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  1. BBillsWestCoast

    I miss Rex.

    He is online right now and ready for a video conference with you.
  2. BBillsWestCoast

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    The going rate to sign Cutler would use all our cap, so he can teach Josh Allen what not to do with a strong arm on a the least talented offense in the league where we are all about ball control and winning the turnover ratio. Great choice!
  3. BBillsWestCoast

    Edmunds & Milano = Our Kuechly & Davis

    Beane is giving McD some nice tools and the defense to me looks good enough to be top 10, however the offense will have these guys on the field a ton, so it will be a rough year. I would suspect that Edmunds will be listed as a top 5 tackler in the league next year. No one is running up the middle without getting punished and outside runs will be the best when he is coming in at 250 with all of that speed. I am looking forward to the Gronkowski match ups.
  4. BBillsWestCoast

    Round 1: How about we swapped the 7th and 16th selections?

    In weaker drafts pick #7 was like pick #4. This was a very deep top 10. I think it was fair. Not sure about Allen still, but time will tell.
  5. He definitely had at least 1 guy ranked higher than Allen. I think it may have been Darnold, Baker, then Allen, but I am just guessing. I believe that they wanted big strong and mobile, plus the dude should see over the line. In Baker's defense, he is a mini Brett Favre personality wise.
  6. BBillsWestCoast

    Beane just said guy was falling that he wanted

    I agree. I thought he was a great fit, but I am guessing he needed to fall another 8-12 slots. 47. Arizona Cardinals: Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
  7. BBillsWestCoast

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    I am right with you. Better that he watches the mistakes or masterful plays that AJM deals with initially. Play the kid at the end of the season. Week 17: vs. Miami Dolphins, 1 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 30 at home in the snow and play to his strengths. Then in 2019 give him weapons and a power running game!
  8. BBillsWestCoast

    Start Allen from Day 1/ QB competition

    NO WAY IN HELL WILL HE START DAY 1 ! I implore the Bills to sit him until we have a deep threat WR and a solid Offensive line. Teams will Blitz this kid ALL DAY! David Carr YEAR 1 Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% Lng Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G Rate QBR Sk Yds NY/A ANY/A Sk% 4QC GWD AV 2002 23 HOU QB 8 16 16 4-12-0 233 444 52.5 2592 9 2.0 15 3.4 81 5.8 4.7 11.1 162.0 62.8 76 411 4.19 3.24 14.6 2 3 5
  9. BBillsWestCoast

    Brandon Beane Approval Rating

    We were VERY lucky that Chubb fell, otherwise this draft could have been us pushing all of our chips in for one player. It appears on the surface that it worked out. I am very satisfied in the end and I am looking forward to the next moves to solidify the DB depth, Offensive line, add another TE and bring in a deep threat WR to compete. Some will rise from the depths, but we need to trade or pick up other teams cuts. So in essence I say YES up to this point based on some luck. Bills Offered Broncos Two First-Rounders? April 28th, 2018 at 8:04pm CST by Sam Robinson When the Browns chose Denzel Ward at No. 4 instead of Bradley Chubb, that nixed a Broncos-Bills trade. And Mike Klis of 9News reports Buffalo was set to give up both its No. 12 and No. 22 picks, in addition to a second-round selection, for the right to move up to No. 5. Instead, the Broncos passed and chose Chubb, whom Klis notes the team had tied with Saquon Barkley as being the top player in the draft. But the Bills were also willing to part with one of their second-rounders — either No. 53 or No. 56 — in a deal that was going to involve Denver sending Buffalo one of its third-round choices (either No. 71 or No. 99). So, the Broncos valued the N.C. State-honed pass rusher immensely, passing on additional first- and second-round picks in order to stay put. The Bills’ package sent to the Buccaneers, for the right to draft Josh Allen at No. 7, included both second-rounders and a seventh-round selection. The offer to the Broncos containing the No. 22 choice — which Buffalo used to trade up and select Tremaine Edmunds — runs counter to a report from earlier on Thursday indicating Brandon Beane wasn’t willing to part with both of his first-round picks. But that report surfaced before the draft began; the events of the opening hour Thursday night could have changed things. The Colts also called the Broncos about moving up to select Chubb, Klis reports, but John Elwayelected to stay put and attempt to load up his team’s edge-rushing contingent. As for what was going to transpire if the Browns took Chubb and the Bills suddenly pulled their offer, the Broncos were likely to select either Quenton Nelson or Roquan Smith, per Klis. Sam Darnold remained the quarterback Elway preferred, with Klis reporting the Broncos had cooled on Baker Mayfield to the point they wouldn’t have taken him at No. 5. While that didn’t end up mattering, it could be notable if Allen or Josh Rosen end up being long-term answers for their respective teams. The Broncos dropped out of the Kirk Cousins derby and signed Case Keenum to a two-year deal, making it less likely they were going to use their top offseason resource on another quarterback, and were not closely linked to either Allen or Rosen late in the pre-draft process. Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.
  10. BBillsWestCoast

    RD 5, Pick 166: Wyatt Teller G - Viginia Tech

    5-166: Wyatt Teller, OG, Virginia Tech Despite being drafted in the fifth round, the Bills depth chart at guard is so completely unsettled that Teller could find himself competing to start at left guard. If Ryan Groy stays at center, it appears that Teller would immediately slide in to a starting role with either Vlad Ducasse or John Miller holding down the right guard spot. The Jets still have a very good Defensive line. They spanked us last year with our Veteran line.
  11. BBillsWestCoast

    Bills UDFA signings & Rookie minicamp invitees

    Agreed! I have seen the Bills grab many more guys in the past. He is the Aussie 2018 Fridge and should be a goal line specialist. Put him in 5 yards back and the whole Defense would need to stack the line. If he got it look out and if not throw a pass to a wide open TE.
  12. BBillsWestCoast

    RD 5, Pick 166: Wyatt Teller G - Viginia Tech

    I am hearing more and more that he may have a shot to win the LG position. Now that you say he can pull, then say goodbye to Mr. Incognito. I liked his exceptional blocking, but I am more than ready to build this team up from the ground up. The best LG in free agency was undrafted and Jacksonville paid him mega-bucks. I think this guy is a beast and it may take a few years to polish him up, but depending on the scheme he may advance faster than expected. The Jets and Jacksonville will probably expose our line, but the Patriots and Dolphins should be a great measuring stick to see if we can hold up against an average defensive line this year. I still would love to get another guy this summer to plug in at RG or RT.
  13. BBillsWestCoast

    Who Makes Your Priority UDFA List?

    I want to see him play on special teams. He could destroy players!
  14. BBillsWestCoast

    RD 5, Pick 166: Wyatt Teller G - Viginia Tech

    Seems very possible. He needs to win a job first. LOL! I am not a fan either, but until we get someone via trade or after someone gets cut he is in play somewhere.
  15. BBillsWestCoast

    Who Makes Your Priority UDFA List?

    How about this guy... Undrafted Simmie Cobbs 6'3"220 lbsIndiana Tall, long and thickly built, Cobbs is a physical receiver with excellent body control and ball skills, really good focus and an outstanding catch radius. He comes with some risk (off-field issues and raw routes) but has the talent and love for the game to develop into a good starter.