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  1. 1 hour ago, Alphadawg7 said:

    Every great QB in history has had turnovers lose them games, including anyone you would put in the top 10 all time, and some of them did it in playoffs and Super Bowl too.


    Sorry, this logic seems like you’re waiting for one play to say “See I told you so” when in reality it’s 100% guaranteed to happen to every QB in the league, including Josh.

     No...I am stating that the poster saying he is not stressing over Allen’s recklessness with the football, appears to be a bit of a fib. 

  2. Now I know why I never win the lottery even for a practice round.  This guy got caught, but how many scammers(ticket brokers) out there do not get caught?  At secondary market prices north of $1000 for any of the 4 rounds, I'm sure the scalpers are just licking there chops, and doing anything possible in order to win the lottery.




    On a related side note, have you or anyone you know, ever been selected for tickets via the lottery?  I've been trying for 10 years or so...no luck yet.

  3. While some of the hosts just show up every day and mail it in, the callers by far are the worst part of WGR local shows.  They would be more easily tolerated if calls were eliminated...but that would mean the hosts would have to work harder. 

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