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  1. 10 hours ago, Herc11 said:


    Typical response for someone from a town called Horseheads. We'll let you get back to your goat big guy.


    Easy there rookie.  You put a dumb thread out there, and then got all defensive against a long time poster when you got called on it. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, stevewin said:

    Regardless of who is playing - if the announcers are Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan - do you still enjoy the game (with the sound on)?


    I get your point - to a point.   I'm not a person who normally ever focused on or cared much about who the announcers are - am more interested in the game itself - but the trash production that these networks are coming up with is getting ridiculous.  I yearn - yearn - for the days when you could tune in a national game and hear those great familiar voices, who actually knew how to call a game.  Michaels to me is one of last ones left.  It's crazy they can't find better talent - and crazier still they can't find people who don't actually impact the broadcast negatively.  

    Even worse is the pre & post game shows with 5 and 6 people on the set.  All they do is yell over each other.  Really bad production.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Buffalo619 said:

    Pathetic. Texans didn’t deserve to make it this far.

    This game is terrible because they are so outmatched. 

    Where was this post when it was 24-0 Texans?

  4. 1 minute ago, Metal Man said:


    Was Holiday 1/2 those two monster screens, (for the time), on Union in Cheektowaga?


    I was too young to remember where I saw the original Star Wars but I saw Aliens and Pulp Fiction on those big Holiday screens. You couldn't beat the experience of that place back in the day.

    Yep.  They were right where the strip plaza is near the Holiday Showcase restaurant.  The Holiday 3-6 were back in the area where Bed, Bath & Beyond and Sam's Club are now.

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