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  1. I don’t get why K. Johnson is not getting an opportunity. He showed knack for the ball in preseason
  2. How many times have we drawn another team offside this year? Not once. Just stop trying already
  3. He is not the player he was last year. I am surprised they have not let Kevin Johnson play more. He showed knack for ball in pre-season
  4. Right on. He actually touched the ball before the catch. Landry is a douche but he is a great WR
  5. Isn’t Jay Gruden a good OC? Asking for a friend
  6. I was super frustrated when it happened. But after sleeping on it, this is where your line has to win. Good teams can do this and break through. Nothing more frustrating for a defense then being beaten when you know what they are doing.
  7. Imagine if we had given motor half the carries of Gore. He would have 125 yards
  8. We should try a Frank Gore run on 3rd and 1. They will never see it coming.
  9. The Eagles probably have a ton of bandwagon fans that became fans very recently
  10. Maybe we mostly keep that dagger on the bench
  11. No mention of Julio Jones. I know he just signed a contract but i think he would be an ideal fit for us. Seems like a team guy with no craziness going on. Atlanta is 1-6. Maybe it is time they look to the future. I would give a 1st next year for him
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