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  1. On 3/16/2013 at 1:44 PM, B-Man said:

    Here's another moment at CPAC,


    Video: Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC


    I just got done watching Dr. Ben Carson speak at CPAC and among many thoughts, I wanted to share the first thing that came to mind when he was finished. If I were a Democrat, I’d be looking at this guy and saying, “That is the most dangerous man in the United States of America today.” Carson put on one heck of a demonstration in public speaking on conservative topics. Intelligent, with a smooth delivery and no apparent use of a teleprompter, Carson had the crowd alternately busting up laughing and coming to their feet for extended applause. His repeated use of the phrase, “It’s not brain surgery” when talking about how to fix the economy had everyone in stitches (he’s a neurosurgeon in case you didn’t know) and it never seemed to get old.




    Is Carson a potential contender to the throne? Way, way, way too early to say, as he’s still very early on the scene. But there’s no doubt that whatever “it” is that top level politicians are supposed to have, he’s got it by the bucket load. Let’s go to the video and let you folks put in your own reviews. I should note that the actual remarks by Dr. Carson don’t begin until roughly 21 minutes into the video, as the introductions run rather long. (In case you want to fast forward to the meat of it.) But as a bonus, there is some sit-down interview footage of him after the speech.





    Ben Carson is one of the smartest most common sense speaking people that i have ever heard . This is the kind of man the anyone could look up to & i would be proud to have him representing me in any capacity .


    But then there are those that consider him as they say a uncle tom WTH those people just don't get it & are on the other side of the use of common/logical type sense .

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  2. I think given Dorsey's experience this will be the next step up for Josh which could be scary ! Dorsey's QB insight into the position and to win like he did in college in some respects taught him a lot so even though his time playing in the NFL wasn't nearly as successful i hope his learning experiences were .


    If they can hook up in a chemistry type of way this could quite honestly be the next dynasty in the east . If Beane, McD, and Dorsey could stay together as the core & interchange some defensive coordinators like BB did in New England think about it anything is possible !!


    I feel Josh could in a lot of ways learn to do what Brady did & be that good if his progression continues the way it has & the stability stays around him to keep some of the really good talent they have then with Beane's drafting magic this could be really big for a long period of time .


    GO BILLS !!!

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  3. 6 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

    As the judge stated, Watson wasn't informed by the nfl prior to his acts that it was wrong.  (Not verbatim but basically what she said)


    No joke.


    Though I think that this is a precursor to Godell appealing for 12 games for Watson in hopes the NFLPA doesn't file against them.  Basically him saying, "see, we punish owners too"



    Maybe he wasn't informed but - - - well never mind common sense of what's wrong or right doesn't exist much today so i'll leave it alone .

  4. On 7/28/2022 at 1:58 PM, ChiGoose said:

    From Military Times:


    "The Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act — better known as the PACT Act — had been up for a procedural vote in the chamber with an expectation of final passage before the end of the week.


    The measure is the culmination of years of work by advocates to improve health care and benefits for veterans suffering injuries from burn pit smoke, Agent Orange spraying and other military contaminant exposure. It has been widely celebrated as a potential landmark legislative victory in veterans policy.


    The measure passed the Senate by a comfortable 84-14 vote in early June, and by a 342-88 vote in the House two weeks ago with significant Republican support.

    But on Wednesday, after technical corrections sent the measure back to the Senate for another procedural vote, 41 Senate Republicans blocked the measure, leaving its future uncertain."


    The bill was good enough for the GOP last month, but suddenly providing benefits to our veteran's is no longer acceptable.


    This is not surprising from any party in the US gov't i watched a documentary a year ago that was very disturbing in many ways that was filled with information of just how corrupt this subject is if you want to know why this will continually be voted down by either democrats or Republicans watch this documentary .


    After the veterans agree'd to get the settlement all documents & further laws suits could not be taken up for this cause which is so wrong for all that were effected by this & still are today because it is still being used right here in the US as we speak & Carol Van Strum has the papers to prove it she has been following it since Viet nam .



