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  1. I believe Bell is a free agent after not playing this year. I would not pay him what he wants. RB can be found later in the draft. He is very good but it has a lot to do with their OL. When is comes to Brown I would take a chance but not for our 1st rounder. He will turn 31 this year.
  2. He might not fit in. Uses his hands way too much to catch the ball 😉. Got too like that bleacher video and his Auburn highlights. Would love to see him succeed
  3. offyourocker

    Robert Foster makes PFF All-Rookie Team

    Seems like Daboo helped with a couple solid picks last year. Hopefully he knows one more under the radar guy for this year.
  4. offyourocker

    Buffalo needs a complete rebuild on Offense

    Agree. I also bet we get one other OL guy to return. Not because they are great but because they won’t find an improvement for all 3 positions
  5. offyourocker

    Buffalo needs a complete rebuild on Offense

    Zay will be a 1000 yard receiver next year
  6. offyourocker

    Zay Jones: The numbers show that he is a #2.

    Davante Adams 2014 38rec 446 yards 2015 50rec 483 yards
  7. offyourocker

    Zay Jones: The numbers show that he is a #2.

    Eric Moulds 1996 20 rec 279 yards 1997 27 rec 294 yards
  8. I would be very surprised if they don’t sign a OLB to replace Lorenzo long term. Free agency is deep in LB. I would think it would be a great free agency period if they come out with a C, G or T, OLB and a WR or 2
  9. offyourocker

    Cap Management and Filling Needs

    I think they will go get an OLB also to replace Lorenzo. There are a lot of free agents at that position. He might be back for a year to play a limited role but I think this is the right time to get a long time starter.
  10. offyourocker

    [Incomplete Title] Right now the Bills have the...

    I am wondering if McDermott tells his players, let’s play good football but lose the game at the end so we have a better draft position
  11. offyourocker

    First half: Wk 14 Jets at Bills, 1 pm on CBS

    I am sure it is part of it but the special team coach needs to go. Been average at best and usually bad during his tenure
  12. Can they cut Clay during this season and move his dead cap to this year only?
  13. offyourocker

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    Token white guy
  14. offyourocker

    Danny Crossman should be out

    Been hearing that for how many years now?