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  1. St. Patricks Day Bills Salary Cap Status

    17.5M sounds about right. You never know who could get cut and/or injured on our team after June 1st, so keep 10M not including the draft pick mula. I would sign a guy just to trade him later. The 4-3 teams moving to 3-4 will be trying to dump guys at some point. It happens every year.
  2. How to get to Pick #2

    I have been also interested in the idea of trading our #22, #56 and #65 to get the SF pick at #9. Imagine Roquan Smith and Mayfield/Allen in the top 12. We would still have another 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2x 5ths and a 6th. I could live with that. Who knows? Lamar in 2-3 years could be pretty good. I have my doubts cuz he is a wild card. If Watson can do what he did, then yah never know. Just stay away from Rudolph. He is my EJ again. I would trade both #2s and a 4th to grab him at the top of the first round just for the gamble. I think he could beat out AJ before the end of the season just because he is electric.
  3. How to get to Pick #2

    I cannot argue with you. It is completely possible. I do believe that this staff can develop CB, LB and offensive line. I would be ecstatic if we grabbed 2 awesome linebackers and a great center or guard. I could see 4 starters and would be satisfied. If AJ is a bust and I am concerned because he could not beat out Andy Dalton that it will be a surprise. We also do not know if a QB will drop past Denver and we may have a shot at Allen or Mayfield. I just really wanted a QB drafted in the top 10. I have been waiting for my whole life. I have been to every playoff game in the 90's and a Superbowl. I want to be patient and believe, but somehow we just do not get better than average. The AFC is very week in comparison to the NFC this year. There is a chance and I love the GM and Coach so far. QB is just the missing piece to be a top 6 team and contend. Jacksonville is the only team I see that could win because they remind me of the Baltimore team that won it. I would be OK with that. Truthfully I would like 3 first round picks this year. I would trade our second rounders and a late 3rd to get into the first again, so we can sign guys for 4-5 years. I would be stoked with picks #12, #22, #27, #65 and a few late picks to try and get 4 solid starters. I want to be fierce on defense, but build the offensive line at the same time. I can live with games that are all close. I am ultra competitive. I am a coach and I push my kids to win but I am good with losing once in a wile if they work hard. Chemistry and a good strategic philosophy can work. The Bills are a project team and are showing signs again. No impulsive choices could bring us back to win the AFC East again, but an efficient QB will be essential. Build the front 7 and the offensive line and maybe a QB will rise like Brady, Brees and Montana. I am a bit pessimistic but who could blame me!
  4. How to get to Pick #2

    I feel like we took a step back and not forward. I doubt that we can win more than 8 games. The defensive line is much improved. If we do not draft a QB we could land a premier LB. I just see problems all over the offense. If I were the Giants I would bet that the Bills end up winning 4-8 games next year. 8 if AJ is amazing. A rookie QB is not going to win games, but we would finally have one. I'll raise it to a top 15 pick. Why do you see the playoffs again? I suppose if we stayed at #12 and drafted best player available and traded for Nick Foles with 2019 picks we could repeat 9-7 for the season, but I hate that idea.
  5. How to get to Pick #2

    Look at this idiot and a liar. he says he has 3 2nd rounders. https://predominantlyorange.com/2018/03/17/report-denver-broncos-looking-moving-2018-draft/
  6. How to get to Pick #2

    With Tyrod throwing only 4 picks. Look at next years schedule and our QB/Offensive line. We over achieved talent wise for sure. Name a receiver that will catch 65 balls and look at the center to the right side of our line. Who are our line backers? No nickel corner. AJ is unproven. Miami, Baltimore and the Colts we could beat and every team beyond that is questionable. Home: Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Chargers Away: Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens I Agree!
  7. How to get to Pick #2

    LOL. I hope not. I like McBean sadly you may be correct I agree and the Bills may be able to grab a future guy at 4?
  8. How to get to Pick #2

