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  1. Thurmanator 12074

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    It’s getting that way because a certain faction of society has ( You know what ) derangement syndrome. If you don’t agree with their side they Put on masks and assault you. Or they kick you out of the Red Hen resturant. This country is headed for a civil war if we do not start having some sort of common sense in are interactions with each other.
  2. Thurmanator 12074

    President Trump asks NFL players to recommend people for pardons

    So pro football talk which is the national football fourm for fans can talk about this and we can’t on our football fourm. Is this fourm becoming the european union and the UK 🇬🇧 and just jailing people for talking about stuff or making the discussion disappear.
  3. Thurmanator 12074

    President Trump asks NFL players to recommend people for pardons

    Not Smart ? he’s the president you might want to rethink that statement.
  4. Thurmanator 12074

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    President Trump to Pardon Brady for deflate gate. You heard it here first.
  5. Thurmanator 12074

    President Trump asks NFL players to recommend people for pardons

    He is not he’s trying to help people that were not treated fairly or to right a injustice. Everyone should support this no matter which side you lean.
  6. Thurmanator 12074

    President Trump asks NFL players to recommend people for pardons

    Why it’s NFL player including Buffalo Bills and owners related. We need to stop censoring. Why are we afraid to discuss this issue.
  7. So now Trump is trying to help. Now what will these SJW say. Will they refuse to give names and help the people they kneeling for. Will the y refuse to meet with our president. NFL players issues should be discussed on this football fourm not PPP these are concerns the NFL players and team owners. lets discuss https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/06/08/president-trump-asks-nfl-players-to-recommend-people-for-pardons/ By by the way this is on Pro-football talk. They talk about football and Bills players are In the NFL So they can talk about it in their football fourm. so should we in our football fourm not PPP.
  8. Thurmanator 12074

    Kaepernick's legal team to subpoena Trump in case against NFL

    Could the NFL lose 300 million to Kapernick if he wins the suit of collusion. ?
  9. If you thought the 2017 war with Trump and the flag and SJW stuff was out of control. Wait until this hits the fan. It’s about to get even crazier. Buckle Up its about to get real wild. https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-colin-kaepernicks-legal-team-expected-subpoena-president-trump-case-nfl-115914523.html
  10. A epic pick for sure. The new monster of the midway. Butkus with speed
  11. Thurmanator 12074

    List of other Sub 60% college qbs with some NFL success

    Bottom line in my opinion the 3 best QB’s In this 2018 draft are Allen, Jackson and Rudolph. Those were my favorites and it will be fun watching all of these QB’s preform through out their careers.
  12. Thurmanator 12074

    RUMOR--The Bills called the Falcons about Julio Jones?

    Just because the draft is over does not mean it still can’t happen. Bills trade first and 3rd in 2019 for him. Also Beane hinted in his Interview on WGR about adding a WR. Plus the falcons took a WR Ridley of Alabama with their first round pick this year. Just start adding up all the stuff. Why would a team that has plenty of good Wide Receivers draft one in the first round. Maybe they don’t want to pay him and make him the highest paid WR In football. Then there is this article about the Falcons not being happy about their Receivers. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/01/4-questions-about-the-falcons-2018-nfl-draft-class/amp/
  13. Thurmanator 12074

    Josh Allen - Videos about him

    or count backwards from 6 to zero, which is where you will be soon if you keep making posts like that.
  14. Thurmanator 12074

    Josh Allen - Videos about him

    Your +6 reputation points after 15 years tells me everything I need to know peralhowardman.
  15. Thurmanator 12074

    Josh Allen - Videos about him

    Yes because he is looking at the video through Rosen color glasses. Then you wonder why he posts something like that. Well now you have your answer. let me answer this for him. I’m a Josh Rosen fan I hate Allen so much. If the Bills can’t have Rosen I will log onto his this site and bash Allen a Million times over his career and at least a 1,000 times before his first real Reg season NFL game.