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  1. 17 hours ago, WideNine said:


    Carter Page...


    Probably because his actions, regardless of his past affiliations, were questionable in the eyes of most folks in the Intelligence field.


    The dossier said that there were plans in play to offer a 19% stake in Rosneft  one of Russia's state-owned oil/gas companies as a bribe to get sanctions lifted.


    Carter met with that same company and not long after a 19% stake of the company was sold to a private party and the money funneled to an account hidden behind multiple shell companies. That was pretty good inside info.


    As soon as Trump took office efforts were made by his administration to lift the sanctions against Russia, oddly with no concessions from Russia. Both sides of the isle in Congress rushed to block those efforts.


    Within days after the inauguration, new Trump administration officials ordered State Department staffers to develop proposals for immediately revoking the economic and other sanctions.[293] One retired diplomat later said, "What was troubling about these stories is that suddenly I was hearing that we were preparing to rescind sanctions in exchange for, well, nothing."[294] The staffers alerted Congressional allies who took steps to codify the sanctions into law. The attempt to overturn the sanctions was abandoned after Flynn's conversation was revealed and Flynn resigned.[293][177] In August 2017, Congress passed a bipartisan bill to impose new sanctions on Russia. Trump reluctantly signed the bill, but then refused to implement it.[29


    The dossier did not have to be smoking tablets from God to peak the interests of our FBI. There was enough credible info there to warrant a follow-up.


    Lawfare did a pretty objective review of the dossier too.





    Let me grant you all of the above as true and sufficient evidence for the fbi to go in front of a FISA judge and ask for a warrant to spy on an American citizen, Carter Page.


    Then why did:


    1. An FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, alter evidence in an email that stated Carter Page WAS a CIA informant to say that he  WAS NOT a CIA informant? 


    2. The FBI, after interviewing Steeles primary dossier sub source in January of 2017 ( who we now know that he himself was under investigation as an agent of Russia) and learning that the information he gave Steele was bunk,  didn't fulfill their OBLIGATION to inform the FISA court of this?


    If all of your information is correct and sufficient evidence to gain a FISA warrant in order to SPY ON AN AMERICAN CITIZEN then why these overt. egregious purposeful "errors" in pursuing continued surveillance of Carter Page?


    I'll tell you why, it's because had the FISA court been made aware of the original unaltered CIA email or been informed that the dossier was crap, then their FISA warrant goes bye bye.


    Carter Page is going to be a very, very rich man.








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  2. 10 hours ago, WideNine said:


    Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steele_dossier


    If you can prove that you know what you think you know, the good folks at Wikipedia will update the facts to fit the better info you can provide; otherwise you are just parroting Trump's "witch hunt" nonsense. You can suggest your improvements via their "Talk" pages


    Each article also has a "Talk" page, where you can suggest improvements and corrections to the article.












    Even still being Wikipedia they acknowledge, but of course downplay, that Steeles subsource told the FBI his information was garbage in January of 2017 and the FBI still went to the FISA court to renew. They are obligated to update the court with this information and they didn't in order that they could continue to spy on Carter Page. I understand that you hate Trump enough that you're seemingly ok with this. But are YOU personally ok with the FBI using known garbage in order to spy on you personally or your family? At the end of the day this really isn't about Trump, although you'd like it to be. It's with government institutions that we've granted massive powers, turning around and using those powers to trample on the constitutional rights of American citizens. Its simply not ok to do this no matter what your politics are. 


    If you are ok with that,  then the question is why? Because you hate or disagree with Trump and/or Republicans is not a viable answer.

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  3. Just now, All_Pro_Bills said:

    When you can't refute fact use the old go-to move here?  1000% BS on the Russia story here.  Aren't we bored with this narrative yet which has zero, absolutely zero proof or facts to drive it? The facts show the source e-mails and data are legitimate.   BIDEN TOTALLY BUSTED.  GAME OVER!


    These people have been completely broken by Trump. It's glorious to watch. Their TDS addled brains are beyond all hope. 

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  4. 23 hours ago, BillsFanNC said:



    if you have not read the IG FISA report, then you should.  If not the whole thing then at minimum the executive summary.  A link to the entire report is included in the first paragraph of this piece from a left leaning reporter on a left leaning site, but the article itself is a good starting point.  


    Do I believe any of this proves that Barack Obama directed these activities? No.  Do I believe that Barack Obama will ever face consequences for his potential involvement in any of this?  No I don't.  Do I believe that history will treat Barack Obama kindly once everything comes out on this?  No I don't.


    Bongino shares an opinion that BO is the most corrupt President in US history and I agree with that assessment.  That assessment could very well change tomorrow or any day thereafter as we all pass through time.












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