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  1. 2 hours ago, LabattBlue said:

    You're joking right?  Google "packers waiting list length", and then get back to me....and just an FYI, that waiting list predates Rogers by a long long time.


    Sometimes it is okay to take off the Bills goggles.  ;)

    Yeah, Packers fans in Wisconsin are the real deal. The random Packers fans you meet elsewhere are the ones who give some the wrong impression. That bandwagon has had a nice run with Favre and Rodgers. 

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  2. 10 minutes ago, scribo said:

    Very early. The Packers' official account already tweeted a call for votes. I don't think the Bills did, yet. Bad seeding setup the match way too early in the process.

    Yeah, I’d shocked if the Packers don’t take it easily. The Packers have a great fan base in Wisconsin, just as the Bills do among current/former WNY’ers. The big difference is the Packers have the nationwide bandwagon fans. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Boatdrinks said:

    The Rams lack of playmaking in the SB was tied to just one thing; Goff puking on his shoes. Or perhaps he just showed his true colors as a QB down the stretch run of the season. The Pats didn’t do anything noteworthy. They didn’t have to once the Bears and Eagles put down the blueprint and exposed Goff. The Pats begin and end with Brady, though. He didn’t do much in that dog of a SB game, but he only had to be marginally better than Goff that day. Not too difficult.

    Brady missed 2008 season. Seems like a lifetime ago, but I’ll never forget watching Pollard take his knee out on the scoreboard at the Ralph. 

    Brady certainly wasn’t good in that Super Bowl, but that’s what worries me when dreaming about the Pats dynasty coming to an end. They always find a way to win. As far as Jared Goff is concerned, I’m not his biggest fan, but the Pats make a lot of QB’s “puke on their shoes”. I’m going to give Belichick at least some credit for shutting down the Rams. Sure, the Bears and Eagles gave the blueprint of how to slow down Goff, but the Pats perfected it in the Super Bowl.


    The Pats have historically been all about Brady, but he did decline a bit last season imo. The issue is the fact that Belichick is also the goat, and Brady can still win while declining with such a great as his head coach. Every week Belichick makes his fellow NFL coaches look like clowns.  

  4. 5 hours ago, Gugny said:

    As long as Brady and Belichick are there, they will always be the favorites to win the division.  I refuse to let myself believe otherwise, as I've been fooled too many times.

    Exactly. Lost in all the talk of Gronk’s retirement is the fact that the Pats held the Rams high powered offense to 3 points in the Super Bowl. Everyone wants to credit either Brady or Belichick as the leading contributor to the Pats success. That is unfair as both guys have perfectly complimented each other to create such sustained success. Both Brady and/or Belichick can beat you on any given Sunday. When Brady is off, suddenly Belichick’s defense always seems to appear out of nowhere, even during seasons when they don’t have good stats. That team will be fine without Gronk, I’ll believe otherwise if we sweep them this season. 

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  5. 15 minutes ago, RPbillsfan said:

    Yes with Gronk doing amazing blocking, who's gonna do that now

    They will be fine. Their blocking scheme along with uncalled illegal picks and offensive line holding will keep things operating as usual. On a serious note, I agree his blocking will be missed. It wasn’t something I honestly thought of. With that said, I still believe they will continue to function just fine without Gronk’s blocking. Would have been a much bigger loss had he still been a game changer as a receiver. 

  6. Just now, LSHMEAB said:

    I think we've conditioned ourselves to believe this is never going to end and Tom will indeed beat time. I can assure you that he will not.


    While losing Gronk is a blow, I think they've been better without him than with him if memory serves. As long as Pedelman is around, I don't think they'll have a problem in terms of finding skill position players to match the EP system. 


    It's not going to be the lack of skill position players that brings down this dynasty. It's going to be time. And the clock is nearing midnight.

    This^ Gronk was really a shell of his former self, and he frequently missed games the past few seasons. It definitely hurts the Pats, but he was no longer a reliable elite TE. That offense is more about controlling the line of scrimmage in the run game with Edelman moving the chains. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Jrb1979 said:

    Why does that matter. He doesn't play for the Bills. I am sorry but this mentality that players have to be nice guys is over rated. 


    I would take an elite WR like Antonio Brown over a guy like foster any day. Talent trumps blue collar nice guys. 

