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  1. 4 hours ago, ArtVandalay said:

    Actually rates dove in response to this so you saved money in reasons to this. 


    It appears you have no understanding of the FDIC, which i don't fault you for but the way you reject information on it is weird. 


    The FDIC receives no tax dollars. They receive no appropriations from government. They are funded by assessments to member institutions.


    If you hold an account at a Member FDIC bank, you will receive the benefit of an insurance policy for your funds in the amount of $250k per depositor, per bank, per ownership category. With proper structure you can insure well over a million dollars. 


    Additionally, the FDIC will regulate your bank and also enforce consumer protections, if they are the prudentialregulator depending on charter. If your have a complaint about your bank you can file that with the FDIC and they will investigate in your behalf if it is a regulatory issue. 


    This is entirely funded as a non- interest expense to the bank. 


    Now, as a customer of a bank yes the bank makes money, but the vast majority of this profit is through net interest margin, lending your deposits and making money off loans. 


    It is very easy to maintain a banking relationship for a deposit account with no fees, in fact it's really the industry standard, as long as you don't do things like overdraft your account. The bank wants your deposits, they pay you interest then lend it out for more and the spread is your profit. 


    So when you say you are paying the FDIC i have no idea what you are referring to. What fees are you paying? Are you spending money you don't have and over drafting all the time? 


    while i appreciate you going into depth about the subject i was simply stating that saying "no cost to tax payer" "pay their fair share" ect ect. its all just a backdoor way of burdening regular folks. thats all. i may not overdraft all the time. it may just raise loans and mortgages .1%. it may get so spread out you dont even realize it. but it does come out of OUR pockets collectively. when you talk about possible billions/trillions banks will get creative as most companies for profit will.


    if you look at this the way you are then who cares about any gov or corporate greed if it doesnt dramatically cost you personally. i dont overdraft but the person on a fixed income that repeatedly does may care that fee has gone up ect ect ect. it adds up in the end.


    so i was basically pointing out verbage and joking with the boom pow bang checkmate comment. 😁


    you seem knowledgeable and want to reasonably debate on topics so hopefully we can get into other topics we truly disagree on so we can test those chess skills. 👍🏻

  2. 5 hours ago, muppy said:

    greeting PPP peeps @leh-nerd skin-erd  @BillStime


    As I was walking my dog in the neighborhood I was struck by the beauty of all the freshly blooming flowers. And then Im thinkin' oh man Ive been summoned to the dungeon...LOL Leo and Billstime Mind your Manners or Im going to commence handing timeouts. Call em "mupfractions" I am Not  fan of all this jibberishy name calling baloney.


    Now that THAT is settled this place needs a sprinkle of color its Drab, depressing and CLEARLY needs a feminine touch at times. Proceed my ppp ppps, but PLEASE Behave. DONT MAKE ME GET THE HOSE!











    hssssssss. MY EYES!! remove the flowers and color!!!! we of the dungeon do not want the pretty. off with you!

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  3. 8 hours ago, redtail hawk said:

    we're all playing chess, in almost every interaction. For the complex issues, it's 3D chess.  


    dont tell me what im playing! maybe im playing texas holdem!!! 4d holdem!! 


    bam boom royal flush on the reply! 😅

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  4. 43 minutes ago, redtail hawk said:


    i have a question 


    you claim to be 60

    how is it you been alive so long and not see the democratic flip?


    did you even remember


    "i may not like what you say but i defend your right to say it"


    "not color of skin but content of character"


    " anti war peace of the hippies"


    "womens rights" aka knowing what a woman is to uphold them.


    ill stop there. serious question because believe it or not i still hold those values but you would call me right wing...and im much younger but see very clear the dems are completely different now.



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  5. 44 minutes ago, ArtVandalay said:

    I understand eventually ***** flows downhill, but if you banked at a credit union that is NCUA rather than FDIC, then actually you wouldn't be paying anything to FDIC. Boom, checkmate.


    i was unaware i was playing chess. so just the fdic people are paying the price like me? good to know. eventually usually means immediate hikes....see inflation of entire country


    boom rook takes queen check in 3 replys. your up



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  6. On 4/16/2022 at 7:34 PM, BillsFanNC said:

    Why do you guys continue to bother with these morons?


