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  1. 12 minutes ago, VW82 said:

    Singletary has been good apart from the fumble today. Moss was a mistake. Cook has played like 10 total professional snaps. 


    Beyond the part about Josh taking the lions share of the offense, our roster just isn't built for a good ground game. We'd need to completely overhaul our offensive line to make that work. Drafting Cook was already questionable given this fact. Investing any more in our RBs would be just plain foolish. 

    I wouldn't say he's great but moss has looked improved to me this season.

  2. Just now, No_Matter_What said:

    This is a moot point. People just love to overreact in GDT. We have one unlucky INT, one random fumble, couple of drops and one standard long drive a game which our defense always allows at the beginning before adjusting and people will scream how unprepared this team is. Lol

    The media aswell. Don't get me wrong we can all be fickle - This is what playoff teams do!

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  3. 52 minutes ago, Inigo Montoya said:

    Before everyone breaks a finger writing that we didn't trade Diggs for Jefferson, the end result is exactly that.  I'm hard pressed to think of another trade that was more beneficial FOR BOTH SIDES of a trade.  There are plenty of trades where one side gets an incredible value and the other side gets hosed, but I think both the Bills and the Vikings got more than they could've hoped for in this trade.    Knowing what they know now, I think both teams would still make that trade today.


    Week 1;

    Jefferson - 9 catches - 184 yards - 2 TDs

    Diggs -       8 catches - 122 yards -  1 TD


    You have to give Justin Jefferson his due, he is amazing and may be a better pure receiver than Diggs is.    We'll never know if the Bills would have drafted Jefferson had they not traded their 1st rounder for Diggs.   I suspect that if Jefferson had been drafted by the Bills he would probably excel here too.  He's just an incredible talent.  But the Bills needed more than just a true WR1 when they traded for Diggs


    Beane was looking for a WR1 with a veteran presence in the locker room to help this team grow.  He knew Allen needed someone who had been around and could help Allen take that next step.  With all the talk coming out of Minnesota about Diggs being a diva, I don't think the Bills could ask anything more of Diggs than what he has already given this team since his arrival.   I don't think this franchise is where it is today without Diggs in a Bills uniform.  


    The Vikings are relevant because of Justin Jefferson and have an elite WR1 on a 1st round rookie contract and they can build around him for years.  The Bills have a veteran WR1 in Diggs who is elite in his own right and who has bought into "the process" making Allen and everyone else in that locker room better by being there.


    Admittedly, I'm not a student of the game like many on this board are, but I can't think of another trade that did more for both sides than Diggs/Jefferson did.  

    Even the moxy of Diggs was a genius move i pair with Allen.

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