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  1. 1 minute ago, PatsFanNH said:

    Same yards per carry and Harris has like 3X the workload… but you think they are the same? (Face palm)

    You also have to consider the offenses Singletary and Harris played in. It’s safe to say that defenses were much more concerned about the pass vs the Bills resulting in more light boxes to run against for Singletary compared to Harris.

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  2. I think Sherfield is going to be a sneaky good signing. Looks like he is a good blocker, has very good hands, is good catching over the middle, has the speed to take it to the house, smart, great character. He had a late start to his position as WR and may just be a late bloomer. He’ll definitely push for WR 3. 

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  3. Does anyone know if the quantity of drugs crossing the border has increased or is it just the toxicity (as in fentanyl and whatever other crap people use) that has increased?

    The cartels have been sending tons of drugs over the border for decades, regardless of the number of migrants crossing or the war on drugs. If one way is stopped, they will find another way. As long as there is a demand by stupid Americans, they will feed it. Resources would be better spent on locking up dealers, education, addiction treatment and prevention programs. As far as immigration goes, there are powerful forces on both sides of the aisle that want to keep the issue just the way it is.



  4. 42 minutes ago, Doc said:

    The Bills need a big WR with speed.

    Good, big and fast might not be available in the draft this year. Most experts say this years WR class doesn’t have that alpha type receiver we have seen in most recent drafts. That’s why I’m leaning towards a bigger physical type receiver like Mingo. No smurfs.

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  5. She did nothing visibly wrong in this video. It appears that she was trying to help the guy before he tries to take her gun. He got the wrong end of what he wanted. There shouldn’t be an expectation for the woman who was assaulted to provide first aid to the male aggressor. She was likely in shock over the event and urged others to call police. Her best line was “and now I have to go to work….”.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Shortchaz said:

    It might feel like 20% but it’s probably closer to 1%. the margins are so thin, even between the best and worst teams, in the NFL a few “lucky” bounces can make all the difference in outcome.


    had an interesting conversation during the superbowl about this topic. I’m surprised with all the metrics around that someone hasn’t quantified it. (Maybe they have, I’m too lazy to look) 


    Sounds like you agree it is much more than 1% of the formula for playoff teams. One of these seasons, Lady Luck will shine on the Bills. With all the adversity the team dealt with, this was definitely not the year. 

  7. I think luck is an important 20% of the formula. The other 80% is the decisions and actions of GM, coaches and players. It’s all needed and all important to win the last game of the season. 

    I always remember David Tyree’s helmet catch to help the Giants win the SB. That’s luck and skill combined. 

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  8. I hate sayin this but it seems that Dorsey is the weak link in our offense. Even if we fix the O line, how long will we have to wait till Dorsey is able to bring championship caliber strategy to our offense? When does Josh ever have an open receiver to throw to? Would Dorsey ever lean into a run game if we did fix the O line?  I also think Josh benefits from some tough coaching a bit and Daboll would do that. 

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  9. Thing is… if the refs can spend 10 minutes examining 30 camera angles to determine if a catch was made in the second quarter. Why can’t they take a minute to determine if a penalty was correct in the final 2 minutes?


    All us fans want is the correct call made without refs tilting the game one way or the other. 

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