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  1. 1 minute ago, TFBillsfan said:

    Agree. To let the KC receivers run free was idiotic. Needed a big game from Hughes to win his matchup and generate pressure which didn’t happen. Getting Star back and adding in a proven pass rusher are a must.

    What impact would Star have had against KC?  Little to none as he isn't a pass rusher, and would have been on the sidelines more often than not.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, Zerovoltz said:

    I am starting this thread because I keep reading over and over again here, that Tre White didn’t show up, is overpaid etc.


    This simply isn’t true.  I went back after the game to see what White was being asked to do.  He was actually asked to play man coverage on Hill or Kielce several times, and when he was manned up on Hill, Hill only had a few catches for a few yards.  Same with Kielce.


    The problem was NOT Tre, but it’s that you only have one of him. 

    He is a great player and worth every penny.

    Thanks.  Now go away.  No one needs a Chiefs fan telling us why the Bills lost.  I hope Brady and the Bucs throttle Thug Hill and the rest of the Chiefs.

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  3. GBU...




    -Early 9 point lead



    -Allen...kind of had that same stare Kelly had in the SB blowouts...as in "what the hell is happening here"


    -Offensive Line




    -KC was like the bully in the playground.  The Bills got one lucky punch in early(9 point lead), then got sand kicked in their face, tossed off the top of the slide, and taken back into school and jammed in a locker.

    -Scheme against Kelce & Hill 

    -McD going for 2 when down 17 was embarrassing and makes me wonder about him in big games going forward

    -Edmunds...I bet he would be really good at flag football.


    Summary...I didn't think the Bills were going to win, but I didn't expect them to be embarrassed and blown out.  Disappointing end to a very good season.

  4. 4 hours ago, Howard said:

    *quote Jim Granola here*


    Been busy in Arizona with things to do around the condo and Shirl called me in because you showed your ugly mug on our baord again. Havent had to read your foolish writings for months and now that we are good you come in here and pump out your chest. With all those gold plated chains around your neck i'm suprised you can even lift that block head of yours.


    A buddy said something to me in November when we were honored for Veterans day (we both served the USPS for 50 or more years). Phil Donahue said to me he says "most people from Jersey dont even know their own zipcode" and that makes sense because your away from home on this board.  Go back to your corner and sell some more phone cards you gorilla.


    To say your team will be challenging our team for the playoffs next year is like driving in your Cutlass Supreme and trying to compare it to my Delta 88. can't do it son. See you in buffalo next year if you show up this time. I park right next to your apartment (port-o-john #24 in Lot 3).  And don't bring any of your stonehead buddies because I'll have my group there too (Billy Watt, George "The Bull" Flinkerton, and Pete Giovanni. yeah there are some good italians that have my back).


    Go away.



    Another great parody account.  Nice to see you Howard.  All the best to you and the Mrs.  😂

  5. There are only so many offensive snaps in one game.  If passing the ball gives them a better chance to get a 1st down, score a TD, convert a 3rd down, or control the ball with the lead, then so be it. 

    Ground and pound when two of your active RB’s will be a guy who the coaches have refused to use for two years now, and some UDFA who had his 5 seconds of fame in week 17?  Thanks but no thanks.  

  6. 5 minutes ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:

    I voted "No". 


    That said, I recognize that the term has caught on and will continue to be used whether or not I like it.

    Likewise.   I won’t be buying any shirts or hats sporting the mafia moniker, but  nothing I can do about it except try and ignore it.

     It is clear by the poll numbers that it is not universally accepted and loved by the Bills fan base.  I would have thought the numbers would be more 80/20 in favor of it based on how the local newscasts use it excessively.  

  7. Every time I think about this subject or open this thread, I continue to feel that the compensation is backwards.  Why wouldn't the team who is hiring and promoting the minority to the two most powerful positions in the football side of the business, be the ones getting rewarded in terms of draft picks?  Instead, the team NOT promoting the minority is to be commended/rewarded for holding them back(not promoting them)?  

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