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  1. 14 hours ago, Doc Brown said:

    Nothing’s impossible but it’s as close to impossible as it gets to make such a massive screwup like that again.  Frazier and Daboll called all the plays last year I believe.

    Didn’t it take Bill Cowher more than a decade or something to win one?


    I think he may also be on that list, but again the point is that it's a very small list of teams/coaches that have accomplished this which is why it's not necessarily a good omen for McDermott.

  2. 1 hour ago, 947 said:

    He's 39 & coming off a very major injury. Teams aren't exactly lining up for that.


    I'm not sure if he'd even be able to play again, let alone want to. If he does, he'll probably be a mid-season signing to a team with an injury at QB.


    This would be my guess unless he's leaning toward retirement and has already communicated that to any prospective suitors.

  3. For now I say the Bills are still the clear cut #1 but it's questionable by how large of a margin.


    Where I'm torn is between the Pats/Dolphins in terms of who is #2 and the biggest threat to the divison title.


    Right now I would lean towards the Dolphins because they've had a great offseason and have a very stacked roster on paper but at the same time Belichik is still lurking and I think Mac Jones is going to take another step next year.


    As for the Jets, they certainly can surprise but hard to seem them being a real threat for the playoffs this year given the strength of the division and AFC as a whole. They certainly added some big time talent on paper though in the draft and will probably be a tough out week in and week out similar to our season finale matchup last year.

  4. 6 hours ago, ArtVandalay said:

    Tre White -- The pain of watching the Bills lose due to passing plays in the closing 13 seconds as he was recovering has to sting. He needs to prove to the league he's healthy, he's back, and he was the missing piece to get the Bills to the Super Bowl. 


    Given the injury in question relevant to the demands of his position I still think White won't be the same player again until 2023.


    And there is a chance he's never the same player again period but hopefully that won't be the case.

  5. 4 minutes ago, K12A17 said:

    Have you seen the coaches we've had since Marv retired, he's better than 90% of the coaches in the league. where do you people come from/


    If he was better than 90% of the coaches in the league he'd have a SB ring by now considering there is more than 10% of them currently coaching that have at least one.


    Nobody is debating that he's not a good coach including myself. The question is whether or not he's good enough to take this team to the next level or just another modern day Marty Schotenheimer.


    Also history is not on McDermott's side in terms of the history of coaches in this league that have won a SB after more than 5 seasons with a team. Ironically his mentor and nemesis Andy Reid is one of the few that have done this but it took landing a generational talent like Mahomes to finally do it.

  6. 1 hour ago, Freddie's Dead said:

    Why wouldn't you be?  Bills coaching has now arguably cost them shots at 3 Super Bowls.  The Jest defense wouldn't have given up 45 yards in 13 seconds.  Just pitiful.


    But yet 75% of the fans on this board think McDermott should still be the head coach here even if this team fails to get to the SB again this year.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Big Turk said:


    I liken it to the 88-89 Bills...went to the AFCCG in 88, didn't know how to mentally prepare for every teams best shot the year after and transition mentally from being the hunter to the hunted. In 1990 they figured it out...Kelly talked about it in his book at length, about the mental aspect of the game is so different as you go from the underdogs to the team that is expected to win...I think it is the same process this team had to go through before the light switch flipped on during halftime of the TB game. I expect them to take the NFL by storm this year.


    If that means this will be the first of four straight SB's again then I'm all for it, especially if they finally figure out how to win one of them this time.

  8. I'm not sure this isolated to JA17.  As a whole this team seems to play better football on the road and really struggles at home at times.


    This is why I really need to see consistent football through a 17 game regular season this year before I start booking tickets for a SB next Feb and it does start with JA17 and McDermott having this team ready week in and week out so there are no more Steelers and Jaguars type of outings in 2022.

  9. On 5/12/2022 at 7:20 PM, Rocky Landing said:

    Am I the only one that's annoyed by all this "The Bills are going to the Super Bowl!!!" talk? I'm way too superstitious, and it's pissing me off. Everyone shut up already! Let's at least play a game or two!


    Obviously Beane, McDermott, and the entire lockerroom knows this hype and talk means nothing.


    And my only hope is they learned from last year when they thought they were somehow going to cruise to the #1 seed after a meaningless win in KC early in the season. They went 3-5 after that game before waking up in the final month.


    But yah nothing is guaranteed for this team and they have a better chance of being a 10 win team that just misses the playoffs or bounced in the first round then they do getting to a SB this year.

  10. 11 minutes ago, billsfan1959 said:


    I have no idea if Buffalo would have won the SB last year had they beaten KC. All I can say is I believe they would have been favored to win both the AFCCG and the SB. However, there are so many variables that go into winning any given game that you never know.


    What I do know is this: Whatever happened to KC after they beat Buffalo, has no relevance whatsoever to whether or not Buffalo would have won the SB had they beaten KC. Literally zero relevance.