    I agree, being a nice guy isn’t required to be a great football player. The issue with Kelly is the fact that his attitude/personality has caused drama that interferes with his ability to play football. It’s one thing to be a jerk, it’s another to throw away opportunity due to suspensions, being kicked off teams, etc. 

    3 hours ago, dwight in philly said:

    Curious.. why the Chad Kelly negativity ?

    It’s just a natural response most people have when seeing someone throw away every opportunity they are given to redeem themselves. The guy is definitely skilled enough to be on an NFL roster. Very few people are given such a gift. It’s actually quite sad to see a guy throw it all away how he has up to this point. 

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Buffalo Timmy said:

    While both cities have improved you are still largely the exception- NYS lost population last year and is not going to grow this year. I love Buffalo but it is hard to argue it competes in a lot of ways with southern cities, especially in weather and taxes.

    Yeah, but the issue is when the national media picks on Buffalo they aren’t talking about taxes (or the real reasons some people move), they are just people who have never stepped foot in Buffalo making up a bunch of bull. 

  9. 5 hours ago, VW82 said:


    He was a very good deep ball receiver. It was the intermediate stuff where I recall him not living up to expectations as a FRP. The fact that he couldn't stay in the league once he lost a bit of his breakaway speed would seem to support that. He was done by the time he turned 30.  

    Exactly how I remember him as well. It’s funny how the years go by and fans often remember the same player quite differently. I recall a guy who was shut out in a lot of games. There were so many games where he was a complete non factor, which is not what you want out of a number one WR. When he was unable to make big plays his game seemed non existent at times. Whether it was the player or the scheme could be debated. I’ll always remember him as a slightly above average player with great speed, but not as an elite talent.

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  10. 25 minutes ago, dlonce said:

    The Browns are trying to get good really quickly. That normally doesn’t work, it could backfire. 

    Id be curious what their cap will be in a couple years. 

    I really do not like the OBJ trade for them, this is an attempt to appease the fan base for suffering and to become relevant 

    nationally. It’s working but the pitfalls can be devestating.

    We shall see. 

    Not sure they will be that good already.

    I agree. The national media already loves the story of the 2019 Cleveland Browns before it even begins. Cleveland is loaded with big names and strong personalities. This team is either going to be an overwhelming success, or will crash and burn quite hard imo. I can already imagine how some of those personalities would react to a losing streak. Does this team have the character to overcome the tough times good football rise above? I’m not convinced of that, especially under the leadership of a first time head coach. 

  11. Just now, BillsFan4 said:

    I think the Bills have a pretty strong culture in place, but here is my question -


    Do the Bills have anyone in their locker room that could keep AB in check (if need be)? 


    Outside of Shady, the Bills don’t really have any proven, big time star players at the moment (though we obviously hope to have some in the making...). 


    Is there anyone that AB would respect enough to listen to? Could anyone put him in his place if necessary? Is he the type that views himself as a big time star and therefore above the other, less talented players? I have no idea. 


    If Beane and McDermott think the locker room is equipped to handle a “risky” player, then I will trust their judgement. That is one area they’ve earned my trust, for the most part. 



    Agreed, I’d be more concerned about AB’s attitude than hurting Poyer’s feelings. I don’t think AB is a risk I’d be willing to take. Josh Allen will be a second year QB, and growing pains are to be expected. AB needs to play with an established QB imo. I’m not confident that he wouldn’t become a locker room problem if the team goes through a rough patch. If Allen were to have any difficulties getting the ball to AB, the drama could immediately begin. A superstar diva receiver in a young QB’s ear constantly demanding the ball could also hinder the QB’s development. All of the great ones have an attitude/swagger, but AB is entering T.O/OBJ territory with his act. 

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  12. 44 minutes ago, apuszczalowski said:

    It may be a job, but many of these guys become friends too. Would you be cool if one of your friends was cheated on and the person who they cheated with is being added to your group of friends? 


    And theres an even better chance that teammates are not going to be supportive of a teammate losing his job because the team brings in someone who slept with his wife.

    Consider me a weird dude, but I’d be more upset with my buddy actually marrying the woman who cheated on him. In some relationships I guess what’s good for the gander is good for the goose, so it works for both parties. Personally, I just don’t get involved in that type of trashy drama, even with friends. Locker rooms are full of all types of cheating, I’m not really sure how much it phases these dudes. 

