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  1. I'm quite confident that at all (or at least almost all) NFL stadiums the vast majority of people will be civil but there will always be some that will be complete jerks and even some that could be dangerous to be near if you're an opposing fan. I know of people that were harassed in Buffalo at games and even a friend on crutches that's a Dolfish fan that someone took a running start at to knock him down; fortunately my friend's 220 lb son got in the way and knocked the jerk over before he got there. I've been to away games in NJ (Jets), NE, AZ (both old and current stadium), San Diego a few times, LA (old stadium a few years ago and So Fi this year), and San Francisco. I've always worn my Bills gear and never once have had any issues. If you're unlucky enough to be near one of the jerks, the game will suck for you.


    Probably the closest I've come to being harassed was going to a Broncos / Lambs game in Anaheim the last year before they moved to St. Louis. The only non-Bills game I've ever been to. I wore all Bills gear and the guy taking tickets at the entrance said, "You do realize the Bills aren't playing here today." Obviously, that wasn't really harassing me but it was funny.

  2. 14 hours ago, Einstein said:


    Yes, I can confirm it. Because i’ve been watching the NFL for over 30 years. Do you not remember playing the Dolphins before they had the roof? Do you not remember both sidelines in full sun without shade? Perhaps you’re a young fan.


    For example, here is the Dolphins on a 90~ degree September day almost a decade ago. Both sidelines without shade.




    and another 




    As for cooling benches, the Bills could have them now. Ship them to Miami for the Dolphins game and use them. I don’t think they have.







    I remember reading shortly after the game that the home team decides if extra equipment such as cooling benches will be used. If they say no, then neither team can have them. Can't remember or confirm the source.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:

    I'm told by a trusted source that Josh Allen is questionable to play and that he may or may not play this week.


    In all seriousness, one thing of note is that teams cant really play around with the report.  Josh was listed as questionable, not doubtful.  What this means to me is that there is a chance that he could play.


    13 minutes ago, Doc Brown said:

    No.  They can list him as questionable or doubtful and then make him inactive 90 minutes before game time.  This is just showmanship that's easy to see through.

    There is no longer a "doubtful" designation. There is "questionable" and "out". And, of course Josh is currently questionable. Looked for the link to show the rules, couldn't find it. But, I know I heard it on WGR the other day and looking at the injury report, those are the only two used anywhere so I'm quite sure it's correct.

  4. 1 hour ago, stevewin said:

    My favorite parts


    - After he goes beast mode and tries to run over a LB and 2 DLineman on the sideline - he pops up almost like he was going to go after them and Morse jumps in to hold him back "JoshJoshJoshJoshJosh!" and he excitedly yells "I'm Good!  I'm Good!!"  OMG 🥰

    - Diggs: "I said - I said - Look at his **** **** sliding.  I was like - that's what I want to see more of"

    - Chaneling White Goodman on the bench "Wer're sweating like greased monkeys out here ref!" :w00t:


    Right before the "sliding" quote from Diggs, Josh was chanting "jockstrap, jockstrap". On a Dawson Knox interview someone posted earlier in the week he was asked what they think about Josh hurdling and Knox' response was that they make promises to do embarrassing things to get Josh to slide and his example was that he (or someone else?) promised to run around practice only wearing his jockstrap if Josh slides.

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  5. I remember the 1993 season (had to Google the year, my memory isn't THAT good) when the NFL expanded to 18 weeks giving each team two byes. There were teams on bye every week of the season, even weeks 1 and week 18. There were SEVERAL weeks that the games just completely sucked! Pretty sure that's why they only had it the one year. "The double byes are a double disaster," then-Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King wrote in 1993. "... The bonehead result was that there were as few as 10 games per weekend through the first two months of the season, not 14. Fewer games, fewer chances for good games, obviously. Another by-product of the double bye: With so much time off between games, teams fall out of sync."

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  6. He claimed he "felt horrible immediately." Well, if this were true, why didn't he go back to the guy, check to see that he's ok, and, if still on the ground help him up. Besides the obvious that was already pointed out, that this apology was on social media instead of reaching out to him directly, bs, fine the crap out of him and suspend him.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Bills2022 said:


    He had surgery in early 2022.  The Rams might sign him, but his agent isn't letting him sign a contract for a few weeks of play.  He waits and he gets a real deal from someone in the offseason.  

    We'll see. I tend to think that when he's healthy, if a team that has a realistic chance to make a deep playoff run wants him and he expects to get significant targets, he'll go for it.

