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  1. 1 minute ago, BullBuchanan said:

    See below:



    Rubbish - he's not rich. Anything but as he's been relased by the Bills.


    He was acquitted because it was deemed that there was not enough evidence under Californian law to charge him of statutory rape. And there's enough evidence in the public domain to deem at least that decision as fair.

  2. 11 hours ago, GunnerBill said:


    This is not correct. For any criminal offence in the UK you are liable to be named once you are charged. The argument on sexual assault is should the accused be named given that the alleged victim now has a right to anonymity which remains beyond trial, even in cases where the accused is acquitted. 


    Given my new role I have to be a little more careful than before about what I say in public fora about elements of UK justice policy, but my views on the slight wrong turn we have made in turning the criminal justice system into what I describe as the victim justice system are well known even on these boards. A lot of well-intentioned policy pursued by Governments of both colours for reasons that are understandable but have ultimately left us with a less objective, more emotionally-charged and ultimately more flawed system. 


    Thanks for that - was in the right area but not spot on.

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  3. 17 hours ago, TC in St. Louis said:

    Civil suit appears to be next.  We have a pretty good punter right now.


    It may be me, and this may result in a strong response, but I loathe something as serious as rape and sexual assault going through civil court. Someone being found 'guilty' of such a serious offence on the balance of probability doesn't sit right with me.

  4. Araiza is innocent in the eyes of the law. We'll see what happens with the civil case now.

    There is no evidence in the public domain where we can say for sure alleged victim was lying, or telling the truth. Indeed, even those with the evidence have decided it should not go to trial.


    There was a big debate in the UK at one point whether those accused of rape or sexual assault should be named whilst investigations are taking place (for other offences, they are not until brought to trial). From Araiza, his career and life has been affected because of an accusation where no charges have been brought against him. Furthermore, thanks to her attorney, the alleged victim has been dragged through the court of public opinion too.


    For some, Araiza will always be guilty without any proof. For others, the alleged victim will be a liar, without being able to prove this.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Southern_Bills said:


    Best case scenario he gets to hold a clipboard somewhere and only has to play to hold a team together until the actual QB gets back.


    He can make good money that way, he just isn't a QB1.


    I mean, he made alot if money. I agree it isnt his fault he was overdrafted, but what if he was a 4th round pick? He would have made a fraction of what he has.


    He made alot for his talent level, no one should feel bad for him.


    I think Baker's too bullish a character for this to eat away at him too much, but mentally it could be a fight for him to get back on track. All the money in the world doesn't make you healthy in that regard.

  6. Baker's a good enough QB to be given another chance. The question is will it be first choice (as said, the 49ers or the Rams may roll the dice) or will he have to be content as a back up?


    Interestingly Wilks, Darnold and Walker have been going out of their way to say how good he has been in the locker room.


    1 minute ago, TheFunPolice said:

    Here's something that might be interesting...


    Colts claim him and waive Matt Ryan, who ends up in SF reunited with Shanahan




    Can't see why the Colts would look to claim Baker at the moment. They're in a position where they're not bothered about winning, and will surely allow the new head coach to choose their next QB?

  7. So, what results would I like to see from this weekend…

    Titans lose at Eagles (Obviously)

    Steelers lose at Falcons (the less confidence Pickett and Pickens get the better)

    Packers lose at Bears (for the laughs, though I like Tom Grossi on YouTube so, if the Packers win, fine)

    Jaguars lose at Lions (after last year, the more the Jags lose the better except when playing one of our rivals)

    Browns lose at Texans (welcome back, Mr Happy Ending)

    Jets lose at Vikings (again, obviously)

    Broncos win at Ravens (as much as the Broncos imploding is entertaining)

    Commanders lose at Giants (come on, Daboll!)

    Dolphins lose at 49ers (knowing our luck, Jimmy G will have one of his off days)

    Seahawks win at Rams (Carroll’s done a good job with Smith)

    Chargers lose at Raiders (just to keep Herbert down a peg or two)

    Chiefs lose at Bengals (let’s get the number one seed back)

    Colts win at Cowboys (a wobble in confidence for the Cowboys may not be a bad thing for us in the long term)

  8. 15 hours ago, PatsFanNH said:

    As a Pats fan watching the Bills and the Chiefs. It feels like the Bills right now are the Colts to the Chiefs Patriots… So far. 2 Great QBs that most feel Mahomes is better..(Most felt Brady was more Clutch and better than Manning.) 


    My point don’t worry about teams who you don’t even need a sweat to beat, but rather on those who could beat you like KC and right now Miami.

    The only way the Dolphins can beat us is if we beat ourselves with silly errors or are decimated with injuries.


    I’m actually more concerned about more NFC teams than AFC - I think the likes of the 49ers and Cowboys are more of a threat to us than anyone outside of Kansas City if we’re playing to our full potential.

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