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Some point to take seriously

Italian Bills

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4 hours ago, SCBills said:

The injuries on defense are absolutely insane.  Couple that with Josh playing through an injury that should probably have him sidelined, and it’s tough to not appreciate the guts this team has.


As someone pointed out yesterday, this is Ravens ‘21 level injuries. 

That being said, certain criticisms like roster construction at the WR position, why we took Bernard in RD3, did we trade for Hines to simply play ST’s etc.. are valid. 

Injuries or no injuries, watching teams convert 3rd and long over and over due to soft off coverage is going to drive any fanbase insane.  I’d imagine most here would rather get beat over the top than have time consuming drives where opposing WR’s run simple slants for 15 yards due to Frazier protecting depth corners. 

…. After all, the QB still has to make the deep, lower percentage throw.   As we saw yesterday when Goff missed an open guy late down near our 4 yard line and they then kicked a FG.. those throws aren’t gimme’s. 

Your point on Frazier giving too much cushion between our backs and opponents WRs i can agree with, but maybe it’s like this because our safeties aren’t that good to prevent long plays. 

But yet, i’m also frustrated for the many 3rd and long converted. Hate them. Maybe one of our Linebackers could drop back few yards in help when the play is clear a pass, not blitzing it could be a solution. 


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8 hours ago, Italian Bills said:

First: cause the snow storm that hit Buffalo, the team had to fly to Detroit to play and not at home.

Second: after three days they had to fly back again to Detroit for take the Lions that were on a three winning streak tanks to a very good offense.

Third: Josh not fully recovered from his elbow injury, i’m sure he’s the first to be frustrated with his game not being that great.

Fourth: the tons of injuries that hit the team since the start of the season. Tons of ! Any other team close to our situation ? NO. Frazier does mistakes of course, but with half the defense, full of back ups and rookies. 

Fifth: Dorsey in his very first year as a OC. He’s a rookie too. That’s why our offense sometimes look predictable, he’s learning and afraid to take big risks. Understanding. 

Conclusion: with all this S..T we are 8-3. 

We became too demanding maybe, like we always have to win in blowouts… it’s not the right time now, we just need to find a way to win, waiting to be healthier as soon as possible. 


Have you actually compiled "player games missed" for every team in the NFL? Just curious.

We are allowed to be disappointed in the poor tackling and pass blocking, for example.

And if you have Super Bowl aspirations are you concerned that Bills have barely squeaked by a couple  teams? Or that with 6 games remaining they haven't won an AFC East game?Hopefully they go on a run against the AFC East.


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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