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  1. There have already been at least two revisions to his resolution in the last half hour.
  2. Who forced them to call a witness from Schiff's list? Nobody forced them - it was a choice the minority made.
  3. Pick and choose the rules that apply, just like the House Dems
  4. The minority was also permitted to call fact witnesses and a couple of their witnesses did testify. It also wasn't a trial.
  5. See what @Cinga so eloquently said above. It hasn't been set yet. You say an even playing field is needed. How does that happen?
  6. So I should go ***** myself? The way I see it is that... 1. Democrats and Republicans both call witnesses. 2. Republicans exonerate Trump without calling a single witness. Neither of these options even the playing field, though. So what is your suggestion?
  7. Do you also speak for your mother, or just for @CoudyBills?
  8. Because we have a difference in political beliefs? I figured you were better than most of the lot here... nope.
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