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  1. I would not cut Morse to save cap money, as one will only need to spend more than the savings on another player, and Morse is arguably the strongest performer on the OL.  Given Morse’s concussion history, the team does need to think about drafting an eventual replacement. At best I think they’ll be able to afford signing one starting level O-lineman.  Otherwise, they’re going to need to build this group up via the draft.

  2. 1 hour ago, ArtVandalay said:

    By lead the team you mean not show up the rest of the year? Escape NE with 2 kick returns, escape Skylar Thompson by the skin of your teeth, get destroyed by Cinci? 


    The team crumbled in the fallout from Damar.

    You’re welcome to see it how you want.  I don’t think McD should be the COY amongst the other nominees, but I get why he was nominated.  Many have the opinion the Bills faced more adversity than other teams (myself included), yet still finished 13-3, and that’s why he was nominated.   

  3. 22 minutes ago, WNYFAN1 said:

    Seems to me like the Bills under-performed most expectations. Why is he in this list?

    Because this team dealt with things that were also outside of expectations, and still finished 13-3.  Obviously didn’t win the Super Bowl, but there were other unexpected factors at play too.

  4. I don’t know what more people want Beane to say.  They’ve made high dollar commitments to several on the team at this point, including Josh who is no longer on the rookie deal, and there’s a lot of dead money tied to those guys.  They need certain guys to step up more,  and the same with the marginal FAs and rookies they add this offseason.  And he doesn’t seem to have an issue with the coaching staff, considering all the adversity they had to deal with this season while finishing 13-3, and the team just laying an egg at a bad time against another talented team.

  5. Morse was arguably their most valuable lineman this year.  You go into the season with at least Dawkins, Morse, Bates & Brown.  Bates & Brown will need to put in the work this off-season to retain a starting gig.  At best, they’ll be able to afford a marginal FA or two, to compete. But the draft is where they really need to hit on some OL talent.

  6. In reviewing existing deals, I’m not really seeing many release opportunities, outside of a guy or two like McKenzie.  Even that only frees up a couple million.  Their best chances of freeing up more meaningful cap space is going to be restructures and/or trades.  Based on McD and Beane’s comments, I’m thinking Edmunds is the first FA they try to retain.  Probably don’t have enough money left to retain Poyer and Singletary, versus looking to the rest of the roster to step up in their place.  Beyond any marginal depth they sign in FA, the draft is their path to land any meaningful talent at a reasonable price.

  7. Just now, CEN-CAL17 said:

    You’re probably right. But if that’s the case this team will wait til JA is 30 and then decide to change…. Meanwhile never making it out of the division round with one of the best QB talents in the league.  Until then JA will continue to fight and fans will pray JA can pull something out his butt like we always do.


    Get the dude an offense, the players around him and the coach to take it where it should be!

    Funny thing is, first thing Beane said in his end of year presser last year is that we need to improve the OL.  If that’s the case, who was evaluating our OL personnel, bc that was the worst performing unit of this team and a big reason why we only scored 10

    points today.

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