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  1. 1 hour ago, TheFunPolice said:

    Something has to be done with/about the stadium at some point in the relatively near future, so I think the timing is based on that. 

    It's been a while since anything has been said about a Bills stadium refurb/replacement and a KBC refurb.  I believe both studies were done at the same time, and I think they were completed last year at some point, but like I said...all has been very quiet on this front...almost too quiet.

  2. 2 hours ago, Logic said:


    We're poking fun at one particular message board poster who joined this board specifically to talk about how great Mahomes is and how great the Chiefs are. 

    All we've heard for three+ years now is how great #15 is and how silly the Bills were for passing on him. Pointing it out and trolling us about it were literally Zero's entire reasons for joining this forum, which he has admitted multiple times. He eventually pivoted to talking about how great Allen has become, but only in a condescending, pat-on-the-head,  "I'm glad your team at least got a good QB out of the trade so I don't have to pity you so much" type of way.

    So yeah, we're damn sure gonna talk a little smack back to him on the ONE occasion that his savior QB actually looked mortal. If a Mahomes fanboy troll can't be teased a bit when his QB gets stomped in the Super Bowl, then why does the internet even exist?

    This 100%! 

  3. Several times this season, I have seen Mahomes on a scramble, run towards the sideline, slow down almost to a jog as he gets close to being out of bounds, then turns up field.  I really hope he tries that today and someone lays a brutal hit on him as he tries to pull that crap.  It would be worth the potential 15 yard penalty.  

  4. 1 hour ago, 4_kidd_4 said:

    I believe Laux are all gone, forever. Too bad, they were my cap & jersey go-to back in the day.

    Galleria location still open, but based on the amount of merchandise in the store(I was just in the mall last week for the 1st time since Covid hit), combined with outrageous Galleria rents, I’m guessing they are gone within a year or so. 

  5. Oliver...I'll give him a couple more years.  Very inconsistent, and disappointing considering he was a top ten pick.


    Edmunds...How can a guy playing LB who is on the field for almost all defensive snaps make so few impact plays?  If the Bills can trade him for a 2nd round pick, I'd do it ASAP.  If they decide to keep him for 2021, I'm not sure I'd even commit to the 5th year option.

  6. 2 hours ago, TheFunPolice said:

    We need a wrecker on the DL.


    Hughes is a good player, but we need someone who gets home. KC had 3 guys getting in seemingly every other play. 


    We're missing a Bruce and a Thurman. 

    Is that all?  I’m sure finding future HoF players at DE and RB should be a piece of cake...especially drafting 30th. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

    Yeah, as long as Kim Pegula is going to play Sports Organizational Boss and treat the Sabres as the pastime of an amateur, they will be terrible.


    Sabres are now stuck in the same rut the Bills were for the last long episode of Ralph Wilson's life.


    "JUST ONE" is my mantra too!  


    I'm a year younger than the Sabres or the Bills (measured by the merger) so I've been waiting a long time too.



    Good to know I’m not alone.  I’m sure there are many others on this board who’ve shared the same amount of pain. 

  8. KC is going to be in our path to the SB for many years to come.  3 things that would make it easier to throw them off our path, none of which happened yesterday...


    1 - Have to get them in the playoffs in our house in front of 70,000 screaming fans. 

    2 - Have to find a way to pressure Mahomes without blitzing. 

    3 - Offense can’t lay an egg when a shootout is needed.  If a “No Punt” game is needed in order to beat them, then so be it. 

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