    It's been clear for years that this dolt has absolutely no intention of debating anything that comes even remotely close to an intellectually honest fashion.


    I understand that there are a myriad of different ways to view and interpret the world and current events, but these morons absolutely will not respond with anything other than the following:








    And maybe a few others. These are complex issues that require the desire and ability to think critically about. Maybe even with a little nuance that extends beyond partisan leanings. Crazy, I know.. Yet EVERYTHING with these morons is distilled down to the above list. 


    Every. Single. Time.


    So seriously.  Why bother?


    if we dont then it will be just another thread of him screaming trump all alone in a empty room like many other threads he creates that are filled with his own replys.


    that is pretty scary and will definitely push away new  people that may actually want to have logical debates.




  7. 49 minutes ago, BillStime said:

    Wow - tell us you’re hack without telling us you’re a hack.


    Tell us your thoughts on abortion, CRT and LGTBQ.


    I’ll hang up and listen.





    ummm i have. its all over this message board. 



    i specifically talked to you about some of it.


    do you know where you are? what the date is? you post like your having a stroke sometimes. get checked out. 


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  8. 37 minutes ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Yeah.  1% of a big number is still a lot of people.   Were the majority in case you forgot.  There's more nutcases in qanon than crazies in our entire party.  And who are you to call out anyone with the looney conspiracies you're into?  You can think you are better than them but you're just a different flavor of crazy.  


    i dont see the federal gov backing qanon conspiracies the way the left has adopted their "fringe". mostly rep will call out their side. anyone here believe the jan 6tj rioters should not go to jail? they just defend those who were charged but not paricipating in destruction and were LET IN. but blm was fully supported from top down.


    if the majority of dems would call out their loons you would have a point. 

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  9. 5 minutes ago, ChiGoose said:

    Making a lot of assumptions there, buddy. Maybe take a beat and go touch some grass. Or read what I actually wrote instead of what you seem to wish I wrote. 


    assumptions? they pushed money in due to  "risk of a broader collapse"..from what exactly? lol. ok im going to go touch this grass and stare at the clouds. seems maybe you should do less of that and look into who was lying and why. you may then better understand THE BEGINNING of why we are watching...oh were up to two banks now? hmm..collapsed by some stuff that couldnt be helped as "gov is big with alot of moving parts makes mistakes". that was a quote from a previous convo on the covid lies. it may be a enlightening but will require reading alot of ramblings from folks you may not agree with and feel superior to. 

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  10. 8 minutes ago, ChiGoose said:

    If you have a coherent thought or question, I’d be happy to address it. But it seems like you just want to ramble about anything and everything and try to connect dots that aren’t there. 

    SVB failed because they had unbelievably incompetent risk managers. Signature Bank failed because they were heavily invested in the the Ponzi scheme that is crypto. 


    If your theory was correct, we’d already have downs and dozens of bank failures. But you’re wrong, so we haven’t. 

    Inflation is a problem and it was exacerbated by the easy money policies of the current and previous administrations as a response to COVID. They would argue it was a necessary risk to prevent a broader collapse, but your mileage may vary. That does not excuse the poor strategies of the two failed banks. 


     my coherent questions was edited at the end. i accept trump fell for the covid shtick at first but wanted to change strategies. he helped cause inflation as well but no where close. you talk about it as if it has no major factors. its just somthing that happens. you can do that and then just tell the tale of the bank that made bad investment and cut out the story where it all came to be to begin with but i see the whole picture. you avoid it all cause it would go against..your faith. like i said the banks are being artificially propped up..that ends your this was isolated..why isnt this effecting more. as for the rest its just ramblings.. to a biased person unwilling to look at just how far we fallen from where we were because thats blasphemy. so you stay insulated from that mirror so youll never be wrong. me and everyone else looking at this country will continue to "ramble" amongst ourselves.

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  11. 26 minutes ago, ChiGoose said:

    You were so close! So close to getting it and being right! But then you couldn’t help yourself but to veer off a cliff into being wrong. I can’t blame you, seems most of PPP is doing the same thing.


    Inflation played a part in this only because the risk management at SVP somehow could not see the obvious: the Fed would continue raising rates through the end of 2022 and into 2023. This was staggeringly obvious to everyone except (apparently) the risk managers at SVB. 

