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  1. Not surprising that McD would back Star. Frustrating yes, but not surprising. He’ll rarely do that stuff through the media.
  2. Don’t get the hype for this guy. Yes, he’s had a few good years of TD production. But...guy has been injured too frequently, and a sub 4.0 YPC rusher every year in the league except last year. Only topped 1K once. It’s not even the pick for me if they can do it for a mid rounder. It’s the contract. I’m not paying this dude what he thinks he’s worth. We just freed ourselves from that nightmare. Why go back? Draft a back with a mid round pick, use him up, let someone else pay them. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  3. No kidding. Star has never been a vocal guy since he’s been here, but this optically is a lack of accountability to me. They’ll brush it off and say he’s accountable to the team and is a “pro’s pro”. You aren’t frustrated and don’t want to explain why you aren’t frustrated? Great, but that’s pretty shocking and worth and explanation. Drop the ‘tude Star. Everyone is just curious and looking for answers.
  4. Last one I watched was that disaster Pats and Falcons. I said after that game that I’d never watch another Pats Super Bowl. Haven’t watched one second of the last two. Been incredibly frustrating because I love the super bowl. They’ve ruined that for me, so the NCAA tournament has replaced the super bowl as top sporting event for me.
  5. They suck the fun and excitement right out of the game. No matter how good/bad we do, there’s always a “yeah but” and wondering what they are doing. The gap never closes. This will be the third straight year I don’t watch the super bowl. I hate them.
  6. In all seriousness, I can’t recall us consistently playing our corners up and pressing the receivers. It may have happened during Rex’s years, but I just don’t recall it being done consistently for like 20 years now. DC after DC, corners are always playing off. It’s infuriating.
  7. Agreed. I’ve been saying it all year, and I don’t say it lightly because it’s crazy, but I don’t see them losing a regular season game. They get the Chiefs at home. Texans or Ravens might give them a game, but I don’t see it happening. Belly will make Lamar look awful like all young QBs. Hope I’m wrong. We better get used to that only team to go to 4 straight thing going bye bye. Now SB is a different story. Any of the top NFC teams have a QB to stand up to Brady and their D.
  8. GB spent wisely on the DL. TD that just happened not withstanding, but the two cats they brought in on the DL have been a great use of FA $ thus far.
  9. He’s going to cost someone some $$$ this offseason. Good on him to bet on himself with a prove it deal and put in the work for it to pay off.
  10. Wow. That’s awful. Had he stayed healthy his entire career, I thought he might give Bruce a run for his money. Great player, and by all accounts an even better person.
  11. No one is saying Russ forced him on Terry. Terry is a wealthy and powerful businessman who is no dummy. It’s his team and the buck stops with him. But it’s well documented he leaned heavily on Russ and other more established owners during his first few years as he learned the ropes.
  12. Maybe so. I wasn’t in the room. But I think we can both agree that there is enough for both of us to b$&@ about today without Russ and Rex. ?
  13. Oh I don’t disagree. His team all the way, so it’s all on him. But I do recall a certain someone telling Terry to “not let him leave the building”. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2016/12/can_the_pegulas_trust_doug_whaley_and_russ_brandon_to_help_hire_bills_next_coach.html
  14. Another gift from Russell Brandon. ?‍♂️
  15. Pegulas reportedly didn’t like Shanahan’s personality when they interviewed him. Bills will probably never hit 51 under McD. Not saying I don’t want him as coach. Only saying how it’s interesting how things turn out one way or another.
  16. Big mistake passing him up. Doesn't matter how great Tre White is. QB changes everything. I’ll give them Mahomes because there were legit questions, but Watson is a winner. And this is coming from someone who likes Allen. Bills been overthinking things for years, including today’s offensive game plan.
  17. Exactly. How many reports do we hear during training camp about Jerry Hughes wrecking practice? For years now. When has that translated to the regular season since when we had Kyle, Dareus, and Mario? Look, I’m not putting it all on him. He doesn’t have much help. But eventually the excuses need to stop. The great ones still find ways to make plays.
  18. I actually really hate games in the elements. Sure, a snow game is a cool look on TV. Watching this Oakland vs. Houston game, I just like the thought of team vs. team. Man vs. man. Best team wins. No rain, snow, or wind preventing you from being who you really are or what you want to do that day. Yes, both teams play in it. Yes, the coaches should factor weather into their game plans, but call me crazy for wanting to see a good clean game free from the elements.
  19. Hughes has basically been invisible on pass rush. He’s all we really have there. Don’t get consistent enough pressure and sacks on a QB to force turnovers.
  20. Kyle Allen not the savior everyone thought he might be. Granted he’s on the road against SF, but talks of Cam being run out of town are crazy and premature IMO. Guy’s shoulder was wrecked last year and he played through it until they were out. When he’s on and healthy, Cam is a good starting QB in this league and should be appreciated in the current state of the league that’s starving for good QB play (moody personality aside).
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