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  1. 8 hours ago, CincyBillsFan said:


    Wow, you're 100% correct.  If Yeldon runs that out it's a huge big play by Allen.


    I think we have to be honest and admit that the Bills still have some work to do to further upgrade the offensive skill players.  You don't see a lot of guys getting good separation and Allen's throws are almost always into very tight spaces.  When a guy breaks wide open in the intermediate spaces Allen hits him.  Think about Brown today; Knox against Cincy and Beasley against the Giants.






    It’d be nice if we addressed the OT positions

  2. 6 hours ago, whatdrought said:


    And what do you suppose we do with Foster?




    I’m conflicted because I want a traditional X receiver who is big and physical and wins 50-50 balls, but Shenault looks like he’d be awesome in this offense. 


    The thing about Shenault is he’s played every position in their offense. X, Y, Slot, HB, Wildcat and because of it he hasn’t necessarily mastered the traditional X position but he routinely wins there.


    6’2 220 WR with 4.4 speed and turns into a RB with the ball in his hand. Unreal YAC potential. I say let’s just get him in the fold.

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