    I agree with you about them being favored, at least in the AFFCG. SB would probably would have been pickem at best since the Rams were at home.


    But I still maintain the belief that it was simply the Bengals turn last year and they came within a few minutes of winning a SB when nobody had there at the start of the season. Nobody had them winning their division or being any better than 3rd or 4th place in their division either.


    That's why all this offseason hype for the Bills is dangerous because there's a better chance they fail miserably this year than actually living up to the lofty expectations bestowed upon them because that's simply how the NFL works.

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  11. 1 minute ago, nedboy7 said:

    This thread is worse than the 13 seconds.  The idea that the Bills would have won the SB automatically is also idiotic. 


    If the Bills beat the Rams on opening day it will add more fuel to the fire so to speak.


    I get why fans still cling to this idea but again, the team that beat the Bills didn't win the SB, let alone reach it which is why I also maintain the Bills were not SB bound last year.


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  12. Allen - yes he reached godlike status in the playoffs last year, but just a few weeks earlier he was struggling mightily and tossing INT's against two of the worst teams in the league at home to finish the season. Just needs to play more consistent through the course of the entire regular season like 2020 and this team is definitely going places.


    McD - has to prove he's a true 'wartime' coach and can come out on the winning end of close games against other contenders. Winning a road playoff game at some point needs to happen as well should the Bills be faced with that challenge again this year.


    Davis - he also had a legendary performance in the playoffs last year but needs to prove he's a true #2 NFL WR (or more).


    Spencer Brown - needs to avoid dreaded sophmore slump that has plagued this teams draft picks in recent years or oline will be an issue again.


    Various Dline - all these new faces need to solve the pass rush and run defense issues that have plagued this team for years.

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  13. 36 minutes ago, billsfan1959 said:


    Aren't you also the one that predicted the Bills were going to get blown out by the Jets in the first game they played last year - and have difficulty wiinning any of their remaining games after that?



    Nobody really knows but the fact of the matter is that the Bengals and Zac Taylor were able to accomplish in one year something that McDermott never has in 5 years....win a road playoff game.



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  14. 32 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


    I only see two routes to the Bills missing the playoffs:


    1 - Josh gets a serious injury (crossing everything that he doesn't) in which case all bets are off;

    2 - The oline sinks us - which I would put at Brandon Beane's door. It is the one area where I just don't think he has done enough. 


    I also still worry about this oline and think the Saffold signing is way overblown especially since he's a veteran player that's clearly on the decline and nothing more than a stopgap that will be long gone next year. And for the 2nd straight year we had a golden opportunity to draft IOL and passed for a tweener/undersized LB.


    I also worry about Spencer Brown falling victim to the dread Buffalo sophmore curse despite the promise he showed last year when in the lineup.

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  15. Thanks for all those that have participated thus far.


    75% of the fans here are sold on McDermott no matter what apparently. I'm not necessarily shocked by this but I also have a sneaking suspicion that it's somewhat a state of denial response so to speak based on the current temperature of the offseason in that some fans are on cloud nine still and feeding off the media hype and may change certainly change their tune should one of aforementioned scenarios play out this fall when the games start being played.


    Just can't see how fans would remain so blindly loyal and content if this team were to miss the playoffs (which is not as unrealistic as fans think sadly for a multitude of reasons).



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  16. 4 hours ago, njbuff said:

    Even though 4 months have gone by, I still can’t watch highlights or the full game.


    What are your thoughts?


    My thoughts on the matter is that I don't believe this team was championship bound last year so it lessons the sting a bit. I believe they would have also lost to the Bengals the following week like the Chiefs did.


    But it's also why I created the coaching thread/poll on McDermott to understand where the fanbase is on that subject and based on the responses so far it would appear a lot of folks have moved on (for the time being).


    Either way it still sucks that this team continues to find ways to be on the losing end of games like this despite such heroic and legendary performances like JA17 and Davis had that fateful Sunday evening.

  17. 2 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:



    The odds of missing the playoffs are "almost impossible"?


    This is the kind of offseason hyperbolic jibberish that makes May-August a difficult read here on TSW.


    The Bills had a much easier schedule in 2021 and yet they were just 7-6 and on the outside of the playoff picture looking in due to a bad AFC record after 13 games.


    They had lost to literally the worst team in the league........scoring only 6 points.


    The AFC is much deeper this year.........Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan and possibly DeShaun Watson have been added to talented rosters........the Chargers loaded up in UFA.......the AFC champs totally revamped their terrible OL........the Dolphins finished last year winning 8 of 9 and improved their roster.........the Jets roster is now more talented than the Jaguars team that the seemingly stacked 2021 Bills lost to.........


    There are a lot of ways to miss the playoffs in the AFC in 2022.    


    Have you been under a rock?


    It's not "almost impossible".       


    How do people so quickly forget how the NFL actually works?





