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  1. I want a dome also, but those who want a dome because it fits with the Bills pass happy offense are going to be disappointed knowing that a dome is at least 4 years away, even if they decided they wanted one today.


    Speaking of which, what ever happened to that feasibility study the Pegula's were having done that included a new football stadium, and also renovating Key Bank Center(Sabres)?

  2. 3 hours ago, Call_Of_Ktulu said:

    Yea the guy im playing in FFL has him as a TE. ESPN is so bad, if I lose because of this BS I done with ESPN completely. I have not watched anything ESPN in a long time, The only reason we are using ESPN FFL is because our commish likes them because he is a commie. I have looked in other leagues and it appears ESPN is the only one doing this, total BS.

    I’m really disappointed in my commish.  Didn’t even put it to a vote that Hill can only be used as a QB.  So my opponent this week is starting him at TE, so basically he has two QB’s in his lineup. 😡

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  3. 2 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

    The one thing I'll say about coaching on this play is they needed to tell the d-linemen before the play to not even try and sack Murray. You risk him evading you and resetting his feet, which is exactly what happened, or even a roughing the passer penalty. The way Hughes played Wilson on his interception to Poyer last week is how Addison should have played Murray. I can blame the coaching for that mistake. All Addison had to do was stand in front of Murrary with his hands up, follow him side to side, and dare him to make the throw. I mean he must practice against Josh Allen every week, you'd think he would understand how to play against that style of QB. Diving at his feet was a rookie move.

    Maybe they did remind them of that, and Addison just had a brain cramp?

  4. 2 minutes ago, Buffalo716 said:

    Everybody who said we needed to cut him, revoke your fan pass right now lol


    This just shows why you're a fan, and not getting paid to make football decisions


    You don't know anything

    Hindsight is 20/20.  Have you ever posted something that it turns out was not correct?

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  5. 16 hours ago, Dkollidas said:

    ...McDermott knows how to motivate his team and I think they’ll be up for the challenge.

    Well, then either the DL(run defense in particular) doesn't take to motivational speaking, or they just flat out suck. 

  6. Not making excuses for a great play by Hopkins, but wondering with that catch being made, along with any number of one handed grabs that have become oh so common nowadays, what are the gloves made of that WR's wear, and is that giving them an unfair advantage in terms of making the more difficult catches?

  7. 3 hours ago, TheElectricCompany said:

    Ya'll think that the Diggs TD was that insane of throw? Really?

    It was a 30 yard throw to the corner with plenty of cushion.  Great throw, great catch, very clutch, but I didn't walk away thinking it was an "exclusive to Josh" throw.

    I know we're all drooling over the concept of a franchise QB, but the "OnLy He CaN do ThAt" takes are way overdone.



    ^^^ This!

  8. Hopkins is 6’1”


    Poyer is 6’0”

    Hyde is 6’0”

    White is 5’11”



    People need to stop acting like the Cards had some 7’ monster back there.  

    Bottom line...the 3 Bills involved(who happen to be our 3 best DB’s) just weren’t good enough when the game was on the line. 


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  9. The crazy thing about White is...don’t the Bills primarily play zone?   Also crazy, even in a zone scheme, you would think there is a way for White to always be part of the coverage of the opposing teams best WR....no exceptions. 

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