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  1. 4 minutes ago, Buffalo716 said:

    I mean I'm not trying to throw crap against the wall and see what sticks.. I said it's my opinion 


    Going to Bills games my entire life I have ran into plenty of people who never left the tail gates.. bars and lots 


    I used to take the bus to the game years ago, and there were a few people who never got off that bus every week.. they were so drunk they never even went to the game


    With all the partying going on and all the private and public lots yeah I would assume there's thousands of people who do not go to the game... 25k might be much

    I was just about to say maybe 25,000 is a large number , but it's definitely a lot of people

    If by a lot you mean 25,000 minus 24,000, then maybe I would agree with you. 😉

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  2. 30 minutes ago, Buffalo716 said:



    I would wager that more people tailgate than attend the game ..


    In all of the private lots and Bills lots and grass lots combined there are easily over 100,000 people tailgating


    Yet only 73,000 make it into the stadium.. there are ten thousand plus who never leave the tailgate

    So there are 25,000+ fans who tailgate but dont go into the game?   You are just making crap up, throwing it against the wall, and see what sticks. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Bangarang said:

    The statement from Pegula S&E in response to all the backlash is such a joke. 

    If it weren’t for McD, this team would probably still be mediocre. For all the good they do for Buffalo, the Pegulas aren’t very good at actually running sports franchises.

    You mean if it weren’t for Allen?😉

  4. 3 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:


    I'd say it's much more likely this is being pushed by Jerruh's company than the Pegula's themselves who have made statements saying a massively expensive stadium likely isn't the 'right' away to go...


    My hunch is they'll let Jerruh shoot his shot and when the state tells him to go pound sand, they'll end up with something more realistic for the region. 


    Everything aside, we know that Jerruh and his pal owners who need the revenue from their teams want to push small market teams to move. I don't think it happens here, but the likelihood is that in 20 years barring a real acceleration of growth in the region that the Bills will play outside of Western New York. 

    So they are going to build a new stadium and then move 15 years later.  

    Ummm...I don’t think so. 

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  5. I just posted something on TSW sister site (sabrespace). 

    If it keeps NYS from reaching in my pocket even deeper, I am all for the burden falling on anyone who attends games in terms of ticket prices and PSL’s.  You want to use it, you pay for it  The other alternative...Kim and Terry absorb a larger share of the new stadium costs. 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, SCBills said:

    As someone who moved down south, my worry isn’t really with the Pegulas - as trash as this report makes them sound - it’s just the typical start of stadium negotiations…


    I do worry about the city/state. 

    I suppose looking at the Mets/Yankees stadiums could be a blueprint, but what - if any - implications could y’all potentially electing a socialist mayor have?

    Doesn’t matter who the mayor is.  They are kicking in nothing.  The city of Buffalo is in no position to help in any way, shape or form. 

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  7. 51 minutes ago, BUFFALOBART said:

    A stadium downtown, seems like a good idea, but I think the Pegula's already have other properties in Orchard Park. Securing downtown properties (especially, in the current market) would likely drive the final facility cost significantly higher.

    Huh?  What properties do the Pegula’s own in OP(other than one small lot adjacent to stadium property) and how does that impact their decison to stay in OP?

  8. 4 minutes ago, SectionC3 said:


    1.5b is a nutty number.  Here's how it shakes out.  The price comes down, the county donates/remediates ECC south, the state ponies up bonding funds and infrastructure improvements (keeping the Skyway, maybe a rail spur to the stadium if track rights can be negotiated, etc., perhaps dipping into available federal monies dedicated to infrastructure), the NFL G-4 program plays a role (hence the hiring of the Jerry Jones group to bring in suite money from Toronto and basically anywhere else within a few hours' time of the stadium, be it by land, rail, or air), and the Pegulas kick in an amount that easily could be funded by the sale of the Sabres in a 1031 transaction.  (Before anyone disputes the availability of 1031, imagine Senate Majority Leader Schumer calling his friends at the IRS prior to responding.)  The Sabres become somebody else's problem, the stadium is done, and away we go.  


    It's an opener.  Everyone needs to chill.  


    More like Tish James and a far left Assembly and Senate, but you get the point. 


    That's one of the possibilities.  Another way to do it would be to have the state handle the bonding and the Bills pay the interest.  

    Why would they sell the Sabres when almost 25% of the money that the Pegula’s are proposing is going to renovate the Sabres arena?

  9. 3 hours ago, The Dean said:



    Have you bothered to read any of the responses in this thread? A retractable roof* is, BY FAR, the most expensive option.


    * For all the talk of "domes" very few current stadiums have DOMES as their roofs. I believe the majority of enclosed stadiums are not domed.

    You know people are just using the term “dome” to refer to all indoor/enclosed stadiums. 

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  10. I wonder how many of the “it will be the end of the world if they build a dome”, if given the opportunity, would pay full price to attend both regular season games next January, or any games where the weather is somewhere between bad and terrible?


    I would venture an uneducated guess and say the majority would be in their living rooms on those days. 😂

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  11. 26 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:


    Indy and Minn should be the examples we are shooting for, imo.


    Lucas Oil in Indy did a good job blending into the industrial area. And Minn's new stadium is gorgeous from the inside, and with that wall of windows almost feels like it's more of an open-air build.

    This!  Anything else will be a major mistake. 

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  12. 4 hours ago, Chicharito said:

    The Pegulas have bought large chunks of land downtown. Like the whole perry projects. Other big investors and developers have also bought up everything around the area as well. With that being said I believe they are holding the lease and saying that they are going to be in the road for 2 years as a bargaining chip for tax breaks and lower lease price. No way will the county or state lose out on the money that the bills bring in. The stadium will be a downtown stadium.

    This is news to me.  Paladino was sniffing around the Perry Projects a few years ago, and wanted to buy them for $1 or something crazy.  Other than the bldg that houses PSE HQ, I don’t know of any other land the Pegula’s have purchased, and it would be hard to keep it a secret. 

    Paladino on the other hand, has parcels of land all over that section of town...and I’m sure he hopes to cash in if the stadium goes anywhere around that area. 

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