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  1. Last year it was Star sucks, Star is overpaid, I never hear Star's name called, Star doesn't make any plays, etc...


    Fast forward to this year, the excuses for why the defense is in the bottom 1/3 of the league all seem to revolve around Star's absence.


    Is he really the difference between what what thought to be Top 5, or at least worst case Top 10, and one that is terrible.

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  2. Clearly Beane, McD and Daboll are not on the same page.  How else do you explain him being signed for two years, have struggling rookies in front of him on the depth chart, yet he sees little to no playing time. 

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  3. 16 hours ago, Ethan in Portland said:

    Down by 9 who cares. Game was over.  Who cares. Don't risk injury.

    They were a long pass play away from a TD, and then an onside kick.  There was a 1:30+ to go.  The game was not over.  No player should have to be talked to by the coaches about effort.  If the coaches thought the game was over, the starters would be on the sideline. 


    Maybe nothing...or maybe the sign of a player with issues. 

  4. Go back and watch the Darrell Williams TD, and you will see that Edmunds is a joke.  While Williams runs off LT for a TD, Edmunds is untouched as he runs where the RG was and is in the backfield making a U-turn as Williams crosses the goal line.  


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  5. I have no problem with giving guys a breather, but shouldn't your 4 best guys on the line be closer to 65-70%(or even higher for your best 1 or 2 DL) snap counts versus this...



  6. 1 hour ago, badassgixxer05 said:

    Since when does weather favor the offense??? Bad weather will slow down both offensive attacks. Harder to throw ball, harder to run routes due to timing, harder to catch ball and harder to hold on to the ball. Usually turns into a defensive scrap and who ever wins the turnover battle usually comes out on top. I like our chances in a wet windy game.

    Windy?  Forecast 5-10mph.

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