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  1. 19 minutes ago, balln said:

    Yea well they fall in love too ***** much these lunch pail 4th and 5th year senior ,good  attitude , hard working, senior bowl

    darlings -  but athletically inferior / tweeners. None of these guys they pick have a position ! Basham was neither a DT or DE in the nfl ? 

    It's exactly this. Culture fit, lack of rap sheet, leadership qualities, intelligence, intangibles are all important parts of the process, but they very VERY rarely elevate a below-average athlete to being more than just an average player, at best. Not at all to defend or excuse his actions, but Jefferey Simmons vs. Ed Oliver is another example. Obviously Ed has turned out better than the Boogie situation thus far -- and again, Simmons is a POS -- but he's unequivocally the better and more impactful player. When the goal is to find the best football players, sometimes you need to take chances on talent...

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  2. With our glut of WRs and need at LB, I'm wondering if Shaq Thompson might be an option. He's obviously at the end of his career and the Panthers aren't winning anything this year. There's the obvious Carolina Joke/tie-in/McBeane connection, but they need WR talent almost as bad as we need off-ball LBs to support Bryce Young. Shakir and a 4th or 5th feels like a no brainer to both sides, to me...

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  3. 1 minute ago, Alphadawg7 said:


    And the anonymous source tweets begin...more will certainly come.


    So a team with a bad OL who wasn't willing to pay another talented RB in Dalvin is now going to both pay him even more money and give up draft assets (that they will need as their cap balloons soon) for a guy who is coming off a down injury filled year who had one exceptional year when he was playing behind the best OL in the NFL?  


    Color me skeptical.  They could have just signed Dalvin cheaper and not had to trade any assets.  And Dalvin was making it clear he wanted to play there too.  

    I don't necessarily disagree with you, but to pretend like Dalvin Cook and Jonathan Taylor are apples:apples is laughable...

  4. Has anyone pointed out (we're now well clear of 300 pages...) that us getting Hopkins would bring all of the previously stated benefits (and risks) but also keep all of our most significant Super Bowl competition from getting them? 


    Of course he comes without risks. Justin Jefferson isn't getting cut tomorrow, nor is TJ Watt. At some point we're going to have to take a risk on a big move. Hopkins' performance last year suggests that he can maintain a high level of play for at least the next year or two, we should all be incredibly excited to even be in the discussion for this kind of move, let alone the odds-on favorites. 

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  5. Regarding trading up/down or not...


    I think you HAVE to get another player you think can be a difference maker at a position of need...  We need interior OLmen, LB and DL and there's a number still available at each position.


    If that means moving up because they fly off the board? Go do it. If they slide because other positions get drafted to where you can move back and still get one of those guys? Even better.

    But you cannot trade down to recoup a worse pick just to do that. In my eyes there's about 10 guys that we need to make sure we get at least one of. THAT'S the priority...

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  6. Just now, Billz4ever said:


    IDK, on the crazy off chance Robinson were to slide (I don't think it's going to happen) I think Beane would have to give it a pretty hard thought before he passed.  

    Agreed. The problem is the chance he falls all the way to us is virtually 0. We'd have to trade up, at least slightly, to get him. And then the calculus isn't just drafting a 1st rd RB when you've spent a 2nd the year prior and a 3rd the previous 2 years before that... it's also trading sparse draft capital during your championship window...


    Unless there's a Laremy Tunsil type situation this evening with him or we're able to turn an unneeded player into whatever it takes to move up, I don't see us moving up for Bijan being all that likely...

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  7. 1 hour ago, dave mcbride said:

    Kelly left in early 2013 and Freeman's first season at Oregon was 2014. I don't see the connection. Are you simply talking about the system he was plugged into at Oregon? Also, as for him being a massive bust, he was a 3rd round pick who had a couple of 500-yard seasons before going into decline. I'd say less "massive bust" rather than "mild disappointment" -- his career is pretty typical for NFL players taken after the first couple of rounds, although I suppose relative to his college production it looks pretty meager. 


