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  1. 26 minutes ago, singlezero said:

      i was  just scanning   the love  for the bills  last  night  on you  tube .   First  Things First   says  Josh Allen is  27  days  from  Contract Extension.  they    have   the  projected  contract at     4  Years  155.1 M    38.8 AVG.  Has  this  been   cited  elsewhere  and  what  are  others  opinions ?

    They are wrong. I have it at 155.27M

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  2. Just now, TheProcess said:

    Lame. I like Tirico, but Michaels is SNF. He’s called our games 2x in 20 years. Used to call us all the time back in the day on MNF. 

    Is it his fault that the Bills have not been on SNF very much due to sucking for two decades. 



  3. 29 minutes ago, Shaw66 said:

    I don't believe this.   Football at this level is all about developing technique and developing an ability to read offenses and respond with the scheme the coaches have implemented.   

    He’s been in the league and started almost 3 full years(with the same HC and DC).  At what point does he learn how to read a running play and not go to the wrong spot?

  4. In terms of his run defense,  either you have the instincts or you don’t.  He clearly doesn’t, and another year or two or three, isn’t going to change that.  

    Most of the time, he looks like a man without a position...too big to be a safety, poor instincts to be a MLB, and not physical enough to be a pass rushing OLB. 



    Buyer beware...come contract time. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Chris from Rochester said:

    After a Josh turnover yesterday, I was extra annoyed, flipped my ottoman and it ended up breaking the screen on my fireplace. My stupidity caused me to miss the pick by White as I had to look online to find a replacement screen.


    This got me thinking, over the years what have you broken because of over emotion during games, or is it just me and if so the names of any good anger management places would be appreciated :) 

    Anger Management treatment will help.  First it's the ottoman, next think you know...it's the wife!  😂

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