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  1. 21 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    The Buffalo Bills training staff?


    Um, No.    Denny Kellington, the Bills Assistant Trainer who performed initial CPR?  Unless he's been a combat medic or the like, probably has never done it for reals before.  Looks like he's kind of moved from college team to college team as a trainer and then to the Bills.


    The paramedics and EMTs and the airway management specialist physician and the emergency medicine doc - of course you're correct.


     My point: the NFL has set out these protocols in which the First Responders are the athletic trainers, who run out on the field and assess dents and dings and even neurological trauma all the time, but whose experience with an actual ABC true emergency is nil - and in which they have 1 meeting a week to discuss how they'll work together with the EMS professionals.


    They had the protocols setting out roles and responsibilities, but they had never been actually used IRL


    And they worked seamlessly, with the less-experienced First Responder athletic trainers correctly identifying the emergency and doing all the right things.



    May you be bored!

    Ill bet he has a 2nd job or worked in the field for many years... plus you have recertify in BLS every year or two.

  2. 3 hours ago, Beck Water said:


    We've learned something this week about how the NFL has put resources in place and trained and before each game in each stadium, holds a preparedness meeting for just this medical true emergency - which has never actually occurred on a professional football field since...1971?


    So these guys on the training staff stay current, year after year, skills they hope they'll never have to use.  They and the physicians and opponent's staff talk through, week after week, roles and responsibilities and protocols and procedures that again, they hope they'll never have to use.


    Well, Monday, they had to implement those never used protocols and test those never used skills, and it all worked like a well-oiled Swiss watch.


    They have to be proud.

    Not to nit pick but these guys do use these procedures and protocols often... though not on a football field before 70,000 fans... they do it in the field of life... EMTs regularly handle all kinds of traumatic events and during covid often in futility.  It was gratifying to see these trained professionals work so efficiently and show folks in the stands that see incredible runs and catches weekly how we in the medical front lines perform every day... Off to work my shift in an ER

    7 minutes ago, Blah Blah said:

    Interesting read about the social phenomena of Hamlin's injury and other events like it. 



    True especially coming from the Ripert Murdoch NY Post

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Big Turk said:


    Yeah, from what I heard from nurses, CPR can cause some serious damage...that's why sometimes they don't do it with very old or frail people because the damage it would cause would be too much...said they "fake it" at times when they know they can't do CPR.

    Mostly broken ribs or sternum... i guess if ribs break and puncture a lung it possible but havent seen it in all the cases ive xrayed post

  4. 12 minutes ago, SCBills said:

    Not too many people have watched someone die in front of them, be revived, have them then fight for their life … and simultaneously watch an entire group of people that love him cathartically react to what’s going on.  

    By now, almost everyone in the country has watched that play out on television … live television for many of us. 

    That is incredibly raw, heartbreaking and unprecedented. 

    I remember when this happened during the Euro’s but even then, there was word that Eriksen was alert as they left the stadium.  

    Let’s all pray Hamlin is able to follow Eriksen and return to the game he loves.  

    True though I have especially the last couple years... people i know, didnt know... yet somehow this incident has hit a spot in my heart.. it hurts and I flashed through a lot of faces of those that I watched pass... be well Damar.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, redtail hawk said:

    sorry, just not so.  for dissection (from Merck manual).  Not saying this what happened but it's certainly a possibility.  Look up the demographics (people who are most likely to get this):  

    Prognosis for Aortic Dissection


    About 20% of patients with aortic dissection die before reaching the hospital. Without treatment, mortality rate is 1 to 3%/hour during the first 24 hours, 30% at 1 week, 80% at 2 weeks, and 90% at 1 year.

    Hospital mortality rate for treated patients is about 30% for proximal dissection and 10% for distal. For treated patients who survive the acute episode, survival rate is about 60% at 5 years and 40% at 10 years. About one third of late deaths are due to complications of the dissection; the rest are due to other disorders.

    Agree about survival rate but most dont happen due to trauma... PS I played hockey with a guy.. big George in his 60s wasnt feeling great one game left early... came back 2 weeks later crying he would never play again and his surgeon said one more hit and he'd have been dead.  


    I have a pic too large to insert of a dissection I spotted doing a ct... pt came in complaining of upper abdomen pain... saw it and had to do another full chest abdomen pelvis... it was scary because part of the lower membrane burst and it was backfilling up the aorta...

  6. While talking to docs in ER where I worked last night they too agreed it was a heart electrical issue brought on by timing of the hit to the chest... from one doc "this is a known risk with all contact sports". 


    But I wanted to clarify... a vascular injury such an aortic dissection ( where the lining on the inside of aorta pulls away from the aortic wall) or an Aneurysm ( a weakening in the aortic wall) probably would have burst and Hamlin would no longer be with us...

    Coronary blockages can cleaned out result heart attacks if not addressed..  Coronary arteries supply oxygenated blood to heart muscle... There are two nodes alongside the heart that control the contractions of the heart and when they get shocked it messes the rhythm up which is likely what happened to Damar... Older folks such as my Dad suffers from AFib and atrial flutter both signaling issues due to age... he has a pacemaker now and an aed built into it to keep his heart in rhythm.  

  7. It is a tough call... and its both life and about a game... having been in the Capitol bldg during 911 watching the Pentagon burn, getting hit by Anthrax a month later, DC sniper shooting couple other events in DC, switched careers to the medical field as a CT Tech and working just outside NYC during height of Covid... maybe im just numb to the Trauma... seen a lot in my lifetime... working despite the risks keeping my head down and putting one foot in front of the other despite coworkers we lost was the best we all could do.  I pray for this young man... he obviously still is in a precarious situation... What the Bills decide will probably depend on what happens in the next few days to Damar... right now the game doesnt matter... life will move on despite this though.... all my best to those who are feeling this really hard... obviously i am sad but really have no opinion one way or the other what should be done as far as the NFL and the Bills right now.  There are no answers. 

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Saint Doug said:

    Was discussing with wife. We’re both physicians and this is what we think as well . One moment talking to teammates and the next, on the ground. Aortic rupture/dissection is likely - something caused blood from reaching the brain quickly. V fib from a hit to chest wouldn’t have been delayed. 

    Isnt a dissection something that is congenital...? I could see a rupture though or if it is a dissection and it ruptured either way not good...

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