    I do take your point about scheming; Charbonnet seemed set up to produce in that system. Regardless, he looked good to me. 

    Chip left before Royce but he recruited him and they ran the same offense, so I don't think it's unfair. As for Freeman specifically, the dude broke every single one of Reggie Bush's HS records, was an animal in college and looked every bit like he should've been at least a solid contributor in the pros. I guess what you call what he is vs. should've been is both a sea of grey and somewhat unimportant, but suffice it to say that he, along with every other back that's come out of that audience, did not perform well at the NFL level, regardless of expected outcomes. (And this is coming from a HUGE Royce fan, fwiw...)

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  8. 21 minutes ago, dave mcbride said:

    He's from LA and I think he simply wasn't getting playing time at Michigan. He and Hassan Haskins pretty much shared time equally in 2019 but Haskins got more in the 2020 covid season. Charbonnet then transferred, and it was a smart move. 

    As for the Oregon RBs, LaMichael James (a bust in the NFL) wasn't his recruit, although he racked up huge numbers at Oregon under Kelly. Kenjon Barner had one season under Kelly and was drafted in the sixth round. That's really all we have to go on. Anyway, sometimes you gotta look at the player rather than the coach. People thought Aaron Rodgers was a product of Jon Tedford (a guy who had tons of productions with the QBs he coached who then failed in the pros), and he dropped to #23 overall despite his shockingly good arm talent. 


    As for Charbonnet, I'm a bit of  UCLA homer (I went there for grad school), so maybe I'm biased. But he looked like a freaking great back when I watched him. But who knows -- maybe the system did him a ton of favors.  

    Take a look at my profile name dude, I'm very familiar with Chip Kelly and his RBs. You're leaving out Royce Freeman (massive bust), DeAnthony Thomas and 2 seasons of Josh Kelley at UCLA. The larger point is his scheme opens massive lanes for RBs that don't always require NFL-level eyes or agility. 

    23 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    I like Evans. Higher on him than most I think. 

    Do you read/listen to Rotoviz stuff? Dave Caban has done a lot of work on explosive plays and added explosive receptions to his model and it makes Evans look reeeeally enticing for his projected draft capital...


    Hopefully his phych evals and personality checks cleared cuz there's a potential beast in there...

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  9. 1 hour ago, dave mcbride said:

    The guy who I always found to be truly impressive was Zach Charbonnet. Your thoughts on him? I think he has the style and talent to be a pretty good pro.


    1 hour ago, GunnerBill said:


    Yea he is my next guy up after Bijan and Gibbs. I have a 2nd/3rd borderline on him.


    Charbonnet is an interesting e v a l. He's got a phenomenal build, and for it tested pretty well. I got to see him live last year and he certainly looks the part. 


    The thing I keep coming back to is Chip Kelly RBs. Yes, it's helmet scouting, but Chip RBs haven't faired well in the NFL and Charbonnet transferred from Michigan for a reason. For the draft price it will take to get him (agree on the late 2/early 3 grade) I would probably pass on him/rather we spend the pick elsewhere and take a guy like Evans or Kendre Miller later in the draft, but can definitely see a scenario where he becomes a bellcow back in this league. Can also see him being a massive bust...

  10. 46 minutes ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    As the draft approaches, my love affair for Roschon has only increased.  I can't shake what an ideal fit he would be in Buffalo and his stock is only continuing to rise to the point now that I think he very well could go day 2 in the 2nd round.  It wouldn't surprise me if he was the 3rd or 4th RB off the board.  


    And that being said, if he was there in the 2nd at 59, I honestly would not be upset if we took him that early because I think he is going to be that good and an excellent pairing with Cook as a tandem for the next few years.  I had hoped to get him in the 3rd, but I think there is a solid chance he is gone before that pick. 



