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  1. February 21st and we already have the post of the year
  2. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/man-arrested-threatening-kill-schiff-schumer-impeachment/story?id=69077522 A Western New York man was arrested Wednesday on charges that he threatened to kill Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Salvatore Lippa, 57, of Greece, New York, was charged with threatening to assault and murder a federal official on account of the performance of their official duties. Lippa started the threatening message by calling the congressman "Schiff, Shifty Schiff," invoking the nickname used by President Donald Trump for Schiff, the lead House manager during Trump's impeachment trial. Almost two weeks later, on Feb. 4, Schumer received a threatening voicemail at his New York office that also contained a death threat. In the threat, Lippa paired Schumer with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying "Hey, Schumer, you and Nancy Pelosi are..." according to the complaint. When questioned by U.S Capitol Police, Lippa admitted to making the threatening calls to Schiff and Schumer because he said he was upset about the impeachment proceedings, prosecutors said. Was this one of you?
  3. As far as I know Gregory Timm still under investigation. Do you have information we don't on that? You can also blame Iowa state habitual offender law for Adolfo Martinez being sentenced to 16 years. It was his 3rd felony which by state law tripled his sentence.
  4. I'll dispute them until you literally come up with THOUSANDS of examples. Good luck NJ. ❤️
  5. Not desperate - following the facts without spinning first like you are Boy Man. Rohrabacher's recent statements contradict what he has said previously about the same subject - odd you find him so trustworthy. The lawyer will have to back up his claim - at that time the facts will be laid out.
  6. Did Assange's lawyer recant his statement? (no)
  7. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you are trash seabass
  8. Link is still there but is irrelevant to Ben's report that Boy Man is looking forward to being discredited. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-offered-assange-pardon-if-he-covered-up-russian-hack-court-hears?source=twitter&via=desktop
  9. The Epstein dream ticket is Trump v. Bloomberg - both of those clowns will continue the cover up to the best of their ability
  10. Wake up on the wrong side of the twin bed this morning? Sheeeeeeesh
  11. Obama had awful pardons, too Nanky. But wait.. weren't you all butthurt about comparing a commutation to a pardon? Yes - yes, you were
  12. Trump is trying to normalize white collar crime
  13. Finally you wrote a good pun. Only took 26,642 posts.
  14. Thank God you didn't travel to Nashville with all the other Bills fans with your little golf clap.
  15. Nanky do you need the word close defined?
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Space-relations-slightly-gothic-interplanetary/dp/0860000249 Children and teenagers are kidnapped, raped (in great detail), and used for both slave labor and sex slavery. The author somehow tries to spin this into an erotic fiction book. The late author, Donald Barr, founded and was headmaster of the Dalton School in NYC. The Dalton School has been in hot water lately due to multiple allegations and convictions for repeatedly sexually assaulting their underage students. Jeffrey Epstein was hired to teach at the Dalton School. Donald Barr's son is the attorney general leading the investigation into Epstein's "murder".
  17. I did know that, hence posting it. Their emergency meeting carries much more weight than the letter by the Left wing organizer, especially since, as I noted, they are not a left wing group. I would have started a new thread for it but 3th thing would have been super upset I cluttered DR's board.
  18. William Barr's father, who named his son Hilary, and helped Epstein get his first job as a calculus and physics teacher at the Dalton School, also wrote a sci-fi book that depicts the rape of enslaved people, especially teenage girls, and other coercive sex acts for the dual purposes of entertainment and controlled procreation. You can still buy it on Amazon. Probably just a wild coincidence, though.
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