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  1. Josh Allen will be the best QB in draft

    I knew that was coming! Both those guys are Northern Cali, not to say that theres a significant difference in the weather, but its not all sunshine and 70s in norther cali. Brady played his college ball in Mich, which is similar to Buff. Kelly is from P.A, similar as well.
  2. Josh Allen will be the best QB in draft

    I dont know if Allen will be the best qb taken this year, but im not too comfortable drafting Southern Cali qbs who dont typically paly or are from our type of climate. Allen at least does play in similar elements and that can make or break a qbs abilities. I dont want a kid to. Come in to Buffalo and play for 3 yrs to basically leave in FA.With these cali qbs , i can titally see that happening. Just because they are good in southern cali, dosent mean they will be good here or wanna stay here. Lets just draft the best guy for our long term future and develope the hell out of him!
  3. Caption This

    Big hands bro! Maybe when your all grown up you will have that problem too!
  4. Caption This

    Why ppl geta mad at Tyrod when all he did was be Tyrod? Be mad at those that either didnt see his weaknesses and address them right away, or that they decided to have a 5th round rookie qb as his back up. The gm and coach had the chance throughout training camp to formaly assess him and did nothing. They also had enough film on him to figure out how to utilize him best. This is for all you Beane and Mc Dermot lovers out there. There are also a lot of coaches and GMs that love this guy only because they see how poorly he was uses with us. Its like watching an old person drive a Lamborgini really slow, and you onky wish you had the opportunity to drive it. You will see the Browns dtive the hell out of that Lambo and many on this board will see the obvious, good qb, not great, but he wasnt used the right way with us, ever!
  5. Bring in Eric Reid

    Because he is desperate to get on a team and back on the field. He will take a 1 yr show me contract im sure!
  6. Bring in Eric Reid

    Why not ? We do need backfield depth, and i know he will play for the vet minimum. He also stated that hes done protesting during the anthem!
  7. Was Herm Edwards Broken?

    People are really bored these days. Maybe a spring league is just what many on this board need!
  8. Was Buddy Nix A Good GM? Make Your Case

    Who really cares? Hes long gone, and most of who he drafted is too!
  9. Dont be suprised if Denver grabs him. They were after all suposedly enamored with Tyrod, or so the rumors suggested that if we were to cut Tyrod, Denver was gonna be all over him.
  10. Sign Colin Kaepernick

    Bring him in! Bring him in! Cocaines a helluva drug!

    Welcome to the tbd board Nate!
  12. Tyrod Taylor Thanks Buffalo

    I feel bad that i ever said anything negative about the man. Be blessed bro! Thanks for all you did for this team. Youare a great man and a good qb!
  13. I just have this feeling that most of us are going to be very dissapointed come draft day. I can see us spending one if not both of our first rounders this year on someone that makes us say.... wtf!
  14. Go back to the playoffs, without a lucky td throw!
  15. Andrew Luck to Bills speculation/chatter

    Andrew Luck is done as a productive NFL qb. There are way too many stories floating around about him possibly needing more surgery. The man has not picked up a football in 2 yrs and i wouldnt trade any of our oicks for this guy. Well maybe a 5th this year and a second rounder next year based upon his ability to play in 2018. A couple really hard hits and with his injury, iy could be career ending, if its not already!