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  1. jtothebrown

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    Met him at my hotel a few years ago after a function. He was sitting with several local sport radio guys and some area sports writers. He was obviously tipsy and every other word out of his mouth was curse words. He actually told a story of how he ended up a Dolphin and how he went off on Polian and Ralph Wilson. Hes a cool mofo though! Congrats to 34! Long overdue for the best all purpose back ever! Wouldnt have went to 4 straight without him! Thanks Thurman!
  2. jtothebrown


    Coming from someone who dosent even play in our division, and who probably wont even play against him so much, my take is that he probably fears Josh's potential. Why else would he choose him over all the other rookies? When you have a cannon like Josh does with the size and mobility, opposing defenses can see players that they feel they will have problems with.
  3. jtothebrown

    Is Kim qualified?

    Yes! She will be amazing and im sure whatever she needs help with she will ask for it. Im so gladd to see a woman in this type of role, as owner and President! You go girl!
  4. jtothebrown

    Move Training Camp Back to Fredonia?

    Fact # 1, Your house has wheels on it! Fact # 2, You live in Fredonia and trott ariund the trailer park you live in with an old gray mullet, high top Reboks with sweatsocks pulled up to hour knees with stripes on them. Cant for get the extra small Judas Preist t shirt you wore when when you were 19!
  5. jtothebrown

    Move Training Camp Back to Fredonia?

    Countless championships.. lmao! Im sure it had everything to do with Fredonia and not Kelly, Bruce, Thurman, Reed, Talley and Bennett. Maybe it was the Ames store. Bring that to SJF,then were really start winning. Playing so close to Frefonia is probably why we have so may players on our team running around butt naked.... Im sure all the meth around there has nothing to do with it🤔🤔
  6. jtothebrown

    Move Training Camp Back to Fredonia?

    Lets move training camp to the most desolate part of wny why dont we? They were 4 time superbowl winners when training camp was there last, right?👎
  7. jtothebrown

    Pegulas are Lost

    Who cares what their worth is? Good business people dont always make goof owners. What have they really done to say they have been successful owners of either franchise? Im glad they kept the team in Buff, yes im grateful, but whos to say that this is the pkans fir the future? Is their a new stadium yet? I wonder why its not even being discussed a whole lot?
  8. jtothebrown

    Move Training Camp Back to Fredonia?

    Too many ppl on this board live in the past! Get over it already!
  9. jtothebrown

    Is Beane making the same mistake Whaley made?

    Does he not have valid points?? I wonder sometimes how many of these posters on here work for the team.
  10. jtothebrown

    What was the worst Bills’ trade of all time?

    Imo, the worst trade we made is the one where we trade both of this years first, plus a second, possible both 2nd round pix just to move up to 6 this year for a qb who probably wont even start this year!
  11. jtothebrown

    Josh Allen will be the best QB in draft

    I knew that was coming! Both those guys are Northern Cali, not to say that theres a significant difference in the weather, but its not all sunshine and 70s in norther cali. Brady played his college ball in Mich, which is similar to Buff. Kelly is from P.A, similar as well.
  12. jtothebrown

    Josh Allen will be the best QB in draft

    I dont know if Allen will be the best qb taken this year, but im not too comfortable drafting Southern Cali qbs who dont typically paly or are from our type of climate. Allen at least does play in similar elements and that can make or break a qbs abilities. I dont want a kid to. Come in to Buffalo and play for 3 yrs to basically leave in FA.With these cali qbs , i can titally see that happening. Just because they are good in southern cali, dosent mean they will be good here or wanna stay here. Lets just draft the best guy for our long term future and develope the hell out of him!