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  1. Can anyone explain the infatuation of republicans with Russia?

    Every Republican leader pre-Trump was strong defending democracy standing with our allies against the threat of Russian aggression. As soon as Trump kisses Putin’s butt the whole ideology of the party changes and Russia is no longer considered a threat to us and they don’t care if Russia is a threat to our allies. The best theory I have heard is these Republican Russophiles view Russia as some ideal nation for the “purity” of a dominant white Christian culture. They love that there is no woke desire for diversity and minorities and LGBTQ are treated and repressed the way they wish they were in America. If they love the Russian dream more than the American melting pot of democracy, they should pack up and move. 

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  2. On 2/22/2024 at 11:14 AM, Justice said:

    With or without peace a Palestinian state will not exist. At least not in our lifetime. The Israelis made that clear this week. 99 out of 120 votes was against the creation of a Palestinian state. And they refuse to give Palestinians equal rights under a one state solution.

    I think you’re right on this. Hamas effectively killed any possibility of a state in outperform lifetime.


    On 2/22/2024 at 11:14 AM, Justice said:

    This isn’t as one sided as you think it is. Many have gotten killed in the West Bank. You can’t justify that. They’ve been provoking the Palestinians in those areas for a while now. They want them to retaliate so they can take even more land. The West Bank is next. Wait and see. I maintained from day one Gaza is a land grab and I will be proven to be correct and then sometime in the near future the PA controlled territories are next.

    From what I’ve seen, Israel’s military operates with impunity. If Palestinians die, there is no justice. Unfortunately, I don’t see this changing either, unless the UN moves in to police. I can see Israel occupying Gaza for some time unless UN moves in. This is a job no one wants though. 

    On 2/22/2024 at 11:14 AM, Justice said:

    The dream and goal is to have a Jewish state. The Palestinians are standing in the way. Treat people like animals and eventually they become animalistic. Before the conflict people were making $1.25 per day in Gaza. How long can anyone put up with that before they go insane? 

    The Palestinians aren’t going anywhere. In order to get a Jewish state, there needs to eventually be a Palestinian state that isn’t intent on eliminating Israel. All the foreign aid has been wasted be Hamas. Poverty by itself does not produce violence. There are plenty of poor but peaceful people in the world. 

  3. The Republican Party is fracturing between the MAGA crowd and those looking for an alternative (now only Haley) to Trump. MAGA are trying to eliminate anyone promoting a future other than Trump. Many sane republicans have voluntarily left public office, not wanting to be part of the crazy crowd.

    The great unknown is if/when Trump becomes the nominee, will these Republicans seeking a different candidate show up in November to vote for him, or will they decide to vote Biden or stay home.  I don’t see Trump doing anything to change anyone’s minds about him. Everyone knows what a psycho lunatic he is. It just depends who wants to join his crazy train with Rudy, the pillow guy and the rest of the nuts he surrounds himself with. The choice is old Joe who offers trusted stability with verbal gaffes or wild unpredictability with old crazy lying criminal Trump leading a radical Republican Party.

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  4. Hamas started this war and Israel will decide when it ends. After this war is over, Palestinians need to focus on building a society that provides a better future for their children. The delusional idea of eliminating Israel must end. Muslim leaders will need to speak about peace. It’s difficult but can it be done if the people desire for a better, different future. Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and other nations have experienced horrific wars and turned towards peace afterwards. Nationhood will never happen without peace. If they don’t do that, the dead end cycle of violence will continue. 

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  5. 22 minutes ago, JDHillFan said:

    You must have sh*t a brick when Obama got his ultra-clever burn on Romney during the presidential debate. Or when he told Medvedev he would have more flexibility after the 2012 election.


    No doubt you were aghast when Hillary began the great reset with:


    "I would like to present you with a little gift that represents what President Obama and Vice President Biden and I have been saying and that is: 'We want to reset our relationship and so we will do it together," 

    I’m not talking about official diplomatic relations. I’m referring to all the other contacts between Trumpers and Russian contacts. Since Obamas term there has been Putin’s war to conquer Ukraine. That matters or it should. 

