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  1. 1 hour ago, TheBeaneBandit said:

    Yep. Went to a game there, the opener during Mannings 2nd year. Flutie got Thurman knocked out on a swing pass 1st play of the game. But yeah, that place totally sucks. 

    You are mixing up the RCA Dome with Lucas Oil Field. One was a dump, and the other should be a model for what the Bills new stadium should look like. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, GoBills808 said:

    It was a 47 yard field goal. They go in maybe 60% of the time...missing one isn’t that bad a play.

    Not sure what the odds of making the kick have to do with the question.  It was a kick to win the SB, and it sailed wide right.  

    Worst play in Bills history?  IMO...absolutely. 

  3. 59 minutes ago, BUFFALOBART said:

    I highly doubt that would ever happen.

    Wishful thinking?  How much have your tickets gone up in the last few years?


    When is a good time to implement PSL’s?   When demand for tix is at the highest point in 25 years or so!  Don’t think discussions on this subject aren’t happening at OBD.  

  4. 5 hours ago, BUFFALOBART said:

    PSL's in a new stadium, might bring my days as a season ticket holder, to an end.

    What about PSL’s in the current stadium?  They will be implemented regardless of stadium, sooner rather than later. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, Gordio said:



    Exactly, my son got his driver's license last summer so it is no holds bar for the old man this fall as he could drive home.  This maybe the year I end up finally in hammer's lot.  If I could find an easy quick way out of there I would do it but I live in South lancaster.  Lot 5 was perfect because I would be home from the 1pm games sometimes by 4:30.  I got to think about this one

    What about the large private lot on Southwestern located just before the Lot 5 entrance?

  6. 32 minutes ago, IgotBILLStopay said:



    Foot fracture at the Jests' practice facility. 


    Notwithstanding he plays for the Jests, I am curious to see how he does in a traditional 4-3 under Saleh. Hopefully, we play the Jets before he is back at full strength. 


    Chance for Ed Oliver, with the full OTA and minicamps, to really raise the bar for fellow first round  2019 DT draftees.

    You do know the start of the season is ~16 weeks away?

  7. 2 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

    I think Edmunds is the exact kind of player the 5th year option is designed for. He hasn't proven he is worth a long term extension but he has shown very high potential. He gets 2 years to reach his ceiling. If he doesn't, we can let him walk with no cap implications. Even if he ends up not being worth the 5th year cap hit, it is worth the cost to find out for sure.

    So if he is mediocre at best in 2021, then you are stuck with his 12+ mil cap hit in 2022 for a team with the SB in its sights.  Sounds like a solid plan.

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  8. I think a big factor is Beane and McD not only traded up, but used a mid 1st round pick on Edmunds, and maybe they don’t want to admit they made a mistake. Where he was selected played a big role in this decsion. 


    I think this is the wrong move, but I hope Edmunds is a LOT better than in 2020, and not a waste of cap space for the next two seasons. 

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