    Option A: Trade #12 + #22 + our 2019 #1; I believe that Gettleman and Buffalo have a deal IF, McBeane can give them 2 first round picks this year, plus next years 1st which should be a top 10, because our schedule is so tough. I still believe that Rosen is the target. The Jets knew we had a deal in place and made their best move, because Allen or Mayfield fit their system. #12 + #22 + our 2019 #1 = #2 Note: we could possibly give them a 2nd and 3rd rounder next year instead of the 2019 1st, but they have all of the leverage. This leaves Buffalo with #2, #53, #56, #65, #96, #121 and #187. Next year we have serious cash to land free agents. ___________________ Option B: SF needs another 2nd rounder and with Pick#9 and Pick#12 plus a late pick we are at #2; I believe that Gettleman and Buffalo have a deal IF, McBeane can give them 2 high first round picks this year. I still believe that Rosen is the target. The Jets knew we had a deal in place and made their best move, because Allen or Mayfield fit their system #22, #56 and #65 = #9 #12 + #9 + #166 = #2 This leaves Buffalo with #2, #53, #121 and #187 and they do not need to give up next years #1 pick which should be a top 10. Reality is that they trade picks for 2019 somewhere in these packages, because 4 picks won't cut it this year.
  9. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    Completely true. I am not sure that Mahomes or Watson were the guy they wanted and I believe they thought this year we would have a top 10. I would not mind if they traded away a #3 this year to get a #2 next year. They will need picks again to make trades for sure.
  10. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    I agree. The way teams are built are completely different. If you have a core QB, O-line and D-line, then you can build fast. If you have one (the Bills have D-line), then you have to build enough for free agents to want to come. I see us dropping into the top 10 next year. We have to get a QB and #2 or #4 or #5 are the only options. I love that the drought is over, but I knew it would bite us. Every year there have been QBs we don't land a franchise one and every year we are top of the draft there isn't one there. Not sure how the Giants won't rape us on a trade.
  11. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    actually your right 1 year deal 15 mill
  12. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    If we can somehow swing a deal with Denver or Cleveland, then trade with the Giants. We could pull this off. The Giants want Barkley or Nelson and a ton of draft capitol. I think everyone is already happy with their positioning.
  13. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    Jets did such an amazing job. They can trade Bridgewater next year if he plays well. They win even if we trade to #2.
  14. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    He won't fall past Miami or Arizona. He would be considered a top 10 in other drafts. Think Bortholes and Rothlesbooger.
  15. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    Yesterday I was crafting this, but did not want to jinx us, so I didn't submit. I some what hope Buffalo can swing a trade with the Giants, but I am not sure they will? Question now is do they move to Denver's #5 (Allen or Mayfield?) if they are willing which I doubt or Giants #2 (Rosen) and give away next years #1 on top of most of our 1st 3 rounds this year. Puke! 1. Browns should take QB #1 (Darnold), because it will push the panic button for the #2 and #3 picks as the Jets and Bills fight it out. 2. The Giants want QB (Darnold), but settle for Saquon Barkley if they are stuck with pick and their guy isn't there, unless they are offered a serious ton of draft capital from the Bills or Jets like a #1 next year plus more. Josh Rosen is Manning 2.0 (smooth arm movement but throws a wobbler on film), so that is possible too. 3A. This makes #3 trade down gold.The Colts should trade with the Jets and grab their #2 to land a blue chipper and still get a beast on defense without having to drop to #12. They need draft picks, because of Cap hell. I think there is a secret plan to draft Baker Mayfield, so they may stay put or trade with Cleveland to leapfrog Denver. I think the Colts could still land Chubb here at #6. 3B. However, If I were Buffalo I would swing a deal with SF to #9 ASAP and give them a late #3 to gain leverage, because they do not have a #2 from the Jimmy Garoppolo trade and it would still give the Colts a great prospect on Defense or at Guard in the top 10. Trading to #3 from #9 would cost the Bills either our #22 or both 2nd round picks + change. I would rather keep #22 to land a great MLB since there are 3 elite ones, but I think Indy wants #22. I think we lose out and cannot move down to get our guy! 4. Bills really like Josh Allen and gamble on a bust? Prediction Cleveland - Darnold Giants - Rosen (Manning 2.0) Jets - Mayfield Browns - Barkley/Minkah Fitzpatrick or we secretly like Josh Allen Denver - Josh Allen (Elway 2.0) Chubb .... .... #12 Bills decide to take Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech or Roquan Smith, Georgia .... skip to #22 Bills Select