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  1. With respect to TE, what about Sweeney? He looked promising in his rookie year, IIRC. Should he be part of the conversation, or is he too iffy?
  2. May I humbly suggest your analysis is incomplete? Quite amazing that so many are out of touch with reality.
  3. My totally baseless prediction for hero of the game is Milano.
  4. Totally baseless prediction which I am 100% confident of : Yeldon for the win.:
  5. How about the "catch" which was overturned earlier? The "catch" was not even a judgment call. That made me see where the refs were coming from.
  6. Game makes me appreciate Beane's constant upgrading.
  7. Watching Tua wondering how much the hip injury affected his mind.
  8. Klein will klobber Kam. My totally baseless prediction.
  9. Totally serene for the first time in decades. Actually, feeling better.
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