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    But a Republican is president, and the Senate is Republican. Elections have consequences, and so do justices’ decisions about when or whether to retire. Trump is almost certainly going to get his pick confirmed.

    Given that reality, it is better for the republic to have a principled, brilliant lawyer on the bench than a weaker candidate. That’s Barrett.

    To add to her merits, Barrett is a sincere, lovely person. I never heard her utter a word that wasn’t thoughtful and kind — including in the heat of real disagreement about important subjects. She will be an ideal colleague. I don’t really believe in “judicial temperament,” because some of the greatest justices were irascible, difficult and mercurial. But if you do believe in an ideal judicial temperament of calm and decorum, rest assured that Barrett has it.

  2. 1 hour ago, Magox said:

    Lockdowns and extreme social distancing measures kill.  More people under the age of 50 have died as a result these policies than the virus itself.


    The worst global public health policy response of our life times.




    Consistent with anecdotal stories my wife has been seeing at her pediatric practice. Teens are really, really struggling. 

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