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  1. Say what you want about how good of a player he is and what that is worth.


    I have loved his attitude and personality since the day he arrived. I don't think he will be back unless the market for him isn't what he thought. Will miss him getting the fans and teamates pumped.

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    With all respect, saying you're good 'cuz it's not 'on par' (see what I did there?) as the lowest-class behavior by the looniest toon exNFer, sets a pretty low bar


    Yeah i'm grading on a curve and thanks to AB the curve looks like a lopsided plate.


    He makes Zay and Kuandijo's offseason adventures look almost normal.


  3. I think the new state of the art training facility and locker rooms was a step in the right direction. Last year Beasley was impressed enough to comment about how much better they were than the Cowboys. This with the family, friends and team culture in the whole organization will help change minds along with winning and making the playoffs as long as they can get them to come visit.

  4. 1 hour ago, CountryCletus said:

    A few quick things come to mind- AJ Green will not be traded to us if he’s tagged, his market value is 9-10m and paying him at his tagged price isn’t something our FO will do.  Saying we will get Waddle back next year is pretty presumptuous considering he was on a 1 year deal and is a UFA.   I don’t think Murphy is going anywhere.  He’s incredibly inexpensive, I believe he’s hitting the cap at 1,750,000 or so annually.... he exceeds his contract, thus won’t be cut IMO.  I think Milano is nice in passing situations, but how many times this year did being undersized hurt us? I like him as a 4th LB- which, based on our roster means he stays as a 3rd or we address the position aggressively- he probably stays as a 3rd...


    $1,750,000 is his dead cap.

    Cutting him saves $7,200,000

    total cap is a not inexpensive $8,950,000

  5. It just takes him too long to get off the swing/wheel route. The endzone view is telling on this one. Staring at that route forever with a free rusher in front of his face. Get off it dude pic.twitter.com/F6EqAEdK6D

    — Seth Galina (@SethGalina) January 7, 2020
    The only way that's in front of his face is that after that hit he is looking out his ear hole thanks to the whiff block by Ford on JJ. Lots on him but that one isn't on Josh.
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  6. BB

    "They're so much of a game-plan team offensively," he said. "It's hard to put a pin in it. One week they could be one way, or for a couple weeks they could be a particular way, and then last week against Pittsburgh they kind of went away from what the offensive philosophy had been the previous few weeks, which they'd been successful with. So I think this is very much a game-plan team." .....


    If that type of philosophy sounds familiar, that's because it's exactly what the Patriots themselves do. One week, they might come out and throw 50 times and the next week they might run 50 times. They attack whatever the opponent that week's particular weakness is, shapeshifting from one type of team to another depending on the week. The same is true on the other side of the ball.


    "Defensively, they have quite a bit of volume, so they just kind of spin the wheel on you and give you different looks throughout the course of a game," Belichick said. "So, its a hard group to prepare for."



    Sounds like somebody is upset they had to go buy the big SD cards for their cameras.


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  7. Just now, atlbillsfan1975 said:

    I don’t see why not, but I also think the Dolphins have a ton of info on the Pats. The Miami HC was a coach on the Pats staff just last year. 


    So grant him a media access pass to film a documentary about our visitors sideline paint??


    He should know what to do with it.

  8. http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000001086985/next-gen-stats-key-figures-shaping-the-dpoy-race

    Tre'Davious White reading offenses like a book

    The Bills drafted Tre'Davious White to replace the aforementioned Gilmore in 2017, and White has done his best Gilmore impersonation since then. White ranks right behind Gilmore with the second-most targets (72) without allowing a TD, and also has four INTs to boot. While the Bills have more of a balanced zone and man coverage scheme, White has still been asked to travel with the likes of Courtland Sutton (78.6% of routes in Week 12) and Odell Beckham (87.5% of routes in Week 10). White shut down both receivers, holding Sutton to one reception for 27 yards on seven targets as the nearest defender, and Beckham to four receptions and 41 yards on 10 targets. White plays tight coverage, allowing just 2.0 yards of separation per target (fifth-lowest in the NFL among 62 outside CBs with 40-plus targets). He also ranks right behind Gilmore in passer rating allowed (43.1) and completion percentage allowed below expectation (-10.4%).


    Love this guy!


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  9. I would be more concerned if he was eating a salad and drinking a kale tonic, and did anyone check for ranch?

    QB, WR, prima donna's maybe I can see it. All of them though burn so many calories it's hard to keep bulked up.

    I want my OL and DL to be eating like a ravenous carnivore off the bone and growling if anyone comes near. 

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