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  5. I have often wondered with each passing day when ever i use my debit card & see every one using theirs too what the future of our monetary system might be, then those that are getting into bitcoin & other digital forms of currency just what waits around the corner & just how we may be controlled if this does or could happen .


    Just think if some one were able to shut off your buying power with just hitting a button or if you got just a bit to boisterous or spoke out against something or some one what kind of power would that give those in power over us ? I think it could be worse than that that Hitler had over those he took control of & i've heard rumblings from certain folks .


    I've heard of a book called "The Secret War On Money" by one Mark Levin & just with the chips put in our debit cards have often wondered just how long it would be before those in power actually do away with paying for things with actual currency like the dollar bill that we can hold in our hand and our entire economy goes to a virtual dollar that can be shut off if you are a bad boy or a bad girl & don't comply .


    Just imagine for those of us here that don't like Biden & we say something or buy a sign that says "Let's go Branden" & it is known because your transaction is followed & they shut you off, or if Billstime or Tibs say during a conservative presidents election say negative things as they do & it is followed & they shut you down & you can't pay your bills, for food, no gas etc. 


    Let's say there is anything that you just don't agree with they can basically have total control over anything you do by shutting us off and it wouldn't surprise me in the least that this conversation is taking place somewhere  ! This kind of thing i feel is a reality & seeing as there is talk of it someone some where must be thinking about it . Where there's smoke there's usually fire ! 


    So even though i don't expect as usual many to some of my posts weather they are scared to talk about such things or what the reply's or any smart ass comments from those that usually make the most noise here won't say much but i thought i would just throw this out there as food for thought .


    What could be because in the dark or behind the curtain in the land of OZ better known as DC given the bait & switch that all politicians do i think that this scenario is a possibility more than we may know  .




    Also the entire monthly bill pay one would think would work into this you would just have to set up the monthly payment & they would either allow it to come out of your digital account & go through or not putting you in a low credit score type situation and then have the power to shut your power, water, or what ever off .


    Which is the way some country's are run every day in which we support .

  6. On 5/5/2022 at 2:41 PM, hemma said:

    This is a question, not an answer.  I understand he’s very young & has had mixed success in college/pros.


    I am wondering what you more learned football scholars envision as to his importance & his role, particularly with Josh.  I am pretty fuzzy on the issue.

    Wondering if he’s the equivalent of teats on a boar hawg.




    I think he keeps his beers cold & brings them to him after each practice .

  7. 21 minutes ago, Doc said:


    Don't feel bad.  He/she just couldn't refute what you said.


    Oh i don't i just take it for what it is worth & that's not much ! it proves that common sense is a thing of the past given a lot of the actions & reply's that these people give . I often wonder their profession & i say that because in a lot of instances those that spend a ton of time in colleges learning things wind up (In some not all) with little or no common sense like a lot of our politicians .


    I being a middle class high school/trade & technical school graduate have always had to bust my ass & use my brain while doing so to make a living but have known people in my lifetime that have huge college degrees that can't wipe their own asses so in some of these types of back & forth i just consider the source & move on .


    As has been said - You can't fix stupid but you can num it with a 2x4 ...

  8. I think he will be back he has had the most production of any back they have had since he got drafted here & he's always close to 1k yd season Moss on the other hand hasn't been nearly what they thought he would be when drafted .


    I never liked the Moss pick i thought they needed a bigger back to do what they wanted him to do or be & his production has been lack luster . After last season when Motor came on at the end of the year he was running hard & not making many mistakes at all just gaining yards around 800+ if i remember .


    McD & Beane like to keep their own & if Singletary continues the way he has i think he will be back but it will have to be at the Bills price if he thinks more highly of him self as we've seen in the past Beane will let him check out the market & if the money is there he may be gone but he will have a home in B/lo if not .

  9. 3 hours ago, L Ron Burgundy said:


    Let me leave you a quick quote from Billy Madison.


    Mr (T Master) Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this (forum) room is now dumber for having listened to it.


