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  1. Or keep are picks and get Antonio Brown a shrink and get him on a team friendly one year deal that's if he's cleared from charges but only first rounder I'd give is for Diggs or Julio Jones and maybe OBJ.. but sure that Brown could behave he would love to stick it to the Patriots owner! Pipe dream for sure though. 😁 p.s. no need for a running back with Gore,Singletary and Yeldon!
  2. The bad play call was 4th and 2 they converted the 4th and 1 on the qb sneak but not with two yards to go unless the defense isn't ready for it... dumb call but hey we're 4-1 Go Bills!!!!!
  3. You realize the NWO run the world unfortunately and they have took over Nashville years ago and that goes for the NFL and are food/GMOs, are government and about everything else!
  4. Totally agree and that's on the coach and last game also you don't run a quarterback sneak with two yards to go, maybe in shotgun formation!
  5. Only 6 points on to many turnovers not bad stay positive the 2nd half could favor us!
  6. Tell that to my phone as autocorrect changed πŸ˜‚
  7. Well I'm glad you spoke your two cents of evidence that your a tad off your rocker but I'll let are coaching staff & GM make the decisions what's best for are team but good luck this year as we know both are quarterbacks are good and yes Shady will be missed but Gore is a straight ahead runner as shady is a bounce cut not a north and south runner like Gore and we have one of my favorites from the draft in Singletary also T.J. Yeldon who will chip in and help.
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