  8. In 3.25 seasons, a total of 447 yards, best season 2020 with 21 receptions for 224 yards. Last season, with the #1 receiver out much of the year, he had 1 reception for 13 yards. As someone said above, who do we cut to make room for him? Taking AZs trash isn't a winning strategy.



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  9. 32 minutes ago, MasterStrategist said:

    Disagree.  If you believe in the analytics or not, you assess what has happened to that point in the game and make a decision off that... I'd go for that as well. 


    I could list out all the reasons as to why you go for it, but it was the INT that really caused the decision to backfire.  Pinning a team at their 2, in pouring rain is usually not a bad decision. 


    I'm convinced Josh drives us for a TD, if they kick that FG.

    Considering they started on the 20 yard line and Motor could have scored if he didn't give himself up (and even if he was stopped short Josh would have scored after), and if the Ravens kicked a FG the Bills likely would have started at or around the 25, it seems extremely likely Josh drives for a TD.

  10. 1 hour ago, WhoTom said:

    If I remember correctly, Mr. Wilson declined a move to the AFCN, also citing the desire to maintain rivalries.


    Absolutely correct. Wilson didn’t want to lose the Miami rivalry which was still big at the time. I remember I completely agreed and was thankful for his stance but now believe that was silly. Would much rather be in a rust belt division with Pittsburgh Cleveland Cincinnati.

  11. My seasons are in section 132 row 35. Everyone in front of me stands the entire game. Personally, I don't care either way, I'd stand or sit during plays but have no intention of missing the play because the person in front is standing. Therefore, I stand for all plays, sit mostly during commercials and sometimes between plays. I haven't been to a concert in a while, but it always bothered me if people behind me are yelling "sit down in front" and those in front of me are standing. I normally could go either way there also, but hate that I have to choose between not seeing or forcing those behind me to have to make the same decision.

  12. 2 minutes ago, K-9 said:

    There is simply no excuse for that and I put the blame on the coaches who should have reminded everyone of the game situation and demanded three kneel downs. 

    Agree. Although a smart player may realize on his own and not score, that's not what they do anymore than knocking the ball down on a Hail Mary on the last play of a game instead of trying to catch it and risking a deflection. It's not in most player's thought process to not score and the coaches must coach it into them and tell them the situation.

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  13. 26 minutes ago, Beast said:


    Oh, good comeback with the 102.

    He coached in the 90's. Glad I could educate you.

    Chris Berman used to always call Fontes "Rasputin" because he or his teams would come back from the dead. After starting the season average, he kept making the playoffs with late season surges (just to get beaten in the first round of the playoffs). In one of the first Bills SB years he beat the Bills backups (primary starters all were held out since we had the #1 seed wrapped up) in OT to make the playoffs.


    Regarding BB, he's a great defensive coach who recognizes the importance of a great offence. I say the last part because I believe it's not always true with defensive coaches. I think many would continue to play a conservative style and want their defense to win games. That approach may have still won BB a couple of SBs, but certainly not six. 

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  14. So far as what percent were Bills fans, I swear it looked like half. I was in Section 514 row 11 (50 yard line) so I could high up and could see pretty much the entire stadium except the rows behind me. It looked 50/50. I saw a few things:

    • When standing in line for beer, 7 to one ration Bills to Lamb fans
    • When going to the bathroom, at least the same (of course correlated to the above)
    • When I was walking out, as expected Lamb fans left much earlier than Bills fans, I stayed to the end. But, It looked like 50 Bills fans to each Lamb fan. I took a picture when I started walking down the stairs to exit. See below:
    • image.png.7811b6bd9bc4683ffbe3029771ca8872.png
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  15. 45 minutes ago, Einstein said:


    For all those with the expendable income to do so, I encourage you to set-up an automatic monthly donation to a charity that you believe in. It is much better than donating a random jersey number amount every once in a while when someone you do not know passes away. It allows the charity to better budget for the year when they have auto-donations coming in. For example, I auto-donate to Feeding America every month, as I believe no child should ever be hungry, regardless of their situation.



    No reason not to do both. Hopefully most people do make some regular donations of whatever amount they can afford to either charities they care about or an umbrella group like United Way (many companies have United Way campaigns to encourage their employees to give through payroll deductions). In addition, when tragedies happen, be it an earthquake somewhere or a family member of a stranger that we care about as fans of what they do, it's great to do that one time donation for a specific cause related to that event or that person.

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