    Basically every other bank is managing their risk portfolio to account for the inflation and the expected rate increases. If this was solely and only inflation’s fault, all of them would be failing too. But they’re not because this isn’t a story of inflation wrecking the banking industry, or wokeness, or ESG. It’s a story of a poorly run bank that was uniquely situated to fail.


    Banks with good risk management didn’t have this problems. DEI or not. ESG or not. The large bank I used to work for that has a ton of DEI stuff is doing great. Because this has nothing to do with that. 

    If your theory was correct, that this was because of inflation, it would already be systemic and far more than two banks would have failed already. Isolate your variables before going off on a limb so you don’t come out looking like a fool. 


    But hey, if you really want to be wrong, I guess I can’t stop you. 


    was i so close? interest hikes wasn't due to covid? covid reaction of shutting down the economy didn't dramatically effect inflation? handing out tons of money with everyone sitting at home not making the things they want is a crazy conspiracy of why inflation and all that followed happened or you arent looking at the run on the banks and how stopping trading the last 2 days and gov intervention is effecting this veeeeery isolated incident of one bank making some whoopsies. you like hand waving those. lets let the ONE bank fail..opps i mean two..whats that three? anyways. and trade as normal and see where we land. off a cliff as you put it and we all fall with this SH/÷$how.


    lets see just a bit over halfway done. covid lies to keep people locked down for YEARS. ITS STILL NOT OVER TO THEM. its ok. afganistan disaster. its ok. crushing inflation. its ok. crime rampant with no change in rhetoric or action to reverse coarse. its ok. boarder crisis. its ok. no peace talks for poss nuclear war. its ok. banking/economic collapse. its ok. rare direct questions answered by reporters walking out on them regularly. its ok. non stop climate agenda until a climate disaster destroys a us town. its ok. gov colluding with the biggest public square for citizens voices. its ok.


    hows that for a cliff? cause you been on here excusing alot of it and this is just another example of the goose swooping into the swamp to tell everyone. its ok. not my prez. any point its not ok? any comparable examples to the evil regime before this besides the dredded jan 6 that killed noone..but scared the crap out of all the people WHO ARE BENEFITTING off these things that are crushing us?


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  12. 6 hours ago, ChiGoose said:

    If anyone is interested in what actually happened with SVB, I’d recommend this episode of The Indicator.


    The main points:

    - SVB’s deposits shot up in 2020 during a boom in tech companies, which make up most of its customers.


    i wouldnt discount the ppp giveaways as excess money deposited. 

    6 hours ago, ChiGoose said:

    - SVB put the deposits into treasury bonds which are generally safe bets. 


    dont leave out the gov was asking for large investments in bonds to take out liquity and help tamp inflation.


    6 hours ago, ChiGoose said:


    - However, SVB had three vulnerabilities:

         1. The bonds had long maturities, so they cashed out way into the future. When interest rates went up, the value of the bonds went down. More than half of SVB’s investments were in these bonds (compared to 25% average of most banks). SVB also did not hedge to balance against the risks of interest rates going up 


    you talk about long maturities but i think it was very simple to predict rate hikes as the fed had very little tools left with 0% interest for so long and inflation going out of control. SELL. they were fools.

    6 hours ago, ChiGoose said:

         2. SVB’s business was concentrated in the tech sector, which is very sensitive to interest rates. With turmoil in the tech sector, they were getting fewer new deposits to offset the risk of devaluing bonds. 


    cant predict their own major sector? this looks more as if we can be risky because our failure is not a risk. poppa gov will pick up the tab from working slobs.

    6 hours ago, ChiGoose said:

         3. SVB had a disproportionate amount of large deposits. Only 10% of its deposits were covered by FDIC’s insurance compared to an average of 50% for other banks. This drove customer panic. 


    read above.

    6 hours ago, ChiGoose said:

    - Moody’s recently told SVB that it might downgrade its credit due to the risk of its bond value decreasing. 

    - SVB planned to avoid a downgrade by selling its bonds at a loss and then bringing in new investors. They sold the bonds but had trouble getting new investments. 

    - People could then see the trouble SVB was in and it’s depositors panicked and pulled $42 billion (20%) of the deposits.

    So you have a bank that managed its risk poorly and collapsed due to the unique nature of its business combined with bad management. 

