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  1. Does Move Up Plan include Big Free Agents

    Totally agree. Nevermind the fact we would have a known quantity vs. a total shot incthe dark when it comes to drafting QB. We need allcthos picks. Get Cousins then draft DL and LB with first 2 picks. Get guard and wr in second round. Resign Gaines in free agency and then Kyle to 1 year.
  2. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    That would seriously depress me. Ryan Leaf
  3. Mel Kiper's new Big Board and Position Rankings

    From all the different in depth review I read on this guy he should be a 4th round pick at best
  4. Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting: Bills love Josh Rosen

    I don’t to mortgage 5 high pics for one guy that might or might not make it
  5. Free agency - non QB's

    Does not bother him. Makes him feel relevant
  6. [Vague Title]Uh oh TT haters...

    WR receiver group is worst in the league because no one is throwing them the ball. Vary sinmple
  7. Free agency - non QB's

    I would love Norwell but i think he will fetch too much for the front office to play. Ansah would be huge addition. Alfred Morris would be a solid backup to Shady. Maybe Mike Wallace to play opposite Benjamin. Star Lotelei would make a lot of sense.
  8. If Darnold doesn’t go #1

    I am not at all I n board with that. I prefer paying a lot less for Jackson or Mayfield. On board with that. We can really bolster our D with draft
  9. In-Depth Breakdown of Lamar Jackson by Eliot Crist

    I would be extatic if we got him at our draft spot of even when up to 15 or so to get him and gave away a second round pic ( not sure that is cost).
  10. Until he tanks in another 10 games or so. New qb in league always seem to light it up and most disappear after a defensive coordinator figure them out. That is a crazy amount for really an unproven guy
  11. 3 team trade Skins, 49ers, Bills, we get Jimmy G

    I would hate giving two first round pick for a qb that played great in 5 games. Anyone remember Rob Johnson?
  12. Chiefs trade Alex Smith to washington

    We had four more wins and a lot more draft picks
  13. Does Anyone See a QB Comparison....or is it just me?

    That is why I really hope we do not move up
  14. Bortles >>> Taylor

    Wow that is brutal. Less than half of average Would love to have him as a backup and slash type player for about 5mil a year