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  1. I am going to sound even crazier but I was looking at our schedule albeit with optimism and I thought we could potentially go 13-3. There was not many games I did not see us have the potential to win
  2. It will take a bit of time of the line to come together. I am worried that might cost us a couple games we should win early on
  3. would be hating life next year if we traded our first and Allen does not show progress
  4. I love the Athletics article. Never even thought of paying for BN
  5. I really hate that so many fans are negative about him. He really improved last season especially in the second half when he had more time time playing/practicing with Josh. I think he will break a 1000 this year. And for those who say he can’t create separation, I am not sure what Bills games you have been watching
  6. I think this board is really underestimating Zay. His bad first year left a bad taste in people’s mouth but he made serious strides last year especially towards the end of the season as he and Josh developed some chemistry. They did not have the luxury of working together a lot offseason last year unlike Foster. I think Zay will make the typical year 3 receiver leap and break a 1000 yards.
  7. I would take Rudolph for Knox. Knox seems like he could be. Real sleeper for us
  8. People someyimes B word about Buffalo putting too much importance on player’s character but this shows it should be a serious consideration. KC lost their superstar WR and RB in less than a year. This might work out well for Sammy
  9. Too much talent to trade up. Let the draft come to us. Then trade up to get a second round 2 pick
  10. I really hope we move back up and get two picks in second. Lots of good talent available. Would love Irv, Debo and/or one of the OT. But please no DK.
  11. Seeing how relaxed McD and Bean were at the conference table, I don’t think they were thinking of trading back in first round. I can see them going for two second. Guard and TE
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