    Or you can be an idiot and claim this was wokeism or whatever. 



    so overall this was caused by inflation and its reaction by the fed. what caused this situation? point blank at first BOTH but overall dems ridiculous covid crap.


    banks playing risky knowing the gov will swing in while spitting in the face of customers. hiring higher up from the last bank issue. handing golden parachutes to there guys as the building implodes and gently landing in the lap of the fed who will pay their bills for them. same as usual.


    what should be pointed out with the wokeness is how the bank got top notch esg rating. how freely they gave to woke issues tens of millions and how at the end of the day all of that equated to the same old bank slime that happily took their cut and didnt give a crap about real people...the ones who invested and the taxpayers that will ultimately pay for their poor managment that made off with millions. just a reminder what all this caring and equity these corporation really think. 


    but they should pay their fair share!! 😅😅😅😅 funny. hey banks roll them dice baby. risk is no object. we got your back and everyone making the decisions can take there bag on the way out. 


    maybe this sort of thing will make you understand...whether hes a liar or not...why some are attracted to someone says this system is crooked and we need to drain the swamp, while dems run to a lifelong career politician that built the house of cards. 


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  13. 3 hours ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Blind loyalty to a cult or, listening to medical professionals?  Nobody was discounting natural immunity.   It just hadn't been studied yet.  I recall early on that nobody was sure how long antibodies last for.  Know how some people get covid soon after having it?   It's still being studied because of this.  We know a lot more now but not everything. 


    The problem was people making hundreds of unfounded statements before studies were completed.   Of course there were repeated issues!  Conservatives were spreading disinformation like it was their full time job!  And again, a pandemic that hadn't occurred like this in 100 years.  If your expectation was perfection you aren't slightly looney as you appear but truly crazy, not to mention you may not understand how science works.  I hated wearing a mask.  But if it helps even the slightest bit ill do it and not be a whiny, weeping biatch.   Last thing because this is boring.   Common sense is most certainly not taking what you think is right over medical professionals.   It is the exact opposite.   News flash.  You do not know more than them.  Neither do I, so I listen to them mostly. 


    sorry to bore you ill make it quick.


    you can only listen to medical professionals that you can HEAR. hence the censorship aspect that you should prob research a bit without jumping to the conclusion it did not happen..dems believe if the mass media machine is not supporting it must be misinformation. do a bit of reading and youll see just how harvard md was dismissed or how a medical professional who INVENTED mrna tech was silenced. doctor malone? ring a bell? why natural immunity was ignored. they touted just how great big pharma immunity was but not natural that had millions of test subjects at hand and day one to evaluate? why after clear data was present powerful people kept lying as they took out competition and monopolized everything under the guise of saftey. do that and you end up exactly where we are. inflation, trillion dollar bailouts and the working class paying the price for it all. as usual. as a bunch of people NOW say "we didnt know" were the same exact people that screamed down and villianized everyone who was trying to tell them exactly what they "didnt know" like it "was their full time job". then you talk about perfection? what? 



  14. 45 minutes ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    You not having a degree (of any kind) is obvious.   You could have saved a lot of typing and just said "I believe internet conspiracies".  The only things silenced were things proven to be false OR, and this is an important addition,  things not yet proven to be true.  Yes the medical community in conjuction with our govt got some things wrong.  What did you expect?  This was unprecedented.   Ivermectin I referenced because there are still people advocating for it despite peer reviewed studies showing it has no impact on covid.  I'd bet this is the type of bs you're referring to.


    You keep mentioning Trump, I haven't been.  You ok?  Bill too for that matter, you keep bringing him up.  Seem a but obsessed if I'm keeping it real.  Maybe you're getting a mild case of internet brain.  Take a break why dontcha. 


    i never said that i do not have a degree of any kind bub. i have a bachelors of science. in electrical engineering. want to know how to calculate a 3 phase ground fault? map out a logic system? program a plc or micro controller? wire a rio.  i might be your guy.


