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  1. 8 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

    Should be done. He’s not going to build relationships with kids in 2 weeks. He’s also under contract. 

    Contracts get bought out all the time. And I don't think the suggestion is that he's going to be able to pull kids Oregon wouldn't have otherwise, but the difference in recruiting between not having an OC and having a superstar OC (or one you could at least sell as such) is massive. 

  2. Hey all, as my name indicates, I'm also an Oregon Duck fan.


    Just passing along that Oregon's top "insider", Justin Hopkins, mentioned this week that Joe Brady was his bet -- and likely Dan Lanning's first call -- for the Ducks' open OC spot. Brady and Lanning have a good relationship and the thinking is he'd basically be the perfect candidate and also had at least some interest in the job.


    Separately, there's smoke that *a* hire could happen anytime now (in terms of general timeline/timeframe), and it stands to reason (my speculation) that the optimal timing for a change like this to happen this late in the season would be during a mini-bye week (aka tonight or tomorrow morning).


    So like I said, may be something, may be nothing, but our QB coach is getting interest from the college ranks, at the very least. Go Bills!

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  3. 1 minute ago, Back2Buff said:

    Terrell Edmunds makes way too much sense for this team and would be really disappointed if they don't upgrade the safety spot.


    We lost Hyde and added nobody.  The chances Poyer stays healthy this year seem to be very slim.  Has he played and finished a game healthy this year?


    Edmunds is on a crap team, one year deal, cheap, relationship with brother, Mcdermott and Tomlin are close, and Pitt secondary is well coached up.  Don't let their crap D line and LB cloud how well their secondary is.


    Seems like a no brainer nice depth piece to have on this team.  Could give Poyer some real time off and have him ready for playoffs.

    Pegulas are close with the Rooney family as well...

  4. https://www.packers.com/team/players-roster/elgton-jenkins/


    Per Spotrac, he's making less than $4M per year. Is extremely versatile (which would definitely come in handy with our various OL injuries), and is a FA after this season (both potentially making him attainable and also, possibly contributing to our compensatory picks, if we can't resign him).


    I have no idea if he's remotely available, but was a surprise practice holdout today... 

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  5. The only update that matters is that we're 2-0, having beat two of last year's best teams by a combined 55 points while playing 2 rookies and a former 7th round draft pick at his position.


    If we keep this up, we might not need him until the playoffs, which is when we actually will need him. Until then, we might as well keep letting him get better and better while blowing the doors off teams...

  6. 1 hour ago, Albany,n.y. said:

    Lamar is a football player, not a financial expert.  He majored in communications, not business or economics.  Agents are specialists who understand contracts & economics.  He is being foolish to try to save 3% unlike almost all the other guys in the league do because they understand that an expert can get them more than the 3% difference than they can get themselves.  Eventually Lamar will get a big contract but in the meantime, he's giving up a ton of present day dollars.  Agents understand the time value of money theory, knowing a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future.  Josh's agent got Josh more than 45 million in present day dollars over what he would have made in 2021 & 2022.  Those present day dollars, if they are invested corrrectly, combined with the remainder of Josh's contract will be worth more even if Lamar gets a bigger contract starting in 2023 because Lamar has played last year on his rookie contract and this year on his 5th year option, while Josh already has 10s of millions more already in his hands.  


    If Lamar had an agent, he would have received a contract similar to Josh's last year and now it will take him years to catch up with Josh, if he ever does.  Even though he will sign a bigger contract, he's already lost 2 years of a higher income.  .  

    To be clear... I'm not necessarily saying he's making a wise decision -- your response is well put (even if the time-value of money has all but been debunked at this point). I think it's also fair to point out that there are MANY athletes who have gone broke because they trusted the wrong people with their money. No, Lamar isn't a financial expert, but he's also the guy making the money so he obviously knows he can trust that guy. Candidly, I don't even know if that's why he's representing himself, but it feels worthy of pointing out.


    He's playing a game of chicken and could certainly lose -- without experts providing him guidance, you're certainly right in stating that that could certainly be a conceivable -- maybe even inevitable outcome. What I don't think is debatable at this point is that the Ravens have cost themselves money and/or years, by not at least bending earlier. My issue is that there's too many out there running with the narrative that he (a black man) is a moron and should leave it up to "the experts" (typically white men), when he very clearly is not a moron and has, to-date, made good decisions for himself. Maybe some of that is racial, maybe not, I'm certainly not trying to paint everyone looking at this less-than-commonplace decision as racist -- but some of it has that taste to it. It doesn't take a genius to see what's happening with the salaries at the QB position and the extent to which the Ravens have built their offense around him. You need a QB to win in this league, a lesser QB (and person) was just paid a quarter B, guaranteed by a team in your division. That's all leverage. Maybe he should bring in a #s guy to iron out the details, but it feels silly (at best) to act like one of the best players in the world at his position somehow just has no concept of how to value himself...

