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Just Jack

Next time you need to get somewhere fast...

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Look at the freak who was driving..he's full of ****.


The vehicle has a drive-by-wire throttle system that is computer controlled with safety measures to reduce power if he tries to push the brake pedal with the gas pedal down as well.


As the article points out, he also could have turned the key to ignition position 1 without removing it and that would have killed the engine while retaining power steering to control the vehicle as he decelerated.


Lastly, that vehicle only comes with an autobox; he could have slipped the auto gear shifter into "Neutral" quite easily and even if the throttle was stuck at 100%, he would have just  hit the engine redline or perhaps even exceeded that...while slowly coasting to a stop.  Wouldn't have been good for the engine but the X5 would have stopped quickly.


Oh, one last point:  his "careening" speed of 95mph in Germany is known as "slow."


Hell, down herein SE FL where I live it's known as "slightly quicker than standard cruising speed on I-95."  


Just so much stupid in this article all the way around. 


This is the sort of **** that supports the notion around the world that Americans are all !@#$ing idiotic.








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