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  1. Thread for discussion of the long awaited IG FISA report which will reportedly drop on the 9th and not the 12th.  Rules are simple: Read the report yourself and discuss your interpretation of the findings here.  Do not post or link memes, tweets or news/opinion articles where other people tell you what they read in the report as there will surely be other threads for that.  Screenshots of text from the actual report or citations from the actual report are of course encouraged.

  2. 4 minutes ago, row_33 said:


    Howard is leading a Revolution of no more bull####!!


    he can't be bought


    Wrapping it up now..


    Howard: "I wanted you to be President so badly."


    Robin asks about Deep State...


    Hillary: term coined by political scientists about other countries where military and intelligence agencies control things behind the scenes...but its SOOOO wrong for Trump to use it in reference to our great country...you see it in how he maligns military heroes (Vindman mentioned) to distract from how he bribed Ukraine. 


    And there you have it.

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  3. 23 minutes ago, row_33 said:

    is she telling the world she is planning to dip her baby toe in the swimming pool today?



     Not yet. She's there promoting the book she wrote with Chelsea.


    So far off top of my head topics covered:


    Has Lindsey Graham sold his soul to the devil?

    Her experience going to Trump inauguration. 

    Running for Senate, mentioned debate with Lazio in Buffalo where he invaded her personal space.

    Growing up..relationship with her mother and father.

    How she met Bill and the whole romance.

    Her involvement in Nixon impeachment. 

    Interview still going on...


    I will give Howard credit for bringing up Al Franken twice as being treated unfairly and Hillary dodged it both times.

  4. Hillary in the Stern studio now...


    As I thought. Howard gushing and throwing up softballs..


     I think Howard is right that it would have helped Hillary immensely if she allowed him to interview her during the campaign. He is now covering her childhood and her relationship with her mother and father...humanizing her and she isn't coming across as the robot that she does when on the campaign trail.



  5. 7 minutes ago, row_33 said:

    It was so much easier before the internet, Schiff back then would have been writing all the news cue cards for ABC/NBC/CBS to parrot  and nobody would be able to begin to challenge them




    True, but without the internet/social media Trump or someone like him isn't elected in the first place and there is no need for the coup and all this nonsense that has followed from it.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, PatsFanNH said:

    In Dallas? Against a team with a. Winning record? Ya no chance Vegas does that! Dallas be favored by 5.

    Brady stink again? He had a minimum of 7 dropped balls. Not surprising in this weather.  Oh and the Pats found a run game now that Wynn is back.. the O be fine and next week they put up 40 on the Texans. 


    And the phantom tripping calls at crucial times. If you're going to call phantom penalties at least just call holding. Tripping? Really? 

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  7. I'll be there with my wife, kids and my cuz @IslandBillsFan and his girlfriend.  We have longtime friends who are hosting us in Dallas. Im not sure exactly where the tailgate is either, but it's the one being run by the local Dallas Bills backers.


    Since we wont be ar home for Thanksgiving,  we are doing a neighborhood friendsgiving turkey and all the fixins backyard tailgate before the Broncos game on Sunday.

  8. I'll be attending a certain football game in Dallas on Thanksgiving...


    I've cooked turkeys all the ways, oven, deep fried, grilled, smoked, spatchcock etc., but my favorite and easiest method with results that are equivalent to what I get using my Big Green Egg is the trash can turkey.



  9. 56 minutes ago, PolishDave said:


    I found this enlightening.


    Primary Drivers of Heart Disease


    I watched the whole thing.  First let me say that I agree with 90% of what he says, but the 10% he left out is crucial to say the least.  Insulin Resistance / Type 2 diabetes are unquestionably correlated with increased risk of CVD.  Where he swings and misses greatly is with what the cause of insulin resistance is.  He implies that the main driver is excess carbs/fructose, and surely over-nutrition in general can lead to excess weight, insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes but excess carbohydrate intake on it's own simply is not the cause of IR/T2D.  Insulin resistance/T2D is caused by ectopic intracellular fat depositions that impairs the normal insulin signalling pathway.  If you have IR/T2D and you severely limit your carb/sugar intake, essentially a keto diet, then yes that's one way to lower your blood sugar, but you are essentially only treating the symptoms of the disease and not the cause which is the excess fat that has accumulated in tissues (muscle, liver, adipose etc.)


    Secondly I checked out his website and of course he has something to sell related to all of this.  This fact on it's own doesn't discredit him, but I encourage you to watch the link below it's less than 5 minutes and it lays out the pathophysiology of insulin resistance in layman's terms.  If you want to really get into the weeds of it all here is the latest review article I could find on insulin resistance as well.






  10. 7 minutes ago, TakeYouToTasker said:


    This is a weapon which will now be used against them, and will destroy the country in the process.  Impeachment proceedings will be the new order of the day every time the House majority is held by the opposition party of the President.


    Yes, the office of US President has been irreparably damaged and weakened going forward. But you know .....let's just impeach the mother ***** or something...

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Foxx said:

    this is the first Impeachment inquiry in history that has only been authorized by one party. i suspect it will also be the first to approve of articles of impeachment by only one party.


    let me ask you with what i hope will be your honest reply. i'm sure you have seen and heard many sound bytes from Democrats where they are on record as saying they were going to impeach him way back in 2016. doesn't what is currently happening strike you, in any way as being purely partisan? 

    Of course it isnt, but with this precedent now set and when the tables ultimately turn to do the exact same thing to a Democrat president,  then and only then will it be partisan.

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