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  1. 1 hour ago, Limeaid said:


    In my case my seat was below another section with a girder in front of me. 

    I could only see by looking on either side of it.  I could only see part of broadcast big screen.

    I found out later than a number of seats are sold to people who never sit in them and just spend time in standing area and at cafe.

    So, because of what you experienced from one seat in AZ, “all” enclosed stadiums have a design flaw of obstructed seating?

  2. 2 minutes ago, Buffalo716 said:

    I feel that is a minority


    Everybody who lives here knows a downtown stadium is probably out of the question 


    And the dome is absolutely in the minority..  I think there's a better chance of a downtown stadium than a dome 


    A dome in Buffalo is not happening... Not in a city and a fan base that embraces weather

    I didn’t say it was happening.  You asked, and I told you what I preferred. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, Buffalo716 said:

    This is my opinion 


    But it seems like most of the people who are banging the table for a dome downtown, are not Buffalonians 


    Most of the people on the site don't live in Buffalo


    We're all Bills fan so we can all have our opinions, and I love everyone here and I love our bills.. but besides old fans, the last thing most Buffalonians want is a dome 


    We embrace the elements in Buffalo.. we are a rust belt Blue collar city.. we aren't a dome city





    I live here and want a dome...be it in OP or downtown. 

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  4. 29 minutes ago, Doc said:


    I don't know.  But I'll bet it isn't anything over $400M.



    It was the the Athletic article earlier in the week.  Take it up with them.



    Based on this.  Take it up with the poster:



    Did not know you were quoting  the Athletic.  Number still seems high. Not that it matters, since the stadium appears to be destined for OP. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, 1ManRaid said:


    Do you have an opinion or insight to share?  Did you want to talk about some sort of Bills record or fact that is listed in it?

    Did it ever dawn on you that maybe he was just sharing it, for those who may want to download for future reference?  

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  6. 1 hour ago, SCBills said:

    It clearly wouldn’t be a clone, and I am definitely on the side of having a roof stadium, but if MB Stadium in ATL costs 1.5 billion, that place is now costing 2+ billion in this current economy, and more for us given the need to build a roof designed for potential heavy snow. 

    Half this board is freaking out over 1.4 billion… can’t imagine an ask for 2.4 billion. 

    You can look at it from both sides.  How much did that ridiculous roof of MB(that they had all kind of problems with) add to the project?


    ...and I’d venture to guess that the suites and club level seating capacity at MB is much greater than anything that would be included in RWS replacement. 

  7. 1 hour ago, BuffaloBills1998 said:

    I don’t understand why everyone wants a roof?? Us getting a roof/domed stadium means it’ll effect our home field advantage. The snow blizzards are a big part of a Buffalo Bills game as opposing teams have a hard time playing in the snow and in some ways that’s when we play our strongest. Keep it an open air stadium no roof or dome. 

    Show me some stats to back this up?   Why do you think the Bills have the practice dome?  This is where they go on most days with inclimate weather. 

    There is no advantage for the Bills during snow games....none.  

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  8. If the stadium price is really 1.4B, and it is not a dome/fixed roof,  somebody is getting ripped off...and that would be the taxpayers.  

    Chances are the majority is getting poured into suites and club seating, that the majority of us will never utilize.   They are getting sold a bill of goods by Jerry’s company, and wait until they find out that those suites/seats will be very difficult to sell. 

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  9. I understand the negotiations are done behind closed doors, but it is BS that the designs have not been released for a stadium that is going to be funded by at least 40% taxpayer money.  The stadium study was completed sometime last year.  Even if some of the bells and whistles change going forward, what is it that is so secretive as of today?

  10. 15 hours ago, Zerovoltz said:

    .....Trey Smith.....


    National media making the rounds through KC Camp.....all repeating the same thing.  Steal of the draft.


    You couldn’t find a way to include a “Mahomes is great and your team traded him to mine” take?


     Calm down, pull your pants back up, and take your steal of the draft nonsense elsewhere. 

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