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  1. offyourocker

    Am I the only one who has confidence in our WR's?

    I agree with OP. Our WR will look a lot better this year just due to the QB. I am more worried about the OL. Wish that the Beane would reach out to Incognito and work something out. We could use one more year of him.
  2. Can he catch the ball in certain situations?
  3. Please don’t ever make a decision for me.
  4. offyourocker

    Way too early look at 2019 FA

    I looked at the list a month ago or so when there was a lot of talk about us having lots of cap space next year and I did not really see a lot of exciting names. I think guys like Diggs, Clowney and Mack won't make it to free agency.
  5. offyourocker

    First take on final 53

    No Brandon Reilly?
  6. offyourocker

    GDT: 2018 Draft Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    Could Hurst fall to us?
  7. Also widely accepted that QBs with accuracy issues do not improve on those by the time they get to the NFL
  8. Rudolph seems pretty clutch
  9. Every stat and analysis I saw in the last 2 months show that Josh Allen sucks. I really hope we don't bank our future on this guy.
  10. offyourocker

    Bills had private workout with QB Luke Falk

    Last year they did not draft a single person they brought in. The pick is Lauleta.
  11. Leighton Vander Esch
  12. offyourocker

    Lesean McCoy tweet. Mean anything?

    Man i love watching Shady. I would be happy if yhe Bills don't go crazy paying to move up in the draft to get an unknow player . All QBs coming ot have some issue/potential issue. There are no Manning or Luck. So i would prefer not give away the bank and risk many years
  13. offyourocker

    Lesean McCoy tweet. Mean anything?

    Shady for Foles. He is happy to be back in Philly
  14. offyourocker

    So What about a WR

    Not a great list. Lots of talent but some serious headcases or not locker room guys. Diggs will be kept by Minnesota I would think.
  15. I would be totally fine with Lauletta in the second. The price to move up is getting insane. If we do it we will look back in 2 or 3 years as huge mistake. We will have so many holes and used up too many picks this year and some next.