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  1. Will do Giants game I believe. That or Jets. I figure Giants will be a cheaper ticket?
  2. I did not want Josh Allen last year but now I am glad they went with him. I don’t want Metcalf this year.
  3. With a draft loaded at DE, I can’t see why we would even consider this
  4. Exactly. I wish I was in Vegas now. I would take under on Dolphins and Pats also
  5. I would love it but I don't think it happens. The draft is deep at TE so they will probably target one later. I see them go DE or DT. Maybe OT
  6. I think Zay will be our most productive WR next year
  7. Not that Ray Ray’s coffin needed another nail
  8. and then the Patriots week comes (just making a joke. I am excited about our future and like our direction)
  9. Any updates or rumor on this guy? I would still love to see this happen
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