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  1. All this talk of a new convention center is a pipe dream. When I was still working I attended a yearly conference with 10,0000+ attendees.  You know what cities were in the rotation for this conference?  Vegas, San Diego, New Orleans and Orlando. You know why?   Because the destination is part of the reason to attend. Even if Buffalo had a new shiny massive convention center you know what the odds are of them ever attracting a conference like the one I mentioned above?  0.0%. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Man with No Name said:

    if we play our cards right and allen turns out, we have him another 15 years. stadium should be up in 5. obviously, it's imperative that we move on it as quickly as possible. 

    In a normal time, yes, 5 years is reasonable.  Unless Pegula is going to absorb a huge portion of the cost(at least 90%), I don’t know how a new stadium(or even a major refurb) gets done. With Covid, the state and county are both going to cry poor. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, PromoTheRobot said:

    I'll just put this here. Could be another April Fools prank.





    I like how whomever dreamed that up, made the 190 disappear.  😂


    I also like how the field house is down there, when there is no reason why the administration and practice facilities would not stay in OP. 

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  4. Short but good read of the proposed Lancaster Domed Stadium(Ed Cottrell) from the 1960's, it never getting built at that location(current stadium built instead in OP), and the subsequent lawsuit by Cottrell.  


    The area of Lancaster where the stadium was to be built is now filled with endless subdivisions of houses and patio homes.


    Over the years, I knew some of the story, but never knew this would have been the 2nd domed stadium after the Astrodome, built in the world.



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  5. 32 minutes ago, MAJBobby said:

    Remember Bills will have a camp roster if 91 (Wade Exemption) unless NFL loses that split practice rule thing again this year. 

    so it Depends. So with 7 picks that makes it 74 going into camp and OTAs. leaving 17 UDFAs that is a high amount of UDFAs signed historically normally been between 10-13. 

    Add in Will it be a complete normal offseason? We already know 1 PS game is gone so that limits chances for those UDFAs. I think there will be 1-2 UFA Vets signed before draft. Maybe another 1-2 signed after draft before camp. Leaving about 10-13 UDFAs signed which is in their historical norms. 

    You are probably correct.  

  6. 1 hour ago, May Day 10 said:

    What the city could use is a real brick and mortar amphitheater downtown.  That could bring a lot of people down there multiple times a week during the Summer months.  

    This would be great, and there is plenty of land on the outer harbor(just a stones throw from downtown), but the powers that be along with some misguided public input, insist that ALL OF IT becomes park land.  😡

    53 minutes ago, BillnutinHouston said:

    Lack of seating at the former Pilot Field was NOT the reason we didn't get a major league team. Bob Rich and our bad demographics were was the reason.


    You do know that the baseball stadium was built to support an eventual upper deck, right?

    I fixed your post.  I'll never forget Bob Rich waving a blank check around(in front of the media) at an owners meeting...when it was still a possibility.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    I'm pretty sure they know exactly what they want and where. Funding discussions probably take up most of the next couple years. We'll be in a new stadium before Josh Allen turns 30.


    They've already been doing this research for nearly a decade. 

      This is no different from what I said...best case 5 years.  3 recent domes have taken approximately 3 years from ground breaking...and there will be at least 2 years of design/site acquisition/financing/etc...

  8. 1 hour ago, gonzo1105 said:

    The team plays better in controlled environments and your now a passing team with a QB who will be around 10 more years hopefully. Build a dome

    Only one problem...half of those 10 years would be spent arguing about the site, the financing and construction issues. A new stadium is at least 5 years away. 

    That being said, I have been and remain in the “downtown dome” camp for years now. 

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  9. 6 minutes ago, prissythecat said:


    What makes you think that Josh was "the guy"?   The only thing we know with certainty from the draft is that Lamar and Josh Rosen weren't their guys since they were passed over.  "The guy" could very well have been Darnold or Mayfield.

    I'm said this all along.  Not only this, but people act like Beane is a mind reader and knew Josh would still be there at 7.  I'd love to know what the plan was if Josh went in the top 5 along with Baker and Darnold.

  10. 20 minutes ago, TC in St. Louis said:

    I remember watching when Josh was picked.  I had told my buddy "the Bills have picked out their guy, and they're gonna get him no matter what it takes."  I think they did the same thing when they moved up to get Dawkins and Knox.  I believe they have a guy they want in this draft, probably one in each round, and they will do what it takes to get him.  If they have to move up, they will do that.  If he's there at #30, depending on the situation, they may move down a bit to get him.  But they'll get him.


    Any thoughts on who "their guy" might be?  

    Keep in mind that unless the Bills moved to #1 overall, there was no guarantee the Bills were going to get "their guy in Allen".  There were six selections that could have really messed with the plan.

  11. 6 hours ago, Nelius said:

    Didn't the Teller trade somehow get us Diggs? Google is telling me that one of the picks was later flipped for Diggs so yes. Got to break some eggs to make some better eggs or something.

    Your fuzzy math doesn’t add up.  Are you trying to say that without trading Teller, the Diggs trade would not have happened?

  12. 17 hours ago, BisonMan said:

    I know Rocket Ship 7 with Dave Thomas (who is still alive) was on mornings when I was a kid. I think Commander Tom got moved to mornings in the 90s but that was long after I moved away.

    Don’t forget Dialing for Dollars w/Nolan Johannes & Liz Dribbin, and Johnny & Jimmy...on the accordian and drums.  😊



    I’ll never forget as a young boy, my mom took us to see Dialing for Dollars(as they had a live studio audience), and off camera in the one corner was the top half of Promo. I was very confused as to what I was seeing.  😂

  13. They can't even compete for a playoff spot over the last decade in a league where half the teams make the playoffs each year.  A Sabres team that is challenging for the Cup is so far off in the distance, it's not visible without a telescope.  Sad times for Sabres fans.  :(


    They have wrecked this franchise.

  14. Other than the fact that Beane can't find DL anywhere in the NFL except for Carolina, my biggest problem is the ridiculous rotation of the DL by Frasier/McD.   I'm not saying your best 4 have to be out there 90% of the snaps, but it is ridiculous when your best DL are playing less than 60% of the snaps.

  15. 19 hours ago, BTB said:

    IMO...Not even top 20 for me. Spags parody acct can be funny, but not that funny. 

    Off the top of my head...


    Donahue, Son of Satan

    NJSue Homework



    I’d have to search the archives sorted by most views/replies, but I am sure over the last 20 years there are many other doozies.  

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