  13. 53 minutes ago, Estro said:



    He's a slightly better, although much less athletic, version of Ryan Tannehill.  He has the benefit of playing with a better coach in a more QB friendly scheme.


    He was not good the last 8-10 games this season.  Speed him up in the pocket and things get ugly.

    Bingo, McVay’s offense has masked many of Goff’s deficiencies. I wouldn’t be shocked if this game becomes the blueprint other teams use to beat the Rams. Imo, it’s not difficult imagining Goff becoming the rare Super Bowl QB who is quickly forgotten. I could see him becoming a below average starter in the future. 


    McVay’s pre-snap communication with Goff has made him most of what he is. The QB’s helmet headset isn’t turned off until 15 seconds remain on the play clock. The Rams do their best to rush to the line, allowing communication of what the defense is doing with both sides actually set. It all just seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors that NFL coaches will eventually expose. That’s when we’ll see what Goff is all about. The Gurley situation will also remain interesting, as no one seems to have legitimate answers as to what is occurring. Regardless, this was as bad of a big game as any young QB could have. 

  14. 6 minutes ago, LeGOATski said:

    Yeah, but they were tired of it. His wife saw an opportunity to leave and really pushed Doug to take it.


    He also hated the press/fans.


    And hated Whaley/EJ.


    But, him and Hackett had a vision at one point. I think if it wasn't for his family wanting to move, they may have tried to out last Whaley and draft their own QB.


    I doubt Marrone can be successful drafting a QB because I think he's just not creative enough with offense and whoever he drafts would eventually fail under him, but I'm interested to see what he does in April. And will it even be his own decision or will it be mostly Coughlin/ Caldwell?

    Good information and great points. Marrone is an interesting case as a head coach. He was ultimately proven to be correct about EJ and the Watkins trade. It’s possible we would have been headed in the right direction sooner if had more input on those decisions. Marrone seems to desire total control, which is interesting considering that he now works under Coughlin. It’s tough for me to imagine the Jags being anything less than Coughlin’s team. Marrone desires total control, but hasn’t done enough as a head coach to receive that status. Maybe he could build a winner, but coaches are rarely given that chance before proving they can win with the players they are given. It will be entertaining to see how it plays out. 

  15. 2 minutes ago, LeGOATski said:

    It's just a big part of the reason. Not an excuse. There were certainly other issues.

    Yeah, I think I remember that, but didn’t he say that fans were being disrespectful or something? I’m not sure if they disliked the city itself, after all they did live in Syracuse for four years. 

  16. 1 hour ago, PromoTheRobot said:

    When a player says there isn't enough to do in Buffalo, I wonder what exactly they are looking for? First of all, they are here to play ball, not party. Second there are only 5 or 6 franchises that can offer celebrity hot tub parties on a regular basis.


    But this may be a good reason to build a covered stadium.

    Absolutely, plus if they are looking to

    party they can find just as good partying in Buffalo  as anywhere else. It’s not as if most pro athletes are looking for classy parties. I could make the argument they’ll have more fun in Buffalo, because more people around these parts are star struck by random football players than people in larger markets. 


    The negative view of Buffalo among free agents really comes as a result of being viewed as a perennial loser, along with the idea that Buffalo has Siberian like weather (a common misperception among many people who were raised watching the Weather Channel). This city does get a ton of snow, but the average winter temps are no worse than Chicago, and much better than Minneapolis. Winning would solve all those problems. None of these guys know much about what each city has to offer. They only where it’s warm and where it’s cold, along with who wins. 

  17. 7 hours ago, RoyBatty is alive said:

    the Pats though did relay o a high powered offense at the end of the game, final three drives marched down the field three consecutive times.

    This ^ There is most certainly still a need for balance, but there is no denying the fact this league is quickly becoming based on offense. I’ve seen a lot of discussion regarding the Pats/Chiefs AFC championship game that seem to be missing one key point imo. The last team to have the ball was going to win that game. How confident are we that the Pats defense was going to prevent the Chiefs from scoring a TD had the Chiefs won the coin toss? I don’t think that game is a very good example regarding the importance of defense. 

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