  6. During the Reagan, Bush (2), Clinton and Obama years, it was rare to hear about any government reps having any unofficial contact with anyone associated with Russia. As soon as Trump arrives, his associates and members of his party are now routinely being discovered to have had contact with Russians. 

    Putin is probably the most evil person on this planet. Evil is the most appropriate word I can think of to describe him. No one should underestimate his desire to destroy America by whatever means he can. Yet most of the Republican Party representatives seem to be all in supporting Trump and cozying up with Putin. Tucker is bragging about what a wonderful place Russia is. Either they are all a bunch of cowards and naive fools or they are traitors. It’s freaking crazy. 

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  7. So for those republicans who want to stop sending military aid to Ukraine, how much of Ukraine and Europe are they willing to cede to Putin? The Ukrainians are fully willing and able to defend itself against Russian invaders. After Ukraine, Putin wants Poland and other nations in Europe. Is that all fine too? 

  8. 1 hour ago, JDHillFan said:

    How’s that working out? Please include in your response the number of people killed since these crippling sanctions were put in place. 

    I’d say it’s working better than if nothing had been done. Ask the Ukrainians or people in Poland if it were better if there was no response to Putin’s invasion. 

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Doc said:

    What's Joke gonna do to Putin?  Judging by his tough talk about MBS when he was in his basement prior to the election, nothing.  Wait, maybe give him a fist bump.  Beg him for oil?

    In case you haven’t been noticing, he coordinated a multinational response of sanctions against Russia and military aide to help protect Ukraine from the Russian invaders. So yea, I guess not much compared to what brave warrior Donald would have done. 

  10. He never misses an opportunity to trash American democracy and justice system. You would think this might be a time to say a little itty bitty negative comment about Putin’s actions, but no. Negative words can never be spoken about Putin or Russia. Instead, he will publicly trash America every day, hug the flag for the camera and keep Putin smiling. 

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  11. Why does he need legal immunity when all the other presidents who came before him in the history of our nation didn’t need it?

    This is part of the playbook of the dictator. They convince people that we are living in extraordinary times of crisis and so only a strongman leader with special legal authority and immunity can solve the crisis to protect the nation. “Just trust me and I will make it all right.” Trump has wet dreams thinking of scenarios like this so he can be like his beloved Putin.

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  12. Well after the court judgement today, we know why he wants Lara Trump to head up the RNC. He plans to vacuum up every penny there to help offset his legal judgements. To Trump, money donated to the Republican Party = his money. 

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  13. Functioning parties accomplish their legislative goals when, for whatever reason, the opposition and or they, compromise.  Not a single bill passed by congress is perfect. This is called democracy. 

    On the border issue, republicans have effectively put dems in a bind as they are flooding the cities with migrants. The goal of this was to force dems to compromise to get legislation passed. It worked. Biden caved on traditional Dem negotiating issues and was willing to sign a landmark bill to help resolve this issue. Now instead of passing this bill that gave Republicans just about everything, the party decides they can’t do it because Donnie says no. They would rather scream about it for political grandstanding than get something accomplished. Maybe they just all figure when Trump gets back in, the dictator Donnie will solve the problem unilaterally and get them 100% of whatever they/he wants. They are a joke of a party. 

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  14. The border is the way it is because both parties want it that way. Big sectors of the economy supporting republicans like having lots of undocumented workers they can exploit. Agriculture, construction, hotels and restaurants, etc all use them by the hundreds of thousands. Law and order politicians don’t want to crack down on businesses employing illegals. Dems think they are getting future voters. If both parties felt it was a critical problem to solve, they would have compromised and passed legislation on it years ago. Politics has always been more important than solutions. Migrants see economic opportunity so they come. 

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