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  1. Help, I have to be up at 6am to go to the bar for a 7am departure to the game, and I'm 100% wide awake with excitement to go to the game.  I had one tallcan of beer to relax, and I feel borderline drunk just from that for some reason.  I figure I can just sleep on the bus (yay, keeps me sober before the game) if I don't end up sleeping, but I dunno lol.

  2. 47 minutes ago, BadboyBills said:

    Awesome, ya I googled it and Manhattan was at the top. Sent an email. Will call if no reply in a few hours. 🤞 Great suggestion! Wish I thought of it sooner! 


    I'd just go ahead and call.


    33 minutes ago, BadboyBills said:

    Btw, I can drive to St Catharines no problem. I wont be drinking much


    Ah good.  In theory I could have arranged to come get you.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Augie said:


    That would be a great way to do it! I like EASY, in many ways. 


    We took a bus for a little over an hour to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa one time. It was an entertain the clients/prospects type thing. Big coolers full of beer, and and people were knocking them back early. THEN, they realized what a rookie mistake that was, as the bus had no restroom. Some grown men became very quiet, and there may have been a tear or two. 


    We ran into the same thing in Spain taking excursions. If I’m on a long bus trip like that, I like to know there is an option if I need one. 


    I bet you have a head on board. 


    These coaches will have a bathroom, probably wouldn't have gone if it didn't heh.


    3 minutes ago, BadboyBills said:

    Im on the way, in Burlington! Come pick me up haha! Do you have a link for the bus trip?


    Call the Manhattan bar in St Catharines if you're interested, they're actually apparently the Canadian headquarters for Bills Backers Bars.  Do you not have a way to get to St Catharines?

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  4. 49 minutes ago, BadboyBills said:

    Whose going? I might go if I get a cheap ticket. Inside and warm (Im getting old) Would love to show some love to the Lions fans, thank them on Thanksgiving for being a home away from home. Hope they play good but we win a squeaker in regulation. Go Bills!


    Was waiting for someone to make the thread.  I'm coming with 100+ other Bills fans from St Catharines, Ontario on coach busses.  Last I heard they still had 4 spots available.  Was $245 CAD (might get last minute fill ins at a discount), includes transportation leaving the bar at 7am sharp.  No tailgating but can bring food and beer on the bus.  Section 138.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Chaos said:

    I think its funny that people thumbs down or puke on the first post in the thread which expresses no opinions and simply lists out a series of facts.  A lot of people don't like facts. 

    In his current tenure Andy Reid got his first super bowl appearance quite early. Chiefs fans did not wait long. 


    You sound like the kind of guy who puts "If you're here, I've already won.  Never taken an L" in their Twitter bio and likes their own tweets.

  6. 17 minutes ago, VaMilBill said:

    I got my tickets on SeatGeek. No refund yet or any mention of any plan. What a crappy platform to buy from. Literally all their competitors have provided full refunds meanwhile these jabronis told me via chat that they are still working on a plan. You mean you didn’t have any contingencies for a storm that was forecasted 4 days prior, or for hurricanes, catastrophes, etc. give me a break. 

    hopefully they do the right thing and refund. But I shouldn’t have to wait this long for them to do the right thing. Don’t use SeatGeek


    I'm not sure what part of "the event we sold tickets to no longer exists" requires a plan to refund.


    My guess is they're asking their lawyers if they can legally get away with keeping your money and instead issuing credits for a future purchase from them.

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  7. Random note, I had a weird dream this morning thanks to this thread.  The part I remember is being in a small crowd and this incredibly sexy woman asked OP's question in a very suggestive tone that implied sexy times if you could answer.  I gave the answer, and she started schmoozing up to me going on about being sooo grateful for my help until her friend said that my answer was wrong.  Hot chick got super dejected and started walking away as I vehemently objected, then I woke up.


    You wouldn't happen to be a hot chick by any chance?  😄

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  8. I found it dubious they didn't show the critical holding penalty on the final drive.  Then Sauce was holding and grabbing Davis all the way down the field on the final play.  Before the game I was telling people Sauce is the new Stephon Gilmore, looks better than he is because he gets away with a ton of illegal contact.  It's supposed to be an emphasized penalty this year but he keeps getting away with it.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Ojolaffub said:

    I’m in the central time zone and was wondering if I can start drinking at 11 instead of waiting until noon. My liver clock has not adjusted to the time change yet! 


    I'm guessing you've never actually been to a Bills game.  You'd have your answer.

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