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  1. One more on Milano and Edmunds.  Bell caught six passes all day, for 32 yards and a 5.3 average per catch.  That is a shutdown.  I can't believe a single one of us would not have said "okay, great" if that stat line was offered before the game.  And rushing: 17 for 61, 3.5 per carry.  Didn't he go for like 250 yards last time he played us?  Nuff said for me!

    Looked it up.  Compare Bell vs. Rex's defense in 2016 - 298 freaking yards!


    Bell turned in a historic performance against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, carrying the Steelers to a 27-20 victory. He rushed for 236 yards, which is the most in franchise history. The previous high was 223 by Willie Parker.


    Additionally, that’s the highest total ever allowed by the Bills. Ricky Williams rushed for 228 against Buffalo in 2002.

    The shifty back also added 62 yards receiving, giving him 298 from scrimmage for the game. Bell scored all three of Pittsburgh's touchdowns.

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  2. Can't agree on Milano at all - but the rest, as one poster said, reflected the rollercoaster ride.

    I thought Milano had a great game, would have had a pick except their tight end caught the ball he batted.  He was all over the place.  Watch the replay of Bell's touchdown, looked like Milano expected help to the outside from Hyde.  He is too classy to ever say it, and we will never know for sure.  But we can't assume that was his fault, he played inside leverage.


    Shaq - what a game.

    And this is a game where I think all of McD's "character" and "family" work really showed its value.  When down, they hung tough, stayed disciplined and continued to believe.  That can be worth more than a blowout.  Our team has character and is not bone-headed.  How refreshing after 50 years of watching the Bills blow it at the end through dumb penalties, turnovers and stupid play calls.


    1 hour ago, Teddy KGB said:

    I don’t think we can fault Milano for Le’Veon Bell. 


    He does the same thing to everyone and he really didn’t go crazy tbh.  

    By Bell's standards, they shut him down.  17 for 61 - ain't much.  The speed of Tre Edmunds (who played great), Milano (who I thought played great too), and the grit of Poyer up in the box had a lot to do with that!  This defense could be really special - Jets have a lot of weapons and Darnold is pretty good.  I don't think this is the same old Jets, they just spent $100 million on talent, after all.

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  3. 13 hours ago, Rochesterfan said:



    And  how long does it take for a QB and WR to be on the same page.


    Route Running is not just here is the route - Go.  It is site adjustments, blitz recognition, variable routes depending on coverage.  We saw it with TT - it takes several weeks for these guys to even get comfortable and for the QB to see his speed and how to lead them.  


    WR is one of the more complex positions because you need to be in sync with the QB and it does not surprise me they have not just switched out the entire WR Corp.


    My guess is they are hoping for them to come together and you see them working out WRs weekly - they will begin to make small changes as the year goes along when they feel the bad play outplays the potential chemistry.


    I know we all want quick fixes, but many of these guys get picked up and dropped week after week and guys like Coleman got picked up, cut, NE practice Squad, and cut and is free, but people wanted the Bills to keep him.  





    I agree need QB and WR on same page and that takes some reps.  Brandon Reilly and Allen should have some chemistry from camp.  He seems to get open, and he cannot possibly be any worse than the play we have seen so far.  Would love to see him have a shot.  

  4. 1 minute ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


    I think it's possible, if he works very very hard and improves both his route running and his abilities to catch, he might become a legit #3, a guy who excels at getting open deep and can make plays.


    But most of the legit #1 WR in the league are the guys who have been honing their craft and learning to adjust and time leaps and use their hands to haul in the tough balls through 4 years in college.  Watch a legit #1 - an AJ Green, a Julio Jones, a Larry Fitzgerald - and ask if you see Foster developing to that point.  I suppose nothing is impossible, but he would have a long long long road.



    He can work on his hands, but I am not so sure he can learn to track the ball.  That seems innate - you got it or you ain't.  Sign Reilly!

  5. Ain't hearin' none of you sayin he can't catch.


    Foster doesn't get hurt because he runs fly patters and then misses the ball.  Ain't no one to hit him out there he is so fast.  BUT HE CAN"T CATCH!


    Sign Reilly.  Sign him NOW!   Crusade!  


    I was mad when the cut him.  I have patiently bided my time and cheered for Kerley, Foster and KB.  I am about to blow a gasket.  SIGN THE MAN!


  6. Foster is Reilly's revenge.  Foster actually has mad #1 wideout skills, especially tracking the ball and avoiding drops.  Reilly cursed him when cut, thus the Foster suck.


    Only way to undo the curse is to sign REILLY.  Anyone can see that!


    Reily's Raiders - Reilly time.  The Reilly Rampage.  C'mon Beane - Foster wants to be able to catch again!  Give Brandon a chance!

  7. You should put Foster on your ignore list for viewing.

    Reilly will flat-out get open and catch the ball - he has proven it.  All players get hurt - could he get hurt any more than KB???


    Reilly belongs on this team.  He is like the Fitzbeardy of wideouts.  Someone else always looks better - until EJ is your QB for a couple of games.  

    REILLY TIME!  Zero to lose except some drops.

    Just now, YoloinOhio said:

    Reilly love approaching Da’Rick levels



    This made me laugh - a good one for sure.  But in fairness, Da'Rick never did Da'nothin!

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