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  1. 59 minutes ago, hondo in seattle said:

    Aaron Kromer's daughter, commenting on Diggs trade, said this:  "Good riddance.  There's always a reason & always a plan.  #trusttheprocess"  


    Since I saw that, I've wondered what the plan was.  I think it's very possible Beane already has a deal in place to trade up.  

    Or maybe he has a trade in place for an existing wide receiver on a team

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  2. 50 minutes ago, cbatl32 said:

    I was just thinking about how Beane wouldn't have traded Diggs without a plan in place.  I started thinking that would be very difficult because it's hard to know who will be available even if we traded up to pick 9 with the Bears.  No guarantee that the top 3 WRs would even be still on the board.  But.....what if Beane and Schoen already have a deal for the 6 pick?  If you think about it, Schoen was here when we traded the 10th pick (Mahomes sigh) for the 27th pick and a first the next year.  And we used that to get Josh.  Schoen knows he needs a QB but doesn't really have the chance to get one of the top 4 this year without mortgaging the future.  


    So what if Schoen is looking to acquire extra ammo for 2025 draft so they can move up next year for their "Josh Allen".  We could package something like this year's first, fourth and fifth, plus our first and Minnesota's second next year.  That would be pretty close in value on the Rich Hill chart.  It would still allow NYG to grab a top WR at 28, pick up some extra picks this year, but then have two 1s and a very high 2 next year to get their QB.


    Am I crazy for thinking that they may have already discussed/agreed on something like this?  It would basically ensure we get one of Nabors/MHJ/Odunze.

    I was mentioning this yesterday with the giants at 6. Although the more I think about it I think any trade up would be to the early 20s or so, a more subtle trade

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  3. 22 minutes ago, stevestojan said:

    part of me would actually like to see that. 😂😂😂


    1 hour ago, Augie said:


    Good thing we don’t have any games today!  


    It’s not like Beane to go into a draft with such a glaring need. When we go DT or EDGE at #28 this place will be WILD!  😂 

    We might go center!

  4. 8 minutes ago, UKBillFan said:

    Just caught yesterday’s tweet. It is absolutely right that Diggs has never criticised the Bills or the Mafia. But he really seemed to have it in for Josh, and it gets to a point where you can’t have WR1 working against the QB in public to that extent.

    What was yesterday's tweet? I can only see old ones on X

  5. Just now, stevestojan said:

    Unimportant thought, but wondering if Mr cryptic tweets is a little embarrassed that he got traded (with two picks) for a future year round two. That doesn’t sound like top 5 WR value. 

    Haha he'll prolly go straight to their GM 'why didn't you give up more ?? smh'

  6. 1 hour ago, BBFL said:

    He was mocked because he chose not to support the team and left at half time. Could have easily just been a case of him saying to McD that he was done and didn’t want to play anymore and supported the team and sport from the sideline for a further 30 more minutes. 

    His head obviously wasn’t in the right place and I don’t think and hope no one makes fun of that aspect.


    Whats the worst that would have happened if he said that? They fire him after the game when he’s already done? 

    The guys brown bread for goodness sake 

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  7. 2 hours ago, BBFL said:

    Stupid, why? I mean that’s actually one of the things he’s known for more than anything else sadly… Vernon was on an interview the other week talking about life after football and this was brought up to him. Got to live with the choices that you make whether they follow you around or not. 

    Don’t think there’s anything bad in posting it. Isn’t distasteful revisit by Shady or Tre. Still comes across as light hearted and in good jest. 

    Insensitive then. Y'all could easily post a video of an interception or something. He was mocked for the the half time quit and I get it but there's a time and a place. Maybe the guys head wasn't in the right place

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