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  1. Way to bring some on topic knowledge to the thread. Hardly anyone has been able to use facts to refute my original post. Just ad hominem attacks and complaining. Moans and groans. I deal with FACTS. Not feelings.
  2. As Aaron Rodgers said last year: Relax. It is okay to see other opinions outside of your echo chamber you live in.
  3. I've been part of Bills boards since 2008, NOOB
  4. Truth hurts. Bills are good, but we've been lucky so far.
  5. Right, but can they keep winning the way they have been? I don't see how they can keep getting lucky wins against mediocre teams.
  6. Nice reply. Reported. Didn't know pointing out facts was a bad thing? We normally lose the games I posted about above so we definitely have some positives, but lots of uneducated fans think we are amazing, which we are not.
  7. In discussing the Bills record. Check out how lucky we've been to get some W's. - They trailed the Jets and mono-stricken Sam Darnold 16-0 entering the fourth quarter, when they received a boost from C.J. Mosley's departure.- They struggled to put away the horrible Giants, quarterbacked by the benched Eli Manning.- They nearly lost to a Cincinnati squad that was dumpstered by the 49ers at home the previous week.- They beat the Titans by seven even though Tennessee missed 12 points' worth of field goals.- They trailed the Dolphins, 14-9, and needed some sloppy Miami turnovers to beat the worst team in NFL history.Are we going to fade down the stretch? History and this trend above tells me yes, I want to believe, but I am still wary of our offensive woes as well as our AMAZING DEFENSE getting gashed by the hapless Dolphins.
  8. I am not an engineer but I live in one of the worst cities for traffic congestion (Atlanta). It ends up working itself out. People in upstate don't know what traffic is
  9. Exactly. We haven't beaten anyone with a winning record. Let's see what we are made of vs the Eagles
  10. This show was great in Mexico, in Texas, it sucks
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