    He's definitely going higher than we'll want to draft a dude, I think 3rd rd is his floor. Which is too bad, because for awhile his stock was getting undervalued...

  11. 23 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

    He hasn't met with any teams. No thanks on Downs 

    This is a weird take... his dad is an assistant coach and his uncle is Dre Bly -- I can't say I know why he's not taking visits, but it's probable that teams have a pretty good idea of what he's about, how he handles his businsess, etc.


    That said, he's not my favorite wr prospect (or 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th or 5th or 6th...)

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  12. 2 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    I wouldn't be certain I'd take Mingo at #91. There is no way I'd take him at #59. I take the point about Musgrave's floor. I don't really want him at #59 either, but he is the highest on my board of those 4 choices. I think he is the best of them.


    I have a very late 3 on Wypler and 4s on Mingo and Benton. 


    The best players on the board here are defensive backs IMO the way this has fallen. 


    Antonio Johnson is my BPA, Cam Phillips III is my #2. Darius Rush is my #3. I then have Derick Hall (don't think he is gone) and Rashee Rice. There is then another 8 guys on my board before I get to Musgrave. But he is over a round lower than Johnson and exactly a round lower than Phillips by my grades. Any of these 4 are a reach IMO. But Musgrave is the best of them.


    As usual, you and I are pretty well aligned, I was just "defending" Mingo based on the available poll options. It's gross as all getout, but fills a need at a spot I think we need to address. As I said in my original post, we'd be incredibly dumb to not flip a 4 or a 5 for Tillman or Simpson.


    Of your list, I really like Phillips and would be fine with Johnson as well.

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  13. 32 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:

    Those choices? Meh. I'd take the Tight End and I don't love him.

    Certainly the highest ceiling of the group, but dude has almost zero floor.


    Obviously we all hope it doesn't shake out this way, but I think we HAVE to find a contributor at that spot... MIngo's far from perfect, but provides matchup options as a jumbo slot and could potentially be arbitrage for Gabe as well. 

  14. 9 minutes ago, LEBills said:

    I’m not sure Flowers makes it past the Pats but Chiefs showing some unorthodox interest in him




    This makes a lot of sense. Athletically, he's somewhat similar to Hardman, but seems like a much more mature, driven, "has the dawg in him" type football player. Feels like a good fit for them. The question is what KC would have to give up to go get him...

  15. 17 minutes ago, NewEra said:

    I think Sewell will be the object of opposing OCs affection and would be targeted at will in the passing game.  I think he would work on obvious running downs and maybe have Rapp play on passing downs with Milano.


    or maybe I’m just underrating his coverage ability and he’d be just the guy we need. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 😆 

    You're not wrong, if people disliked Edmonds, they'll run Noah out of town with torches and pitchforks before season's end. Kid should legitimately look at switching to EDGE...


    This poll and thread makes me sad.

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  16. 8 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

    Should be done. He’s not going to build relationships with kids in 2 weeks. He’s also under contract. 

    Contracts get bought out all the time. And I don't think the suggestion is that he's going to be able to pull kids Oregon wouldn't have otherwise, but the difference in recruiting between not having an OC and having a superstar OC (or one you could at least sell as such) is massive. 

  17. Hey all, as my name indicates, I'm also an Oregon Duck fan.


    Just passing along that Oregon's top "insider", Justin Hopkins, mentioned this week that Joe Brady was his bet -- and likely Dan Lanning's first call -- for the Ducks' open OC spot. Brady and Lanning have a good relationship and the thinking is he'd basically be the perfect candidate and also had at least some interest in the job.


    Separately, there's smoke that *a* hire could happen anytime now (in terms of general timeline/timeframe), and it stands to reason (my speculation) that the optimal timing for a change like this to happen this late in the season would be during a mini-bye week (aka tonight or tomorrow morning).


    So like I said, may be something, may be nothing, but our QB coach is getting interest from the college ranks, at the very least. Go Bills!

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