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  1. Mabey ill choose the one you sleep under!
  2. So someone please tell me one move they've made that actually makes this team better? Ive seen plenty of teams make trades as well as claims on guys that have been waived, that we wont even flinch on, that is unless they cane from Carolina, and suck! Then we'll throw those types lots of money to come here and suck for us!
  3. This GM, This Coach, This Ownership, has deliberately set this team up to fail. Just look at all the moves they made to gut the team. Just look at all the moves they havent made to improve this team. They tried really hard last year, and if it wasnt for that meddling Dalton, they would have succeded. That was a little Scooby Doo humor!
  4. Just go away! Anybody thats a fan of this FO and coach should recognize that they will never ever make any moves that will make this team better. Show me one move that they have made this far? All im asking for is one!
  5. jtothebrown

    Let the Fire Sale Commence

    Let Frazier finish off the Tank! Let coach and GM take an uber back to collect their belongings!
  6. jtothebrown

    Let the Fire Sale Commence

    Start with the entire FO!
  7. jtothebrown

    This picture is epic

    You probably dont really even go to the games. Its ppl like you that are tge problem with this team! Im willing to bet you are one of those ppl that root for like 3 other teams, probably within our division.
  8. jtothebrown

    Tampa Bay fires DC Mike Smith

    Heres hoping we get so good news about Peterman getting released as well!
  9. jtothebrown

    Peterman is here to stay!

    Zay Jones said Pwterman inspires him!
  10. jtothebrown

    Peterman is here to stay!

    I think jobot is posting from Attica or some correctional facility in NYS? The whole soap in a sock beating thing gave him away! Mead107 is having fantasies about being the coaches prisoner. Im just trying to talk about football and he keeps asking me if im doing the coach!
  11. jtothebrown

    Peterman is here to stay!

    So you are obsessed with the movie Brokeback Mountain, and you cant wait for part 2, and you hoping its about a football coach and an obsessed fansite poster like yourself. I hope you find what your looking for boy! Everyone deserves to he happy! Good luck in your journey! I think Mead107 would love to get this, but he would be in place of the Buffalo, and coach would be craddling him!
  12. jtothebrown

    Peterman is here to stay!

    I dont think Jobot would appreciate you posting videos of him without his approval! Take this down now! The man had a horrible reaction to his own image, as have plenty of others!
  13. jtothebrown

    Peterman is here to stay!

    Can the mods really start looking into how prisoners are allowed to post on fansites like this?
  14. jtothebrown

    Peterman is here to stay!

    Meet me in the showers tough guy!
  15. jtothebrown

    Peterman is here to stay!

    No, but i think our coach is! Thats how im so sure!