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  1. With the 8th pick the Atlanta Falcons select Dallas Turner, Edge, Alabama @mannc and the Chicago Bears are on the clock Defense is a huge need for us and we are getting a player who is long and athletic with the explosive traits needed to become an impactful NFL pass rusher. Turner’s first-step quickness and elite closing burst are top notch. We had a trade down offer but couldn't pass up the opportunity to take what we think is the best defensive player in the draft.
  2. With the 97th selection of the 2024 NFL draft the Cincinnati Bengals select Mekhi Wingo, DT, LSU Wingo is a shade undersized, but his tape is fun to watch. He has three down-potential and we have confidence he can eventually become a starter. @julian and the Steelers are on the clock
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I went to bed at dark but the birds woke me up 3 minutes later. 🤣
  4. With the 80th pick the Cincinnati Bengals select Brenden Rice, WR, USC The bloodlines don’t get much better than Jerry Rice, so Brenden might have a head start on the rest of the field. He’s big and plays physical so we hope he can fit right in if Tee leaves in FA. @CNYfan and the Seahawks are on the clock
  5. With the 49th pick the Cincinnati Bengals select Kingsley Suamataia, OT, BYU We need help keeping our QB upright and we believe Kingsley will fit right in. He’s quick enough for move-blocking duties in outside zone and in space. He can redirect and mirror counters when he’s postured up and appears capable of dealing with bull rushers. @BuffaloBillyG and the Giants are on the clock.
  6. With the 18th pick the Cincinnati Bengals select Cooper DeJean, CB, Iowa We wanted one of the top OTs but they were gone. We're happy to have one of the best DB on our board. We are getting a highly competitive defensive back with plus ball skills. He's a hard hitter and can play multiple positions on defense as well as special teams. @GunnerBill the LA Rams are on the board
  7. I would do Indianapolis, Cincinnati or Tennessee.
  8. I agree, a healthy Tre with Douglas would be a nice starting CB tandem.
  9. Milano is a unicorn...they don't fall out of no where and can't just be replaced.
  10. Look at all the blue in the background.
  11. "I could see that changing, yeah," wide receiver Corey Davis said. "He's been real patient, real lenient with us, and working with us and making sure we get everything down, which is what we need. But I could imagine it going the other way if it doesn't pick up."
  12. Great listen, Mitch seems like an awesome dude.
  13. This is such a crazy year that it's not a simple question. I trust their make the best decision but It's going to be a tough one.
  14. Thanks for doing this @Virgil they were both fun to do and maybe give us an idea of who's available when the Bills pick
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