    I'm too lazy to rebut all your lunacy,  were I not posting from my phone I would.  I'll just list some of the funny.


    -you are independent, every single thing you post screams I get all my news from fox.  Not trying to be funny.


    -Trump is hated because he was obnoxious?   Wow.  The only place I see he did decent is the economy.   Even there I don't love what he did (trickle down doesn't work long term).  The tariffs on China being particularly moronic as they just passed that charge to us.  


    -global warming views are extremely ignorant.   Just because others do nothing we should pollute our lands?  I thought we should be better?  The argument that we should do nothing because others don't  is childish.  The world is changing.   Let's lead the charge (in a smart way).  Big oil is 100% manipulating sheep into fighting science on this.






    :worthy:WOW  ! I'm humbled & it's become very apparent because of your reply & your superior intelligence that i am not even worthy to walk the same ground as you .  I hope by you responding i didn't interrupt your superior abilities by my simple common sense way of approaching life .


    I wonder if you could extend some grace to me i apologize for disrupting you to take the time to reply from your busy schedule to read a football blog it must be so beneath your higher than average intelligent circle to come down to this level  .


    If you will please pray for me - oh wait i know with your superior intelligence you probably don't believe in any higher power or being other then anyone than you & your supremely above average intelligence so never mind I'll make it through with out your prayer .


    I guess i will just have to be careful to not interfere as to distract your train of thought on how the world should be run according to you & keep my very simple minded common sense to a lull as I walk aimlessly around your earth .


    I also hope i won't cross the ground you are on at the same time as to possibly interrupt any intelligent thought with my foolish common sense so what ever you might be mulling over in your superiorness might not be disturbed .


    Have a blessed day ole wise one please excuse me ?  :worthy:

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  10. 57 minutes ago, Shaw66 said:

    I'll respond for him.   


    Hey, T Master, if you take Miller, Diggs, Edmunds, Elam, Milano, Davis, Brown, Saffold and a few others (all of whom have Beane's fingerprints on them), where are the Bills then?   Allen is great, but Beane and McDermott saw his greatness while the Browns, Giants, Jets, and Broncos (all of whom would trade their current QB situation to have a do-over in the 2018 draft, and Beane has added talent all around Allen on both sides of the ball.  


    I didn't say that the other parts of the team that you talk about are not vital to the teams success but Josh is a huge part of that & he leads by example & i feel brings every one because of his example to a higher or next level .


    Ultimately football is a team game it can not be won by 1 person but if you look at most of the teams that have had good to great success there are those QB's that with out them would not have been nearly as successful .


    Manning, Kelly, Elway, Brady, Mahomes, Montana, Bradshaw, you take any of these guys out of the line up yes the team would still be very good but by taking them away they would be lacking in some way from being what they are as a hole with them that's all i am trying to say .


    And with our Bills today if Josh is taken out of that Team equation they would lessor for it .

  11. Well if there is any state that can think of a really good way to waste tax payer money California will be leading that charge for sure ! 


    Ay one that can send out something like $1300 checks to every one as to help because of higher gas prices while at the same time increasing the gas tax by .03 cents per gallon and thinking that this will be a help with anything - Yep HERE'S YOUR SIGN !!


    So this would fall right in with that thinking not real surprising !!  

  12. On 7/29/2022 at 1:23 PM, Tiberius said:

    So point me to a source that says Trump was getting us towards energy independence. 




    Cost of gas in 2019 as low as $1.89 a gallon (in my area) cost of gas today at a low of $3.49 down from the recent $4.25 i'd say that might be some proof & that was all while not taking oil from the strategic reserve as a bandaid & not begging the Saudi's to release more oil to the Americans .


    NEXT !! 

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  13. On 9/14/2011 at 7:02 AM, erynthered said:

    Any lip readers out there?


    Looks like she said "All this just to fold the flag" Then shakes her head in disgust on 9/11


    There's your first lady America.




    What does it mean when they take the video down so people can't look & see what she may have said can't have anything that paints her in a bad light now can we or something that tells us who she really is !! 

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