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  1. Kansas is a trainwreck of a D1 program.  Leipold will be tossed to the curb 3 years from now, much like fellow UB HC Turner Gill who also thought that going from UB to KU was a good next rung on the ladder.


    11 years in a row with 3 wins or less.  LOL

  2. IMO Mac Jones starts from day 1(consider that Cam is the alternative), and leads the Pats to a wildcard spot in year 1.



    ...and I think Lance has the biggest bust potential of the 5 QB's selected last night.

  3. I had an opportunity to tour the stadium a few years ago, when a cancer screening event was held there.  It is a waste of time.  Its an old dumpy stadium.  Certainly not worth paying for. 

    That being said, I didn’t even know they were doing paid tours. 



  4. 5 minutes ago, BillsPride12 said:

    Let's revisit this thread Friday morning.  I'm not convinced the Bills are definitely taking a RB  but I think it's reasonable it could happen.

    Using a 1st and two 3rd’s over the course of three drafts is not a good strategy to overtake the Chiefs. 

  5. All this talk of a new convention center is a pipe dream. When I was still working I attended a yearly conference with 10,0000+ attendees.  You know what cities were in the rotation for this conference?  Vegas, San Diego, New Orleans and Orlando. You know why?   Because the destination is part of the reason to attend. Even if Buffalo had a new shiny massive convention center you know what the odds are of them ever attracting a conference like the one I mentioned above?  0.0%. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, Man with No Name said:

    if we play our cards right and allen turns out, we have him another 15 years. stadium should be up in 5. obviously, it's imperative that we move on it as quickly as possible. 

    In a normal time, yes, 5 years is reasonable.  Unless Pegula is going to absorb a huge portion of the cost(at least 90%), I don’t know how a new stadium(or even a major refurb) gets done. With Covid, the state and county are both going to cry poor. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, PromoTheRobot said:

    I'll just put this here. Could be another April Fools prank.





    I like how whomever dreamed that up, made the 190 disappear.  😂


    I also like how the field house is down there, when there is no reason why the administration and practice facilities would not stay in OP. 

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  8. Short but good read of the proposed Lancaster Domed Stadium(Ed Cottrell) from the 1960's, it never getting built at that location(current stadium built instead in OP), and the subsequent lawsuit by Cottrell.  


    The area of Lancaster where the stadium was to be built is now filled with endless subdivisions of houses and patio homes.


    Over the years, I knew some of the story, but never knew this would have been the 2nd domed stadium after the Astrodome, built in the world.



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  9. 32 minutes ago, MAJBobby said:

    Remember Bills will have a camp roster if 91 (Wade Exemption) unless NFL loses that split practice rule thing again this year. 

    so it Depends. So with 7 picks that makes it 74 going into camp and OTAs. leaving 17 UDFAs that is a high amount of UDFAs signed historically normally been between 10-13. 

    Add in Will it be a complete normal offseason? We already know 1 PS game is gone so that limits chances for those UDFAs. I think there will be 1-2 UFA Vets signed before draft. Maybe another 1-2 signed after draft before camp. Leaving about 10-13 UDFAs signed which is in their historical norms. 

    You are probably correct.  

  10. 1 hour ago, May Day 10 said:

    What the city could use is a real brick and mortar amphitheater downtown.  That could bring a lot of people down there multiple times a week during the Summer months.  

    This would be great, and there is plenty of land on the outer harbor(just a stones throw from downtown), but the powers that be along with some misguided public input, insist that ALL OF IT becomes park land.  😡

    53 minutes ago, BillnutinHouston said:

    Lack of seating at the former Pilot Field was NOT the reason we didn't get a major league team. Bob Rich and our bad demographics were was the reason.


    You do know that the baseball stadium was built to support an eventual upper deck, right?

    I fixed your post.  I'll never forget Bob Rich waving a blank check around(in front of the media) at an owners meeting...when it was still a possibility.

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