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  1. I think Wood will do a great job. Now all they need to do is find a replacement for Murph.
  2. Consistent accuracy is a component of completion percentage. Of course so are many other things like play calling and dropped balls. However, to say Allen is an accurate passer is not being truthful. It's more like wishful thinking...
  3. I'm just wondering what McDermott is building vs. other coaches/teams based on this celebration.
  4. You said it much better than I could, congrats! The inaccuracy is a MAJOR concern and something I thought he was supposed to be working on. I see no improvement, yet.
  5. I mean, he finished 54%. I know it's the first preseason game, so surely hope that improves.
  6. If he was on another team, would his teammates not celebrate with him?
  7. Have to be skeptical of guys who only show up during a contract year.
  8. No agenda, just was not a perfect pass like some here want to claim. You know, hoping Allen is great won't make him great I want him to be great, but in order for that to happen I need to see more consistent accuracy. In their first starts, Daniel Jones & Kyler Murray showed better accuracy. This is disconcerting for Allen IMO.
  9. He did not lead Zay into the endzone, Zay had to rotate his torso 90 deg. That is NOT a "perfect" pass like some here want to claim. It should have been caught, but c'mon with the perfect pass stuff.
  10. Hit both hands yes, but the pass was behind. Don't know if you saw the Cards game after the Bills game at all, but watching Murray throw with anticipation, leading receivers etc, that's accuracy.... A poorly thrown ball can hit a receiver on both hands, but if the receiver has to react/contort to catch, it reduces the odds of completion. Having said that, Jones being the receiver is the biggest problem on that play
  11. I think that was the play where Tasker wanted to blame the sun and not Jones. It was definitely not a perfect pass, but it did hit both hands.
  12. I think everyone thought Foster was going to replace Jones, but it looks like Foster has regressed.
  13. He underthrew brown, and overthrew the TE. The Zay pass into the dirt and Zay drop are a wash.
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