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  1. 32 minutes ago, BuffAlone said:

    and that's why racism will never end. One man says it was a politically incorrect thing to say and he gets told to lighten up Francis? Do you know what race I am? Then don't assume I'm a white man crying. I'm just pointing out what's wrong with saying that. context or not.My panties are Definately not in a bunch over it, but it was wrong.  



    It was obviously a compliment.  

    Words chosen to make a description come from were a person comes from, we all have different back grounds from which we draw comparisons, which come with different descriptives, when theses different backgrounds are mingled descriptives can then be miss interpreted, so then get taken out of context, it  happens, there was no malice there. If one finds a descriptive abrasive, then it becomes a learning opportunity for the parties involved.  What race we are is not nearly as important as how we conduct our lives.


    I was wrong to assume you are a Caucasian I’ll give you that.


    nothin but love for ya, 


    Go Bills!!! 

  2. 2 hours ago, BuffAlone said:

    that was a very politically incorrect thing to say by Dawkins. Remember the Instagram crap that came out draft day?  Reverse racism is still racism. It has no place on any side. not trying to be political, but he should run laps for saying something so f×#!:*@ng stupid

    Lighten up Francis,  it ain’t no big thing, reverse racism, you gotta be kidding, white folk are like a one legged man in an azs kicking contest when the topic is racism. 

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  3. On 8/31/2019 at 4:44 PM, LabattBlue said:

    The Chargers are either playing hardball with Gordon, or his agent is asking for the world....it's probably the latter.  I guess he didn't see how well it worked out for Bell last season, where he lost a years salary that he will never recoup.

    When you’re a multi millionaire and set for life, a years salary isn’t such a big thing, that’s the difference between working stiffs and rich people.

    I sure wish I could blow off a years salary and not care, oh well, at least I have no debt, I got that going for me... chinch bugs...


  4. 3 hours ago, thebandit27 said:

    If they win, they'll be 1-0, and have 15 games remaining.


    If they lose, they'll be 0-1, and have 15 games remaining.


    Not trying to be a jerk, but that's really the long and short of it.  It's one game.

    But it is also a AFC east game, only six of those, they hold additional importance.


    Go Bills!!!

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  5. 1 hour ago, mrags said:

    Not that we can prove it. But you could put the Pats up against any other football team on the planet outside the US and it wouldn’t be a contest. 

    Very true, no proof needed, and wasn’t my point, The NFL has insane level athletes, just sayin the rest of the world has not spent the last 100 years getting to the point that the NFL is currently at. For all intent and purpose no other country plays American football in a serious way, Canada kind of ish. 


    Go Bills!!!


  6. 42 minutes ago, mrags said:

    Just stop and go away 

    Okay then, have your “world” championship, lol...


    Go Bills!!!

    2 minutes ago, from_dunkirk said:


    "World champ" is correct. Are they any teams in the world that beat the Super Bowl champion?


    Plus, traditionally, the champion of the big 4 leagues in the US is deemed "world champion", as the US has the best leagues in the world. Heck, when the AFL existed, both the NFL and AFL champions were allowed to be called "world champions".

    Sure, when other nations play the game, then it is correct. But...


    Go Bills!!!

  7. 16 minutes ago, Shaw66 said:

    McDermott is all about best practices.   He's a student of everything that works, and he incorporates everything that works into how he runs the team.  Beane, too.  A lot of what McD does looks like what BB does.   


    And if the question is does a little thing like this matter, the answer, as far as McD and BB are concerned, is EVERYTHING MATTERS.  

    This ^^^^

    ” Everything matters” in a competitive environment. If the reports of BBs detail oriented processes are remotely true, which they are, and his success tells its own tail you might say.


    Go Bills!!!

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