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  1. Wrong...but if that makes you feel better about it...hey go with that....I've heard it all....bombs are just luck! Don't worry...let you tell it, he had no WTF plays this week neither.
  2. Hahahaha...ok, let him keep missing these throws...you're not going to say....WTF?? Yeah....Exactly!
  3. Allen missed a wide open Foster, more than once in this game....so if that's not a...WTF moment, then we don't need to have a conversation about this bcuz U don't understand the game! Yeah...but that's supposed to be one of his strong points......I'm not trying to come down on dude....but we need for him to hit that...especially if accuracy on short passes are going to be a problem.
  4. Easy....the play when he over threw Foster when he had the DB beat by 3yds......stop acting like everything he did was the greatest.....I like him too, seems to be getting better but Bills fans, always gotta go way to far with things.
  5. Jaywrizzo

    Josh Allen will be AFC Offensive Player of the Week

    Hahahahahahaha...dude pump your brakes....they Loss, he missed throws....yes he had a good game...it wasn't great! He has to make that easy throw to Zay, who was wide open....Foster had his man beat by 5 yds...make that throw...He was a baller! He could've did alot more....BILLS FANS
  6. Jaywrizzo

    Nick O'Leary Signs a 1-Year Extension with Miami

    Oh yeah...tell me that again...after that clown couldn't get back to that last pass...leave him in Miami, with O'Leary!
  7. Jaywrizzo

    Nick O'Leary Signs a 1-Year Extension with Miami

    Croom will be a star...as soon as Josh Allen realizes Croom is a young QBs best friend.....I didn't mind O'Leary, would've kept him over Clay....nothing stands out about O'Leary. Hahahahaha.....yeah, if you listen to the people on here.
  8. Jaywrizzo

    Nick O'Leary Signs a 1-Year Extension with Miami

    Hahahahahahaha...Croom is a much better TE...already! And Logan Thomas is a good backup. Only problem I have with them getting rid of O'leary is, they didn't send Clay out the door with him....People still crying over a slow.....under average blocker in O'Leary? Please stop it!
  9. Jaywrizzo

    The First Play of the Sean Taylor Game.

    Thats a dumb reason to hate a player....Did U hate Moorman for running a fake punt? You're probably the same person that complains about no Defense being played in the Pro bowl...I did think he should've blown him up like that....but hate?
  10. Yeah...we might have found somebody to go with Zay Jones and Croom at TE
  11. Looks like he can catch a football now, undrafted....cut...sent to the practice squad and now dude is our best wr!
  12. Jaywrizzo

    Mariota re-injures elbow

    We do need to find out if Allen is our Franchise QB...but why play him if he's not 100%...I rather wait, then rush him back, only to see him need a surgery, that could've been avoided.
  13. Jaywrizzo

    Mariota re-injures elbow

    Yeah....that sounds like the right way to think about it.....WRONG.
  14. Jaywrizzo

    Derek Anderson must have really gotten walloped

    I'm sure Anderson is saying...I didn't sign up for this, I thought I was going to be a mentor....you're not sending me back out there.
  15. Jaywrizzo

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    But hey.......Kelvin Benjamin is still on the roster.