    but as for virology degree. none. it was common sense that told me if a disease is spreading at the pace it was and swaths of orgies were not happening on continents then it was airborn. it made me agree shutting down asian flight was not xenophobic like idiots declared. it was telling me natural immunity from people who survived was suspiciously ignored as YEARS rolled on. funny how rich powerful people tend to ignore the free solutions. funny how those who demanded you wear masks were repeatedly caught with the cameras off without them. gas station paper masks may have brought you comfort but i have nurses in my family that filled me in quickly with the diff of n95. you can say whatever you want about ivermectin but a noble prize winning drug that saved MILLIONS of lives is not "horse paste". for the people who demanded you inject experimental fluid in your and childrens arm or lose your job and not participate in society to dismiss anyone who wanted to try a inexpensive safe alternative and get mocked was pretty hypocritical to condemn. not notice highly vaxed countries getting re infected at a high rate and still push it stops transmission. dismiss Florida and California statistics for YEARS. on and on. subtle signs lol


    so all of the dem bs was blind loyalty to a cult. period. 


    i don't care about trump. i guess you immediatly forgot that it was a response to you defending your buddies obsession. which is what it was in reference to. 


    since you already forgot the topic of which i was talking ill remind you.


    democrats are not in touch with common sense and can barely talk about subjects without deflecting to whatabouts..usually with trump. ill give you credit. you did not deflect to trump. only to how you know i don't have a degree. also how the most powerful gov on the planet with access to the greatest scientists in the world just happen to make repeated whoopsies that just so happen to also to coincide with the centralization of money and power to the top and destroy regular people. you know as opposed to a uneducated idiots like myself using basic common sense ive outlined and is in my post history from years ago.



  15. 10 minutes ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Self awareness is not your thing.  Deflection is literally all the right does.  What was Tuckers purpose?  To deflect from the awful things that happened that day.  You sheep eating it up is not surprising at all.


    "Top med school scientists silenced by covid".  That's a devious virus if it can kill people AND censor free speech, yikes.   Did it censor high quality info like the efficacy of ivermectin?   


    "deflect from awful things:....that has been shown a 1000 times on repeat. as expected nothing to say about cops casually walking and directing him. nothing about the sicknick lies told by your cult. 


    deflect to

    tucker bad!  


    i tend to think besides the awful things done by the rioter its ALSO awful for government prosecutors hide and lie about evidence. its why its against the law. but..tucker bad. also think its awful to lie about the circumstances of a mans death just for politics when that clearly was not the case.


    see how that works. im against the jan riots but also against gov lies. imagine that. 


    no censorship of top  virologists took place by your masters? your seriously not saying that still. your saying that the entire american medical community was dead wrong about everything that you fools were conned about? lol. no virologist that knew and spoke out on the truth from the beginning that were silenced. their was unanimous agreement that. mask work. bat soup. natural immunity is not good. closing down the economy is the correct response. shutting down small buisness was a great idea while giant corporations who stayed open amassed a fortune. vax stop the spread. 


    lol i called this sh't out and i have no degree. check the post history. a good one with oldmanfan who swore he "read the studies" 


    but ACTUAL virologists were not silenced. your delusional.


    i could keep going and going but why. your making my original point beautifully. now go find a trump bad meme. say nuhh uhh and make your hero billstime proud that your " showing republican sheep whatever you think you are when your actually showing everyone why the democrats have lost any sense of reality.  


    thank you for your service.

  16. 49 minutes ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Wah.  I see him pointing out conservative foolishness more than anything.  Ya'll wouldn't get riled up if what he said wasn't mostly true as well. 


    There's fewer left leaning posters here I'm glad he takes the time to call out the batshiite crazy crap from the right.  The party you support is in shambles.  There's no ideas to improve our country just Hunter Biden, imaginary complaints about Twitter, and culture war bs.  



    every single topic is a deflection to trump. every one. "imaginary" complaints? you have top notch journalists investigating and reporting on twitter and the labtop your corrupt democrats use gov to censor. you have top med school scientists silenced by covid all with verifiable FACTS you ignored for years ....for starts.


    all you can do is deflect. forget the content of the video..tuckers bad. forget all the verfied lies of covid..trump is bad. forget all the gov collusion..so called journalists are bad. on and on


    the reason there are so few of you is because your all bat s#!t crazy. cant debate worth a dime with actual information and resort to attacks on a person rather then the subject. fall back on the lazy whataboutisms for EVERYTHING. or you just ignore it.


    its no wonder you idolize a guy that does nothing but deflect and meme every topic to oblivion. all bow to the king of $#it post. lol  


    like i said, keep it going. i love the way you guy portray democratic ideas. its why there are so few of you here cause any logical dem wants no association with what you guys are standing for. im in a blue city in a blue state. they sound nothing like you guys.


