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  1. Posted by Mike Florio on November 16, 2019, 10:10 AM EST

    The NFL has kept Colin Kaepernick in the dark about multiple aspects of his dog-and-pony show about nothing workout. As a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT, the league’s failure to provide information to Kaepernick includes the identity of the receivers who will be available to catch passes from him.


    Thus, Kaepernick has made arrangements to bring his own receivers to the workout.





    I've asked this question before, and did not get a good answer.  Can someone explain why the "NFL" is involved with this workout at all?  Why wouldn't it be arranged by his agent?


    Shouldn't the people involved be the agent, Kap, some WR to throw to(also arranged by his agent), and reps from the teams interested in seeing the workout?

  2. 3 hours ago, Reks Ryan said:

    Anyone know if Russ still does the party at Shooters on Saturday night?

    The Salvatore party at Shooters is long gone...and Shooters is now an upscale dining establishment that has no resemblance to its former self.  😞😞

    The last few years Russ has thrown a party at the Blue Martini in Lauderdale not to far from the main bar strip. It is a ticketed event, and from past years when we went, the tickets aren’t sold(as far as I know)...I believe you have to get them from Russ or someone at his establishment ahead of time. 


    Just my 2 cents having been to Russ’s parties at Shooters and Blue Martini...Shooters was about as crazy as could be...Blue Martini is a much smaller and upscale venue with wall to wall people...and very laid back atmosphere.  

  3. 19 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

    Not sure I see the connection with those decisions and the one with Tre White. It could happen,  but certainly not probable given the new GM. We haven’t seen yet how he will handle his first Pending UFA who was a 1st rd pick by this organization. He didn’t draft him, but McD was here.

    I know it is a completely different GM.  Just noting how many good CB's have left for "greener" pastures in the past.  Winfield stung the most for me.

  4. 16 hours ago, clayboy54 said:

    Perhaps history can indeed repeat itself and 2020 will be 1964 for the Bills. It appears that way to me.

    I was only 5 in 1964, so I don't have any memory of the '64 or '65 championship teams(except for what I have read), but IMO, there is no way in one off-season, that this current version of the team is going to be in any way comparable to the 64 or 65 teams come next September.

  5. 9AM on weekend days is normally my rule.  Then again, my one neighbor is white trash, and if I know they are at home(and probably sleeping), I will get the gas weed whacker out first, and start trimming the areas closest to their property first...8-830. 😈

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  6. 1 minute ago, CoachT said:

    I put a lot of effort in writing up a detailed summary of what I seen with our run defense, focusing on the defensive tackles.  Seemed to be getting a lot of traction and creating good debate, which is what I thought this forum was about.


    But some little puke(mod) put a stop to it, I assume because they disagree with me. I put my time in so maybe fellow Bills fans can get a little value from it. Never again will I waste my time.


    I assume this will be deleted ASAP .. Can't criticise the almighty mods lol .. Some communist BS

    Some little puke? 😂😂😂

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