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  1. On 3/26/2020 at 4:17 AM, CheshireCT said:

    I was just thinking, when is the last time we had a stud TE? We know what difference that makes in an offense, yet we've always had too many other pressing needs. After FA, we don't really have "holes." If we can get an awesome TE in the draft, it would be the icing on the cake. ;)

    There should be a filter where any thread that starts with...”I was just thinking” or “Hear me out” or “I haven’t seen this discussed before” should go right to the TSW garbage can. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Happy Gilmore said:


    Everyone else pointed that part out; Ralph was not a good owner from the point of firing Bill Polian on.  I wanted to point out that what he helped start wouldn't have happened without Ralph; a bigger picture post, if you will.

    From Bill Polian on? Wilson was a bad owner from the 60’s forward. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, nucci said:

    Anyone here watch him play last year?

    No.  They were all too busy trying to think of the next idiotic thread to start.  Gotta go...tracking down a rumor where the Bills would trade for both of the Bosa brothers..connect the dots.

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  4. 1 hour ago, mjt328 said:


    Rough average between the two guys.

    People have been estimating $15-16 per year for Dion Dawkins, and $12-13 for Matt Milano.


    Now contract average doesn't always equate to cap hit, and contracts can be structured in a million different ways.

    But the general idea is that we will absolutely need some extra space next year.


    Who are the Milano comparables making 12-13mil per year?

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  5. 30 minutes ago, elijah said:

    Is Diggs enough to make this offense strong enough to make a Super Bowl run? 


    Right now I see a top 20 offense that should be consistent enough to ride a stronger defense than last year to a playoff victory or two. I don’t see a top 10 offense that can bail the defense out 2 or 3 times or compete with KC/Baltimore en route to the Super Bowl. 


    We know that Beane isn’t tone deaf at this point and we know that he’s aware when things need to be addressed, but we’re  running out of cap space and lack a 1st round pick. 


    Spotrac has us sitting around $25M cap space and $32M for the top 51, but that’s without Jefferson, Matavich & Taiwan Jones contracts factored in, so it’s closer to $15M & $22M.  


    Cutting Murphy, Long and Lee Smith could bring that back up to around the $25M & $32M numbers. 


    So, with that in mind, how do you want to see Beane round out the offense this offseason? 


    I think a #2 RB, an improvement over Kroft as #2 TE, and a better #4 WR would pull the offense together into that top 10 unit.  You can never have too much O-Line depth either. 


    In my dream scenario, Jonathan Taylor/JK Dobbins last until the early 2nd where we can trade up.  A WR like Travis Benjamin continues to slip in FA until they’re willing to sign for a value prove-it deal (1yr/$5M?) and TE can be addressed in the 3rd with a Hunter Bryant/Brycen Hopkins. 


    What say you about where the offense is and where and where you want it to be? 

    So upgrading the backup RB, backup TE and backup WR, are going to take the Bills from a Top 20 offense to a Top 10 offense?


    Fuzzy Math?

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  6. 3 hours ago, SoTier said:

     I'm assuming that your appointment is private and not a group situation.

    The PT I go to is one big room with normally 5 staff and somewhere around 5-10 patients at any one time.  That is what let to my hesitancy to begin with.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Marv's Neighbor said:

    Wait a minute!  We went from exercising at home to problem solved??  Did we miss the miracle?

    Business is shutdown for at least a week.  My choice of whether to keep going for the time being has been made for me.   Exercise at home it is.

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