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  1. 3 hours ago, Ridgewaycynic2013 said:

    You cut him now, and then there's a whole bunch of husbands in the 35-55 age demographic wondering what's going on at their homes.  Have you no decency?! 🤨

    Another example of Zach's abilities being underestimated by a doubting public - I say Zach can pull the 55-65 demo as well

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  2. 27 minutes ago, chongli said:


    Not sure if you can make someone of Von's level and reputation inactive. It would be like benching LeBron James, sort of. Besides, he might be angry this week and have something to prove. He'll be motivated. We need him for KC. Until the NFL suspends him at least, which they haven't done.

    If there was anything to spur motivation (or self assessment) is the reporter who asked in BOTH the Beane and McD press conferences basically "aside from the DV, have you thought of sitting Von because he basically, well, sucks?"

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  3. 1 minute ago, Mango said:



    This is a good reminder that Adrian Peterson has no guilty verdict for beating his 4 year old with a switch or for getting physical with his wife on an airplane, forcing it to land early and escorted off in handcuffs.


    He pleaded no contest. 


    When these things happen to the women and children of the NFL and people say "they are just accusations" I think of AP all the time. This is how big the NFL and their franchises are. Adrian Peterson should 100% have served jail time. Instead he received a relative slap on the wrist and kept playing football. 

    And just appeared on Dancing With the Stars 😛

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  4. 1 hour ago, Process said:

    Von shouldn't be on the field because he sucks, and is giving zero effort on the field. He should benched based on his play. 


    They were given a good excuse and time to do it but aren't, because no balls.


    Has nothing to do with an "angry mob" you keep trying to make this about. 

    It's funny one reporter asked both Beane and McD separately have you considered not playing Von bc he sucks

  5. 1 hour ago, Mango said:


    I am in camp "Eff Von Miller" so lets get that one out of the way. I don't want him on the team any longer. More so than a Nike or Apple, stuff I purchase and use, I don't cheer for my phone. I cheer for my favorite sports team and I would like them to have some sense of right and wrong because of it. 

    I can tolerate the  "We are letting the league run its course". To which I would hope is sort of kicking the can down the road to sort the cap situation out. And even if it is not, it is enough for me to pretend it is on Sundays. 

    What I am really struggling with is the "This is out of character". Because it isn't. 

    Yeah then Graham tried to corner him with the prior accusations question and his response was "those are just accusations"


    Almost get the sense Von told Beane a version of the story that he wasn't physically abusive that he bought.  Beane says multiple times they are comfortable with him being there, let facts come out etc. - as well as implying the story not consistent w/ the person they've known 1.5 yrs.  To me that would be a weird thing to say if you thought he might have done everything in the report

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  6. 1 hour ago, WhitewalkerInPhilly said:

    Please no Pachecho. We can't shut down the Chief's passing game without letting him run roughshod.

    Doubt he will miss the game for a shoulder bruise - he likely will just increase his pre-game meth/coke/amphetamine cocktail intake or whatever the hell it is that spazzes him out so much during games 😛

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  7. 23 minutes ago, eball said:




    You guys are forgetting that the first play of that drive sealed the deal.  A stupid screen pass to Stevenson and a flurry of missed tackles later he had gained nearly 40 yards.


    QFT vs the ridiculous takes on here how Mac Jones marched them down the field like Joe Montana


    Similar to the whole 'was great as a rookie - a Pro-Bowler!' - narrative.  He was nothing more than a mediocre dink and dunk game manager his rookie year with no notable physical skills - who for some inexplicable reason the media fell in love with and resulted in him being a warm body to be the fill in for the first fill in who said FU to the Pro Bowl and that stupid meaningless 'honor'


    But But it was the coordinators fault last year!  Crying and screaming on the sideline which I'm sure he thought made him look 'Fiesty' - but instead just made him look like a petulant child and revealed him to the the weak minded loser he is.  Now everyone knows the fault is his - he sucks, is a dirty POS player, and has a punchable face.


    F him, and F the Cheaters - couldn't have happened to two more deserving pieces of sh!t

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