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  1. Have a trip planned to Florida.  Fly out of Buffalo on Saturday.  Wife nervous about Corona virus.  Not sure if we should go and have a great time, or cancel?


    What would you do?

  2. I think GBiD could make a killing by starting up a business where a school district subscribes to GBiD posts, and emails them to all teachers.  So many young careers being tossed in the garbage might be otherwise saved. lol


    On a related side note, aren't there plenty of men of legal age who these hotties can chase after?


    Keep up the good work GBiD!  :)

  3. 51 minutes ago, Augie said:


    That’s alright, YOU don’t have to come up with the plan. I think somebody will be able to find a mix of tailgating and bars/restaurants to make it work. They certainly know this is an issue, and also an opportunity to make more money. 


    Again, I don’t care where they play as long as it’s still in WNY. I’m not afraid of the inevitable change, whether it be in OP or downtown. Smart people are working on this. 

    ...and if the new stadium is downtown and domed(which I believe it will be), a large chunk of fans will go right from their car to the stadium, and enjoy their pregame festivities inside the stadium.  The notion by some(not you) that there needs to be establishments to hold 70,000 fans is ridiculous, and using this as a reason to keep the stadium in OP is not well thought out. 

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  4. 14 minutes ago, Whites Bay said:

    If it's a Bears-scale renovation, it'll be interesting to see where the Bills would play.  The Bears had to play at the University of Illinois stadium for at least one season.  Was it two?  I can't remember, and can't find it anywhere.   But I remember it taking FOREVER.


    One season at University of Illinois(2002), along with the preseason games for 2003.





  5. 9 minutes ago, blacklabel said:

    I feel like it'd be a waste to have built all those new facilities last year and then just abandon them within less than a decade or whatever. Unless they decided that practice would still be at New Era and games at the new spot? 

    You answered your own question.  If a new stadiium is built downtown, the team offices/weight room and practice facilities would all remain in their current location.  

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