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  17. 8 hours ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Him riling up all you Karen's consistently would actually make him the highest level of troll.


    you speak as if its a good thing. he overtakes any reasonable democrat conversation that could be had and comes off as a absolute fool. im sure there a plenty of lurkers coming in and read his nonsense and reconsidering any position in that direction.


    here is your "highest level troll" award. keep up the good work. 

  18. i see all these off season threads and this seems like a good one but i have no time to invest in college. let alone ALL college. do you guys get your overall impressions from pro run downs or do you really watch all the games to see stars and diamonds in the rough? 


    i dont know guys til we draft em and then i go through there tape to see if there's anything there.

  19. 6 hours ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Nobody thought everyone in the capital was a terrorist that is in your skull.  Was every single one a dumbass?  Absolutely.   Were a good portion terrorists ( I wouldn't use that word personally) yes.  


    I'm cool with all the footage being released.   I'm not cool with it just going to your BFF Tucker.  


    i said that is the narrative. a narrative that many have pushed even as clear video was shown BEFORE tucker police opened barracades and welcomed people in. your propagandist have EVERY stooge believing a bunch of unarmed people can organize a predetermined time and date to "insurrect" the most powerful gov in the world. a gov that has successfully defeated iraq, bombed afganistan, and now supply ukrain with trillions at their disposal for defense. a government with multiple depts specifically to see these things. fbi, homeland security ect. yet leaders were taken off guard? lol suure. not a single person should have bern able to get a sniff of the building unless it was allowed..but a guy in a buffalo outfit was able to infiltrate deep into the inner chambers? with police escort i see. a unruly mob was so sophisticated in its advanced terrorism tactics it was just a mere room away from lawmakers and collapsing our entire democracy...with sticks. say that outloud a few times..but thats what has been presented repeatedly.




    A) leftists are dumb enough to really believe this was NOT a absolute false flag in which they wanted to use politically..which they have squeezed every bit of juice from.




    B) our gov is so fragile that "terrorists" can call in and confirm a date and time to bring down our government with sticks and boots. so close they came. thank god the cop shot a unarmed woman or we all would be rebuilding a democracy from scratch.  wheeew. 


    everyone i talk to knows the deal. regardless of political backing. fake it till you make it. only super dedicated leftists on the internet actually think this was a full scale assault on democracy moments from victory.


    and again. you dont like tucker getting the footage then where was the demand for footage the last 2 years for it? you all didnt care as commissions show their versions on prime time television. now suddenly there is a thirst for the rest? funny how that happens. release it all. i find it hilarious they are building there narratives on tucker personally..not much on the actual footage shown. including yourself. nothing on lawyers denied footage. nothing on the sicknick lie propagated. nothing on lack of defense. nothing on false destruction of parler. just tucker is bad. 


    good argument guys.



  20. 31 minutes ago, L Ron Burgundy said:

    Show me one dem poster defending those idiots.  Not one person here is defending them.  Whereas all you knuckleheads are tying yourselves into pretzels desperately trying to show jan 6 in another light.  


    You guys keep going to the same tired playbook. 


    Not shocked your getting your news from the incel Tim Pool.  Grrrreaaat source there.


    show me where that story is on a well established site? is there something your refuting from it?  it shows how well you listen to others as even tucker himself acknowledges there were many people who were causing damage. noone is twisting anything to say otherwise..thats in your skull. there was just a narrative everyone in the calital was a terrorist. the video simply shows that was never true...period. done.  nothing more needs to be said. its right there. now ask why were police escorting him or why was officer sicknick claimed to have head injuries by every outlet with zero proof? not valid questions? dont want to ask them? well i do. relax while i watch the other side of the story and tell your leaderships calls for censorship they are infringing on my right while i do. please.



    in the meantime i dont see any outcries to stop the violence from the left. you may not defend them but they are so comfortable you and your reliable sources will keep your mouths shut that democratic leadership activley supports it. 

