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  1. No thanks. I will stick to Chick Fil A
  2. If you don't, you shouldn't have had kids. Too many ppl have kids without realizing what is needed to provide them to succeed in not only school but life as well.
  3. Says the guy panicking about a virus that no one under the age of 80 withour pre-exisiting conditions has died from. Moron indeed! Look in the mirror loser. Again, Your TDS is showing. You suck down everything the media tells you. If you can't tell how biased the media is with this reporting, there is no hope for you. You are completely a brainwashed DNC lemming. There is no recession. If anything, the media and Democrats blowing this out of proportion has caused the stocks to dip, but they'll climb back up in the near future. You have so much hate in your heart for Trump that you pray for the country to fail. Get ready for 4 more years of MAGA, KAG, douche
  4. Yea. You are more likely to get HIV than this virus that hardly has affected anyone worldwide. You are more likely to get struck by lightning. But don't let a crisis go to waste.
  5. Why are Democrats blaming it on Trump? He has handled it very well. The media and the Democrats have no chance at winning in November so they see this as an opportunity to blame Trump. Complete TDS. You have TDS. Seek help and Quarantine! Why aren't you worried about getting in your car? The flu? Much more dangerous than this virus. But don't let facts get in the way of your TDS
  6. What's funny is how right I am and how ignorant and wrong you are.
  7. Democrats never let a crisis go to waste. Make no mistake they are using this to hurt the American people. The media (part of the DNC) are driving up hysteria to crush our economy. Democrats root for America to fail
  8. Just did. enjoy your vacation for threatening posters.
  9. I do. You are the clueless one. I also reported your post.
  10. How many people have died this year in the US from the Coronavirus compared to the Flu? How many people under 80 years old in the US have died from it? Exactly. You have bought into mass hysteria and are part of the problem as a low info voter.
  11. That's what the people who believe this hoax are doing. Better join the club before you die from this
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