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  1. That would be one hell of a start to the offseason
  2. this sounds a lot more like a Whaley/Ryan we won the off-season than McBeane
  3. Breshad Perriman is a free agent and has more upside at this point
  4. I would not be surprised is we take a serious look at Breshad Perriman. He really came in last year for Tampa when they needed him. He would be the perfect compliment to the WR we have now and a Hell of a lot cheaper than Cooper.
  5. I so wanted to bet on that last year but had no avenue to do so. My girlfriend is going to Vegas next month so this year I can
  6. i would bet $100 the bills will not even entertain the idea of Hooper
  7. sign the top free agent at 4 different positions??? Not gonna happen. We signed one last year
  8. I believe part of the trade deal was that Seattle promised not to tag him
  9. So encouraging for the future. Love our young players
  10. I can’t see any way they go after Henry.
  11. I hope they spend on a DE in free agency (N’gakoue) and on a WR. Then use first round for a DE or WR as BPA
  12. i hear you there. I remember he released a video in the offseason where he was climbing a hill or some small mountain somewhere out west. And he was very winded. I thought to myself, why would a young guy that plays as one of the best athletes in this country struggle that much. I feel he leaves some on the table.
  13. he has really cheerful media sessions
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