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  1. 6 minutes ago, TigerJ said:

    I expect Buffalo to activate Andre Smith and Deon Lacey from the PS.  They'll probably have even more nickel packages than usual.

    Good point.  I liked the Lacey resigning.  He can run a bit, no?

    Actually, found this on Lacey from a 2018 article:


    Speed is Lacey's asset. He ran between 4.45 and 4.51 in the 40-yard dash in 2013 coming out of Division II West Alabama, where he played mostly as a 215-pound defensive end. Now he's 229 pounds.

  2. His salary is just over $6 million -- not much for a quality end anyhow.  I think $3 million of his pay or so is amortized bonus that we would have ate even if we cut him.


    He is only 29, probably has 3 good years left.  If he has an eight sack season, gets pressure and is stout against the run, why would we not re-sign him?  He is a six year vet and missed a full year - should have plenty left in his body for another 3 years.

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  3. Both these linebackers are essential for us.  Milano is not undersized by modern NFL linebacker standards and how they want to use him.  A pulled hammy is not from being undersized.  Pay the man!  

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  4. Stupid move Ed.  I feel bad for the young man.  However, it is a serious mistake.  You can bet Beane and McDermott will be watching him close and if it is a way of life he will be gone.  If not, he can put it behind him like the Hughes drag racing incident.  Ed's choice.  A fork in the road.

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  5. 1991 team vs. 2020 team, all players in their prime.  Who wins?  2020 has 30 years of size/speed increases.  1991 team was a more accomplished team.  Tempting to say its a wipe-out for 2020, but I think players like Bruce, Thurman, Kelly, Andre - their skills would still translate.

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  6. Good point by the OP, but I think their stats actually understate how lethal the combination of the three can be for three reasons:


    1. Playing with Diggs should materially help Brown and Beasley's ability to uncover;


    2.  It is unlikely that Josh regresses, and likely he progresses to some degree; aided by the addition of Diggs; and 


    3.  More experience for other weapons Singletary and Knox, plus a healthy Kroft, should further pressure defenses and help all our wideouts uncover.

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  7. No, we were close last year, but not ready to win yet.  We are now more experienced, and very talented.


    Of course, the players we are counting on do need to play to or near expectations.  Some will, some will not, some will exceed - as always.  How we do in that ration really will dictate our outcome, I believe.


    *ratio (sorry for the typo)

  8. 1 minute ago, BeastMaster said:

    just see him as a similar version of Barkley where his arm just won't cut it in Buffalo. You can only play the screen game/dink and dunk for so long, and this Oline doesn't get outside the hashes well enough to do it successfully even with Allen so consider me highly skeptical. 


    Getting drafted in Buffalo hurts him if he actually ends up having to play, I think. If he played for a dome team like NO or ATL, I think he'd have a better shot.


    This is not crazy at all, but give the kid a shot.  If he shows good NFL awareness they may trade him for a pick with a trade partner in a more Fromm-friendly City.  And we really don't know what he can or cannot do here.  He could be a great 10 year back-up if he would accept that (which I doubt).  Hell, he could be a starter.  We just don't know.

  9. I am not sure why people are making definitive statements either.  As I recall, the board exploded with outrage last year when we took Singletary in the third -- battle cries went up.  "Wasted pick, running back in the third," and "he is a gadget player at his size, a luxury pick with our roster full of holes."  And I was all like "yeah, did we really need a running back there."  Then I saw him play!

    I trust Beane and the quality staff he has assembled.  If he was sticking out on the Beane's board, I am glad that we got him in the 5th. 

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