    The NFL is very unforgiving and also why I thought this warranted a serious discussion relevant to McDermott. Like I've said in the past, I respect what he's done here but I'm not beholden to him and also not sold on him being a true wartime head coach that is going to consistently beat good NFL teams and HC/QB's. Because the fact of the matter is he hasn't especially on the road.


    And this is a very good point about how this team somewhat underachieved last year against a much softer schedule on paper. This team was 3-5 last year between a 4-1 start and 4-0 finish which should raise red flags. They played a historically bad schedule in terms of opposing QB's which also inflated DVOA.


    Does this mean the Bills were frauds last year? Not exactly, but their inconsistency showed up when it mattered in the playoffs and why they went home despite all this talk that in a parallel universe somewhere the Bills steamroll their way to a championship last year.


    At the end of the day though I do expect this team to win a minimum of 11 games again unless something seriously goes wrong but McDermott has to prove he can consistently compete with the upper echelon QB's and coaches in this league especially when he's getting historic performances from his own players like JA17 and Davis did last year in KC.


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  18. 4 minutes ago, NewEra said:

    #2 is stupid. 

    edit:  but considering the OP, not surprised in the least.  The angle had to exist or the thread wouldn’t have been created


    Are you talking about losing to KC in the playoffs again or SB or bust option on the poll?


    Like I said just curious what folks think.


    As down as I've been on McD at time realistically the only scenario the Pegulas would consider firing him is missing  the playoffs this year if we are fairly healthy and coaching proves to be a major issue against a very tough schedule.

  19. 1 minute ago, whorlnut said:

    My breaking point would be if he nearly single handedly is the reason we lose in the playoffs again. Last season is still painful. He didn’t do a single thing right in those 13 seconds. From the botched kickoff, to calling two timeouts and not making the right defensive calls. I am ok with him unless he has a complete meltdown again. 


    The cupboard is now fully stocked (DB only real question mark still) and there are no more excuses for him.


    And the best path for this team in terms of a SB appearance is to play consistent football from start to finish to ensure the road to the SB goes through Buffalo. And to McD's credit he's been great at home in the playoffs the last few years and has never lost a home playoff game.


    But deep down I still think very poor in game decisions and situation football awareness is something that can be exploited again not just in the playoffs, but against a very tough schedule this year.

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  20. Now that the dust has settled from the draft and we move closer to the 2022 season, was curious what the current pulse is on McDermott. Expectations are obviously sky high in Buffalo and it's truly SB or bust as far as a lot of fans and pundits see it.


    On one hand the McDermott is still the best HC this franchise has seen since Levy and the 90's, but on the other the stench of playoff loss in KC still looms large and could be an issue in the locker room if this team gets off to a slow start in 2022. I would go as far to say his regular season record against playoff teams and never being able to win a road playoff game is a root cause for serious concern as well.


    Adding a poll here but personally there are 2 scenarios I would pull the trigger on dumping McDermott after 2022:


    1) We have a losing season/miss playoffs (with major injuries NOT being a factor in this).


    2) We lose to KC in the playoffs for a 3rd straight season regardless of round or whether game is in Buffalo/KC.


    Either of these happen and the Pegulas have to seriously ask themselves where they seem the direction of this team heading under McDermott knowing you are only going to get so many bites at the apple once Allen's contract kicks in similar to Mahomes in KC. Beane cannot show blind loyalty either IMO and look at himself and McDermott as a package deal moving forward.

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  21. 2 hours ago, billybrew1 said:

    I think Josh is going to show in week one, how good he can be behind the best OL he has ever had easy….

    He is going to throw like a shot gun. Spreading that ball all over the place…. Look for Josh to complete passes to seven different targets (easy) come week one. He’ll do that same thing every week as long as that starting OL holds up….


    On paper there is good potential with this oline, but I wouldn't go as far to say it's the best he's had in his career just yet until they prove it on the field and unfortunately this group may need time to work the kinks out under a new OC/Oline coach. The early season schedule won't do us any favors in that regard either.

  22. On 5/13/2022 at 6:07 AM, Einstein said:

    The 2022 NFL schedule has some good news for the Bills.


    Buffalo has a +13-day net rest differential on its 2022 schedule, according to Seth Walder of ESPN. That’s the most favorable rest differential in the NFL.




    My only cautionary statement with this is we had a very advantageous schedule last year too, not just with the rest differential but caliber of teams/QB's we played.


    And we still only managed 11 wins and were 3-5 at one point in the middle of season sandwiched between a 4-1 start and 4-0 finished.


    Moral of the story, this team needs to be far more consistent this year or expect a similar outcome.

  23. 12 hours ago, Lfod said:

    Nate Peterman still getting work? Some one better remind me that Colin Kaepernick still isn't getting a shot. 


    Some day people are going to look past the politics/kneeling stuff and realize that Kaepernick was never a good NFL QB and another run of the mill back up type.


    Better than Peterman? Sure, but there's a reason this guy has long been out of the league if you look closely.

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