will be out of Buffalo in 2 years
  12. way to disrupt the locker room right before Week 1 for absolutely no reason other than saving a few million what a ***** joke. We already had one of the least talented offenses in the league with Mccoy now we basically have a bottom 5 offense again.
  13. and this is why we are one of the dumbest organizations in football this team takes 1 step forward and 3 steps back. Beane and Mcdermott will be fired in 2 years for having a bottom 3 offense
  14. hes one of the best coaches in football right now. If McD doesn't work out and they can Reich I hope we pick him up.
  15. He's been one of the best players on defense in preseason. For a 7th round pick, if he can even be a disruptor in 3rd round passing situations and get a couple sacks/QB pressures then that is a steal
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