  7. I was maybe his biggest hater on this board when we drafted him, and he made me look smart last year. But yeah, he definitely flashed a number of times last night! That'll never change the fact that we took Ed Oliver and Cody Ford over DK Metcalf, but I'll be glad to be wrong about him if he keeps showing out! :) 

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  8. 29 minutes ago, Boyst62 said:

    If I'm him I go in to FA and look to head to Houston, Seattle, anywhere else.

    Here's the thing -- the entire Ravens offensive identity is built around HIM; not players like him (because there are none), him. To move on from him as their franchise QB would mean a much more organizational and structural adjustment that will likely create a domino effect of changes within that organization for multiple years-- and they all know that.


    But so does Lamar. To those, and there are many, saying he should get an agent, I don't understand this line of thinking -- the price for franchise QBs is only going in one direction, and arguably no QB (Russell being maybe the one exception) has more leverage because of my point in the first paragraph. He clearly understands that he has all the leverage -- why does he need an agent to manage that for him? I won't go so far as to call that notion racist, but you don't see that kind of criticism and scrutiny over most players, certainly not ones that are playing their hands as well as LJ, so why? Yes, he's making a gambling on himself and gambles don't always pay off -- he could certainly get hurt and miss out on guaranteed millions. But to pretend that he's somehow bungling this all up -- when he's the one most in control of his body and what happens to it (for reference, he's set records the last 2 years in NOT getting hit when running). Winning while disrupting the power structure is pretty rare, I think it's pretty cool what he's doing, frankly.


    Lamar knows his worth -- both to the organization and throughout the league. The longer the Ravens kick the can down the road, the more they're going to end up screwing themselves on the backend. 

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  9. I think I've mentioned on this board that I had the great privilege to have gotten to know Marv and his family a little bit, a few years back. I'm not easily star-struck, and have met probably more than my fair share of celebrity types in the line of work I used to be in, but I can vividly remember how giddy and nervous and awestruck I was to meet him.


    The best part? Marv is often called "the Gentleman of the NFL" and he's an even better human being than that (or his general reputation) gives him credit for. There's probably a handful of people on this earth that could supersede that (though I can't think of any off the top of my head), but getting to spend time with Marv Levy will forever be one of my all-time life highlights. 


    Happy Birthday to a truly special and wonderful man!

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  10. 6 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

    That responsibility is an issue for an insurance company, not an NFL team.


    Having said that, I know nothing of this guy's condition nor have I ever seen any type of medical report on him, nor am I a doctor!


    But I agree with others--if teams feel his physical condition will result in a wasted pick (short career basically) then they are going to look elsewhere.



    It's not a financial thing, it's an optics thing... 

  11. His injury is such that he could quite literally DIE if hit wrong. I'm guessing no NFL team wants to take that responsibility on. 

    If Ross wants to continue playing competitive football, it'll probably need to be in one of the spring leagues or in the CFL...

  12. Lack of attention to WR could be a scheme change, could be bad luck, or could be not wanting to put a rookie in a key spot that they may not be ready for...


    There's still decent deep threats available in FA, and given how the first 3 rounds shook out, guys like Chase Claypool (YES PLEASE, also how awkward was it watching him announce his replacement???), Marquez Calloway, Jalen Raeger, Denzell Mims, Kadarius Toney (doubtful, but worth listing), and Rondale Moore.


    Definitely feels like we need another weapon...

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  13. 1 minute ago, SoCal Deek said:

    Did I miss something? Where’s the SD State punter? 😉

    I know this is a joke, but I just have to say... for a team that just broke records for not punting, the obsession over a rookie punter with this fanbase has been... perplexing to say the least.

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  14. 40 minutes ago, NewEra said:

    If we double dip on CB I’ll be ill.  

    This is weird to me but you do you. It's not the route I would take, but I also don't think Dane Jackson is particularly good...

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  15. 2 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

    Safety would be fine, but if you take another corner I’m not sure they will see the field 

    I don't necessarily disagree, but I also think a year ago we probably wouldn't have included DE in a similar list and took Basham in the 2nd.  Again, FAR from a lock, but I think there's enough reasons to justify it if that's the way they go...

  16. 1 minute ago, NewEra said:

    Agreed.  Would love to land 2.  Which picks are you willing to give up in next years draft?  5th-7ths won’t move the needle too much

    Kind of depends on how tonight breaks out... ideally you can play the Ravens' game and let 2 quality players fall to you. If you assume my math is accurate, really only means 12 picks between 33 and our pick in the 3rd that have to be "off" and we'd have our choice of that list. But obviously that doesn't incorporate need, runs, flags on players, etc.


    I'd be open to moving anything from our 3 down for the right player/pick, but that'd need to be a pretty big swing...

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