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  1. There missing a true number one receiver and a TE!!!😌. That will open up a lot of ways to attack the defense, are defense is playing lights out and next year will be elite!
  2. My gut tells me they have cheated on all kinds of ways but there probably not the only ones but they will be no dynasty in my mind. Brady is great but there's cheating in almost every sport. The NFL did not want the saints playing them in the Superbowl last year and a good reason why as the saints would've killed them!
  3. Ravens are vulnerable to the run so with that said time of possession will be big next Sunday.
  4. Would be nice if we could pull Kyle Williams out of retirement wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!!🔜🅱️🆗?
  5. I don't know why we didn't draft DK Metcalf in the 2nd round, they were offered a trade to slide down a few picks but stayed put and drafted a undersized defensive tackle ugh! They could've picked up extra picks by sliding three down spots, would've could've should've.
  6. Interception time!!!!! Let's go Buffalo!!!
  7. We have two slot receivers as are number one and two.
  8. Run the ball down there throat, wear there defense down then mix in play action.
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