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  1. 9 hours ago, BADOLBILZ said:




    Hell no.


    No love for Donkey Dalton either...........people forget the Bengals coming into Buffalo in 2015 and shredding the Bills defense...........that was not a good 3 hours.   Neither was the disgusting defeat in Cinci in 2016.    Both games might have cost the Bills a playoff trip those years.  Screw the Bungles.


    All the donations made were great and such but the fawning over that guy for unintentionally helping the Bills qualify for a frickin' WC game with a lucky TD pass was kinda' embarrassing and speaks to how low the expectations became here under Ralph and the Rex portion of The Pegs ownership.


    ^^^ This!   Bravo! 👏👏👏

  2. 13 minutes ago, StHustle said:


    We have been a fan base starved of national notoriety. It's one thing to disagree with it being important...it's another to come off like you can't understand how many people do.

    You are 100% correct.  I will never understand why anyone cares what Joe Schmuck in the national media says about the Bills...good or bad.  LOL


    You want national notoriety as a Bills fan...it goes hand in hand with winning.  Winning I care about, having someone stroke my Bills fandom from a national perspective, who cares.

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  3. Jim Carrey

    Jimmy Fallon

    Sidney Crosby

    Any Yankee fan

    Any member of the undefeated Dolphin team who is still a part of that champagne celebration every time the last undefeated team goes down.

    Don Lemon

    The person who claimed a new Peace Bridge between Buffalo and Fort Erie would disrupt bird migration.

    OJ...when he was trying to show that the bloody glove didn't fit.

    Brad Marchand

    Cam Newton



    Okay, I'm done.  lol


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