  21. 20 minutes ago, redtail hawk said:

    I don't have a problem with the tapes being made available.  Have a problem with them being given exclusively to a lying, scumbag propagandist whose employers lawyers said in court wasn't reasonable to be believed as a news source..  don't know much about the lawyer but if he's guilty, he should be punished as the law demands.  Same as trump or any other citizen.


    so you think you are the decider of how information can be shown. forget people can come to their own conclusions. you know what's best for them..and by the way msnbc and cnn hold the " only opinion" status as well. either way the raw footage tells a different story about things. mute it to cut out commentary if it makes you feel better. demand full videos be released...years later it never was. if your concerned about editing. regardless its not up to you to decide what others can see. the demands you should be making is "why was this info withheld from MY propagandist for so long?" nothing was stopping it? not, why was this given to theirs.. TAKE IT DOWN 

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  22. 5 hours ago, redtail hawk said:

    Abso-efin-lutely.  And they need a common enemy to hate and rail against.  Now, it seems it's everyone but fellow MAGA's despite the diversity of that very large group.  It's pretty pathetic.


    maybe you can join to end the leftist terrorism going on today instead of looking at unreleased video that shows a side that the government did not want shown to the american public from years ago. soooo upsetting. 


    here is a CURRENT  example. leftists shooting cops and STILL firebombing.. is it terrorism yet? you know attacking the very thing leftists were calling for as they firebombed the rest of america..better training for officers. 🙄  we can keep lowering standards to replace cops that were villianized by the left and "hire folks from the neighborhood they work in" like you demanded and you end up with scumbags that murdered Tyre Nichols. quite the utopia we have now.


    been going on for a very long time and as usual is being endorsed and funded by a [ now former ] democrat leader stacy abrams to fight the injustice of having a police training facility.



    just because you have normalized it now doesn't mean it isn't happening on a regular basis in this country. just because YOU think jan 6th..by the way everyone was apprehended in, doesnt mean there isnt another side to be heard. especially when it was withheld from people to even make up their own minds. stay in the dark if you want. noone is forcing you to watch. the fact you want that ignorance for others is disturbing...period.


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  23. 1 hour ago, SCBills said:

    Absolutely wild that some people are upset Tucker Carlson released footage that was kept from the American public.

    Bunch of sheep who simply want to be told what to believe.

    Lately Tucker has been going after left and right, on a multitude of issues … this one included.   We need more people like him, not less.  

    He’s the only worthwhile person on all of cable news.   It’s why old school liberals (not whatever tf Democrats are now) vibe with Tucker … Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi, Bill Maher, Russell Brand, Aaron Mate … oh wait, y’all hate them too.  And why do you hate them?  Because you were told to.  

    Tucker has his faults, but thank goodness we have one person like him in his position. 


    as a old school liberal i fully endorse this message. for all the media stations parroting the exact same info or in many cases avoidance of information it is good that there is 1 mainstream  station/personality that gives alternative view. whether you agree with it or not its good to have. the same fools were saying the same thing with the same calls to "make it go away" for covid bs. as they stroll right past the multitude of lies they ingested to turn on their fellow citizens and do irreparable damage they now hand wave away saying there were no alternatives. wishing they were successful so a unifying narrative would allow how they all were duped. "follow the science" "your killing people" all made sense if you droned into any of the other 46 news stations that told them "the others" were wrong. easy to  gnore 2 straight years of riots. breaking peoples faces and killing kids was necessary for race relations. see what a better world we now have? as murder of innocent minorities spikes and blm grifters enjoy their yahts with nothing for the community to show but busted stores that will never serve the community again. claiming one day, jan 6 was entirely different. same..exact.. people. still at it. not a second of self reflection to slow them down and rethink a thing about any of it.


    ive tried to pull some common sense out of certain people here. i give up.



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  24. On 2/20/2023 at 2:13 PM, Figster said:

    Controversial more in the no gun vs more gun argument perhaps and where I almost put this shooting.


    Why does the perp have the knowledge she's carrying and an ability to grab for the weapon.  


    What does she mean by trying to help him.


    (On a side note I want to say its very possible by the time the 3rd shot was fired that the perp was just holding on for dear life.)


    there is a longer video of the man being chased arguing with a bunch of other men. she came to his aid which is why he looks so winded and turned on her after she helped him. you can hear her say i helped you! 


    not sure what the guys deal is or the situation that had guys after him but she was right for her actions. he gets that gun and it may have gotten way worse for everyone. 


    moral is: don't help anyone. its getting taught repeatedly in this society.



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